5 Actionable Tips For Wearing Crystal Bracelets To Sleep

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Can you wear crystals to bed? And if so, which are the ideal crystals to go to bed with? And most importantly, how should you be wearing your crystal bracelets when going to bed?

These are some of the questions that cross your mind when you are into crystals and believe in their healing powers, and we’ll guide you through them in this article.

But first, it’s worth mentioning that when it comes to crystals, every person reacts differently to the crystals, but in most cases and for most people, the crystal bracelets work perfectly fine when they are worn when sleeping.

It doesn’t apply to all crystals, though, and some crystal bracelets might be more disruptive to the wearer if the crystals are not the right ones.

What this means is that every individual who wears and believes in the power of the crystals would have to choose to sleep with crystals that have a high vibrational effect, energy-boosting effects, psychic effects, and even the crystals that influence the third eye and the crown chakras.

But first,


Can I wear a crystal bracelet to sleep?

Wearing Crystal Bracelets To Sleep

Yes, you could wear crystals to sleep, but it is important for you to keep in mind that some crystals are more ideal for some people to go to sleep in than others.

So, if you are looking for crystals that will make you feel calmer, have higher energy and vibrational levels, or the ones that would improve your third eye or crown chakras, you’d want to make sure that the crystals are the right ones for you to go to sleep in.

Some of the crystal bracelets are disruptive to your energy and may make you feel more anxious and stressed, even in sleep, which is why while you can wear the crystal bracelets to sleep, you have to know which crystals to go to sleep with and the ones to avoid.

So, which are the important tips that will guide you if you wear crystal bracelets when going to sleep?


Crystals that Help with Sleep at Night

Wearing Crystal Bracelets To Sleep

These are the crystals that would be perfect for you if you have trouble sleeping at night. They are said to have natural elements that help with sleep while also boosting your vibrational energy. The crystals are as follows:

  • Amethyst

Amethyst is considered one of the best sleeping aids in the world of crystals because it doesn’t just have the power and the ability to calm down your nerves, but it’s also an effective stress-reliever.

Amethyst also helps to alleviate the symptoms of depression.

So, if you struggle to sleep, you could keep the amethyst crystal bracelet under the pillow to make you more relaxed.


  • Lapis Lazuli

This is the other crystal that would be helpful to you if you struggle with sleep, especially if you get nightmares often.

This stone is shown to improve sleep, and sleeping with this crystal in the bed under the pillow would give you more restful sleep and dreams.

Also, the lapis lazuli crystals are believed to be a great source of positive energy, and the crystals bring more positive energy to the life of the wearer.


  • Rose Quartz

This is the other crystal that is highly recommended for anyone looking for a crystal that would help them sleep better.

The power and effectiveness of the rose quartz come from the crystal’s ability to ease pain and also to heal emotional wounds. As a result, this crystal is commonly recommended for individuals struggling with the release of feelings of anger and resentment.

To get the maximum effects of this stone, it’s recommended that you place the rose quartz beneath the pillow.

Doing this releases the healing effects of the quartz while also getting rid of the bad feelings you may be having that may be preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Wearing Crystal Bracelets To Sleep

  • Moonstone

The other crystal said to carry beneficial effects to anyone who is struggling to sleep is the moonstone.

This stone is believed to help in reducing stress and tension, and it also makes one more relaxed.

For the best effects, you’d want to place the moonstone next to the headboard, and when you do this, you will be able to easily drift into the most peaceful sleep.

On top of this, the moonstone is considered a lucky stone that would protect you from negative energy in your surroundings.


  • Selenite

Selenite is a stone that’s recommended for persons struggling with insomnia. This is because selenite is believed to hold power to not only help you sleep faster but it will also help you stay asleep longer, and hopefully throughout the night.

So, if you struggle to fall asleep or to go back to sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night, the selenite crystal under the pillow would help you enter the deep sleep state faster and to stay asleep.


  • Howlite

This is the other healing crystal that helps with sleep. It is recommended as a crystal to wear after a long day because of its healing and relaxing effects.

As a result, the stone is also very helpful to individuals suffering from anxiety attacks because it helps in calming nerves (the nervous system), allowing you to enter that nice and deep state of meditation and for improved quality of sleep.

In other words, if your mind is often racing and you need some help calming it down to just be or to sleep better, howlite crystal bracelets would be the ideal crystal for you.


Crystals You Cannot Sleep With At Night.

Wearing Crystal Bracelets To Sleep

Now that you have an idea of what crystals you should be sleeping with for better sleep let’s take a look at the crystals we do not recommend sleeping with or next to at night.

  • Tiger’s Eye

Although it is known for its grounding effects, memory retention, and improved awareness, sleeping with the tiger’s eye crystals is not ideal for bedtime because of the stone’s stimulating effects on the body and mind. This crystal also stirs up insomnia and nightmares, so you should keep a tiger’s eye crystal bracelet away from your bed and bedroom.


  • Labradorite

Despite the labradorite’s ability to improve our ability to communicate with spirits and higher guides through the enhanced intuitive and mental abilities, among other psychic abilities, this stone would cause sleeping troubles, especially if it’s anywhere near your head.

Wearing Crystal Bracelets To Sleep

  • Citrine

This is the other crystal bracelet you shouldn’t sleep with or next to because it tends to have the power to attract negative people into one’s life, despite its association with love and romance. So, take it off at night.


  • Obsidian

Don’t sleep with the obsidian crystal bracelet because you will have a hard time sleeping – this comes from the belief that the obsidian awakens dark forces in us and also gives insights on hidden enemies while also giving you access to the spiritual realm. These aren’t good things.

So, if wearing this crystal because it can purify and cleanse your aura, only have the bracelet on during the day.


  • Black Tourmaline

In contact with water, the black tourmaline releases very powerful healing powers, which is why it heals emotional wounds while also balancing emotions.

But it’s not ideal for sleep because it stimulates your nervous system and makes it harder to sleep, and it also creates more vivid images when dreaming, hence poor quality of sleep.


  • Amazonite

Avoid this crystal because it hinders your levels of concentration, especially if you are easily distracted.

Wearing Crystal Bracelets To Sleep

How to wear Healing Crystal Bracelets to Sleep

  1. Keep the recommended crystals from the bedroom door
  2. Avoid wearing or having too many types of crystal bracelets at the same time or under the pillow
  3. Choose the crystals wisely and avoid the ones not recommended above
  4. If you notice health issues or problems after wearing crystal bracelets for some time, you should stop wearing them.
  5. Always clean the crystals properly before and when going to bed at night



So, if you were wondering if the crystal bracelet you love is a safe option for you, especially when going at night, you finally have the answers here.

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