6 Quick Tips For Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet All The Time

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All lovers of the Cartier Love bracelet will agree that the versatility, comfort, and good fit of the love bracelet are some of the things that make the love bracelet a spectacular accessory.

Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet All The Time

And being a piece of jewelry that you can wear every day, shower with, and go to sleep with it on, you may be wondering if there are things that you should be doing to ensure that the bracelet remains in good condition in the long run.

In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the Cartier Love bracelet and some simple tips for keeping it in good condition easily.


Is Cartier love bracelet meant to be worn all the time?

cartier love bracelet wear all the time

The iconic Cartier Love bracelet is a one of a kind accessory that has been around from 1970, and it’s been a very popular piece of jewelry by the brand, and not just because it has the Cartier name associated with it, but also because this is the kind of bracelet that you can wear every day.

You may never stop wearing it once you have it, and its performance will always impress you.

Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet All The Time

So, if you are thinking of buying the Cartier love bracelet and are concerned with its wearability over time, you should know that this is the kind of jewelry that you can wear all the time, and it doesn’t hurt when worn throughout.


How long did it take you to get used to wearing Cartier love bracelets 24/7?

Even if you are always wearing bracelets, the Cartier Love bracelet will always feel a little uncomfortable when it’s new.

cartier love bracelet wear all the time

And because of its stiffness, it will take you a couple of days to get used to wearing the bracelet and for you not to notice or really feel the bracelet on or waist.

This is the case for most people, and at the same time, you should give it a couple of weeks for you to stop noticing the bracelet moving up and down your arm, depending on what you’re doing.

After the first few days, you will forget the bracelet is even on your arm/ wrist, and you will sleep and shower comfortably with the bracelet. Most people get used to the bracelet completely after a week, others after a month.

So, we’d say that it depends. But in general, people used to wearing and sleeping in jewelry always have an easier time and adapt to the feel of the Love bracelet sooner.


What to do if your Cartier love bracelet hurts your wrist?

cartier love bracelet wear all the time

While the Love bracelet is not intended to be worn and taken off all the time, and ideally, it’s to be worn all the time, there are a few instances where the bracelet might hurt your wrist. #

Generally, the Love bracelet by Cartier shouldn’t hurt – the name associated with the ‘Modern Love Handcuffs’ notwithstanding. The bracelet has a screw-on design, and you can only take it off using the screwdriver.

Unfortunately, the bracelet might hurt you if you get the wrong size or if you have added some weight and the bracelet is now too small.

Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet All The Time

So, to avoid getting hurt, always get the bracelet in the right size and avoid the pieces that fit too snugly.

One design feature that’s made the Cartier Love bracelet the ideal daily wear bracelet is its design.

Unlike the regular, circular bracelets, the Love bracelets are oval, meaning that whenever you have the bracelet on, you can feel every bit of the bracelet. So, unless the size of the bracelet is wrong, it shouldn’t cause any hurt.


What to do if your wrist gets bigger or smaller?

cartier love bracelet wear all the time

The stunning design of the Love bracelet notwithstanding, you cannot have your love bracelet resized, even by professionals. So, if it no longer fits, you may want to remove it carefully and store it until it fits.

You don’t want to wear the bracelet if it’s too small because it will only hurt your wrist. The good news is that if your wrist gets smaller, you could the bracelet for a long time, as long as it cannot slide off the hand or isn’t getting in the way of work.  


6 Tips for wearing Cartier love bracelet all the time

Now that you know that you can comfortably wear your love bracelet all the time, here are some of the things you should know about wearing the bracelet for long:

Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet All The Time

1. Get the right-fitting bracelet

Whether you want the yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or white gold Love bracelet by Cartier, the most important thing to do is to make sure that the bracelet’s fit is just right.

Even with the oval shape of the bracelet, make sure it is the size that fits well and not too snugly.

This way, you will have an easier time wearing the bracelet. Remember that the bracelet is not meant to be taken out, at least not as frequently.

cartier love bracelet wear all the time

2. Is the screw system the original or the new one? Ease of wear

The answer to this question will determine the comfort levels of the bracelet as you wear it during the day and at night.

With the original screw system for the love bracelet, the screws have to come off completely when taking the bracelet out and are more complex, unlike the new screw system with attached screws that are much easier to work with.

If you want to buy a love bracelet today, we recommend getting the one with the new screw system because it is easier for you to work around.

Note that for all the love bracelets, whether they come with the new or the original screw system, you must unscrew the screws completely before you take them off. This is essential because you want to protect the integrity of the screw system.

Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet All The Time

3. Right or left hand? 

For comfort wearing the love bracelet every day (and night), and to avoid getting too many scratches on the bracelet too soon, you want to make sure that you wear the bracelet on your non-dominant hand.

This is crucial because the bracelet will get in the way more than you’d like, and it will get scratches. So, wearing it on a non-dominant hand will keep it in perfect shape for longer.

But like all other metallic accessories, the bracelet will be susceptible to minor scratches, regardless of the hand you wear it on and how well you care for it.

So, don’t beat yourself up if you notice scratches on your expensive Love bracelet by Cartier.

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cartier love bracelet wear all the time

4. Treat it with care

Like any other piece of fine jewelry, you must take good care of the bracelet and treat it as you would a gem.

Even though you get to sleep and shower with it, handle it with care and don’t expose it to harsh conditions.


5. Store the bracelet well

When you choose to remove it, even for a few hours, always store it in its individual jewelry box to avoid scratches that would affect it when it comes in contact with other metals.

Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet All The Time

6. Stacking ‘em up!

You could stack Cartier love bracelets made of the same material or in the same color or choose to mix the metals for more of an eclectic and chic look.

Mixing metals is super cool. And when stacking them, create a cohesive look for the bracelets by blending the colors – you could have the white gold pieces on the ends, two rose golds at the center and the yellow gold as the bottom piece.

Do this instead of alternating the colors. You can always stack all these three precious metals at the same time or just two if you like the contrast of just two colors.

Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet All The Time


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Can I wear a Cartier love bracelet shower? Why?

Yes, because it’s designed to be worn all the time, and it’s safe in the shower.


Can I wear my Cartier bracelet in the pool? Why?

Although you could, we advise against wearing your Cartier bracelet to the pool because even if you don’t lose it, the chemicals in the pool are harsh and damaging to the metals that make up the bracelet.



The Cartier Love bracelet is a stunning piece of designer jewelry that you can wear all day, every day, and night.

It is durable, robustly made, and meant to stay on. The tips above will ensure that you wear the bracelet well always.

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