Top 5 Actionable Tips for Wearing Blue Sapphire In Left Hand

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Many people are attracted to the hue of the blue sapphire. Some ask which is the right hand and finger to wear this precious gemstone. Since blue sapphire is quite powerful, you should only wear it correctly to avoid any negative effects.

That is where we come in. We created this post to help you learn the best way to wear this gemstone. You will not only learn the right hand to wear it on but also some useful tips to wear it. Read on!


Why wear blue sapphire in the left hand?

Wearing Blue Sapphire In Left Hand

If the blue sapphire suits your astrological chart, you can gain a lot of positive results from wearing this gemstone. According to the science of Palmistry and Astrology, you should wear the blue sapphire on the middle finger of your working hand.

This means that if you often work with your left hand, you can wear blue sapphire on this hand, and if you work with your right hand, you should wear the gemstone on your right hand.

Since the majority of people in society are right-handed, wearing this gemstone on the left hand is a clear sign that one is left-handed.

The middle finger is referred to as Madhyama. It is also called Mount of Saturn since people believe that Saturn rules it.

Wearing Blue Sapphire In Left Hand

If you have been wearing blue sapphire on your non-working hand, you should change this since wearing the gemstone on the wrong hand can lead to problems. For instance, it can cause health problems.

Since this is a rule, you should make the change as soon as possible. You can do this by following the Muhurat date and ritualist procedure. For the transition to be smooth, it is important to consult an experienced astrologer.

This rule is a bit different when it comes to women. According to Palmistry, women can wear blue sapphire on either hand depending on one’s preference as well as comfort. The only rule for this gender is that you still wear it on the middle finger.


Five tips for wearing blue sapphire on the left hand

Wearing Blue Sapphire In Left Hand

For you to reap the benefits of blue sapphire, you should pay attention to the following tips.


1. Wear it on the correct day and time

Wearing Blue Sapphire In Left Hand

Since blue sapphire has symbolic meaning, you should beware of the right day to wear it.

Unlike other jewelry pieces that you can wear at any time or day, you should only wear blue sapphire on Saturday.

You can begin wearing this gemstone in the morning of this day or in the evening. The right time to wear blue sapphire is between 5-9 am or between 5- 7 pm.


2. It should be embedded in precious metal

Wearing Blue Sapphire In Left Hand

Before wearing blue sapphire, you should ensure that it is embedded in precious metal such as gold or silver.

Gold comes highly recommended due to its high conductivity. This can help you enjoy great benefits from the blue sapphire.

You should never mount the blue sapphire on the yellow metal.


3. Ensure that the gemstone touches your skin

Wearing Blue Sapphire In Left Hand

When you wear blue sapphire, it should directly contact your skin. This can help you receive healing as the gemstone’s power enters your body.

The direct connection can channel positive vibes into your life and also transmit the energies and aura of planet Saturn.


4. Cleanse the gemstone

Wearing Blue Sapphire In Left Hand

If you are wearing blue sapphire for the first time, you should work closely with an astrologer. Such an expert can help you learn how to energize and cleanse the gemstone regularly.

This process is important to prevent the blue sapphire from losing its energy field.

Before you wear blue sapphire on your left hand, you should store it in a copper bowl that is full of water to clean it.

You can purify blue sapphire by dipping it in raw cow milk or Ganga-Jal thrice. As you do this, you should also chant “Aum Sham Shanaish-charaayeNamah” 108 times.


5. Say a prayer

Wearing Blue Sapphire In Left Hand

It is also important that you say a prayer to Lord Saturn as you wear blue sapphire. Pray that the Lord blesses you with immense prosperity and abundance in your life.

You can also ask the Lord to strengthen you to overcome any obstacles that you may be experiencing in life. Only wear the gemstone after reciting the Shani Mantra.



Blue sapphire is one of the gemstones on the Saturn planet that is known for its power.

If you have just bought blue sapphire, you should wear it on your working hand.

Suppose your working hand is your left, then you should wear this gemstone on this hand.

Women are free to wear blue sapphire on either hand as long as they don’t break the middle finger rule.

Remember to follow the tips that we have highlighted above before wearing the blue sapphire on your left hand.

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