5 Quick Tips For Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

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Black threads have been worn by men and women from different cultures worldwide. In astrology, for example, the black thread is essential, mainly because the black color symbolizes the planet Saturn, Rahu Keti, which is considered the reason for sight and evil powers.

So, the black thread offers protection from these inauspicious effects of the Rahu Ketu. The black thread is obligatory to protect oneself from the evil eye, especially in worship.

However, what stands out about the black thread and its associated beliefs would be the fact that it matters how you wear it. There are rules and tricks that you must observe where the black thread is concerned.

So, in this article, we’ll address why and how do you wear the black thread on the neck?


What does wearing a black thread mean?

Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

Some people wear black thread around the ankle; others wear it around the neck. For some, this has become something they do out of habit, it may have started as an accessory, but over time, it becomes something you always want on you.

But for other people, wearing the black thread is more of a cultural and spiritual element. So, in addition to honoring traditions and beliefs, they believe that the black thread offers some kind of veil of protection over their lives.

The black thread is usually considered a vital amulet that protects the wearer from the evil eye.


Why do some people wear a black thread?

Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

1. Besides protection from evil, the black thread is also considered an essential amulet with health benefits. While the science behind it remains unclear, the black thread worn on the waist is believed to be great for the wearer’s health.

It is believed to have the power to improve your digestion; it also improves metabolism and aids in weight management by warning you when you start gaining weight.

And so, keeping your waistline lean helps to keep away different illnesses – it’s been noted that most illnesses that affect humans result from the body retaining anything in excess, which means improper elimination and the buildup of toxins. And thanks to the friendly black thread, you can keep these issues at bay. It also heals wounds.

Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

2. The black thread is also believed to help improve the wearer’s fertility, and the thread may also be effective in absorbing the warmth from the sun, keeping your nerves warm, and calming you down.

3. That said, many other people wear the black thread as an accessory that completes their look and enhances their appearance, and others wear it just because. In Indian households, it is worn as a form of protection for the wearer, but like the Bindi, others wear it out of practice.

However, they still know in their hearts that the black thread is important to them, thanks to their cultural and religious belief systems.

Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

4. The thread is also believed to bring peace in the wearer’s life and offers them protection from malice, mainly because the planet Saturn gets agitated, meaning the energy may be transferred to you then to your surroundings. The black thread prevents that from happening.

5. The other big reason why most people wear the black thread is that it is considered a good luck charm that will bring you good luck, fortune, and wealth. It may get you a promotion at work and ensure that financial issues are settled amicably and in your favor.

6. Besides wearing the black thread, other people will tie the black thread on the door with a lemon to prevent negative forces from entering your house and for you to overcome troubles easily.


5 Tips for wearing black thread around the neck

1. Wear it on Saturday

Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

While you could wear the black thread around your neck any day of the week, it is important to wear it on Saturday because it is an auspicious day, and its powers and energy/ vibrations are enhanced on this day.

And to increase the effects of the black thread, regardless of the day you’re wearing it, it is recommended that after you tie or wear the black thread, you chant the mantra called the Rudra Gayatri.

Doing this is believed to enhance the black thread’s power and effects. In worship, you can only wear the thread and chant the Shani Dev mantra twenty-one times.


2. Don’t mix thread colors

Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

Whenever you wear the black thread, you shouldn’t wear any other color threads, predominantly not yellow or red.


3. Knots

Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

When tying the thread, it must have nine knots. The thread must have nine knots before you wear it, and when you have the thread on, remember that it is an auspicious symbol to be worn at an auspicious time.

Also, the twists are essential when you’re tying the thread. For instance, when you’re tying the thread around your neck or the wrist, you must make sure that you twist it 2 times, 4, 6, or 8 times.

And again, the thread should only be in the color black, so no red or yellow threads should be incorporated into it.


4. Black thread on babies

 Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

The other important thing to remember is that babies can have the black thread on their neck or wrist.


5. Cleansing

Wearing Black Thread Around Neck

Before you wear the black thread on your ankle, wrist, waist, or ankle, you must offer it to Lord Shani and Hanuman.

Doing this energizes the threads, and the sacred mantras you recite will make it more effective and powerful.

This offering is essential when wearing the black thread on your neck because it will bless you with positive energy and good health.



When you follow the tips above for wearing the black thread, you will be happy and restore your health.

It is also believed to be quite powerful in protecting your life and your home, and it will fill you with enthusiasm, hope, positive energy, and good health.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!