6 Benefits of Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

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Amethyst bears an incredible amount of crystal energy, and it’s believed to have the power to attract and to bring you good fortune, not to mention a great deal of good luck.

But there is so much more that you may not know about amethyst, hence this article. So, let’s get into it!


About amethyst stone

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

Amethyst crystals feature shiny gems worn for centuries and are believed to have magnetic, healing, and amplifying properties.

But the most important thing to note about amethyst is that this crystal is a type of crystalline quartz that ranges in color from deep reddish purple to pale lilac varieties.

Amethyst is also a February birthstone that is used in different applications ranging from use in carved objects to jewelry.

The other notable thing about amethyst is that this gemstone gets its color from the presence of iron and manganese in the crystal. Amethyst is relatively hard and scores 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

It is also a fine faceted gemstone, and the lower grades of amethyst can be carved, cabbed, and crafted into different kinds of beads, among several other ornamental objects.

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

While amethyst can be found in many countries worldwide, the biggest amethyst sources include North Africa, Greece, Brazil, Italy, and the Middle East. And based on the origins of the stones and the color properties of the crystals, you will come across a variety of amethyst crystals, such as:

I. Amethyst quartz is often white and purple

II. Cactus quartz from South Africa, and also one of the biggest crystals.

III. Ametrine is yellow and purple; Canadian amethyst is from Canada and coated in Hematite; Veracruz amethyst is mined from Veracruz in Mexico; and lavender amethyst that is known for its faded or light lavender hue.


Is amethyst a money stone? Can amethyst be used for money?

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

Yes, amethyst is not just a money stone, but it is also considered a powerful stone that will help you become wealthier and happier because it helps to align you in the direction of success and wealth.

Amethyst serves as a money stone because of its calming, serene energy that allows you to unwind and relax easily, soothes the body while calming your nerves, keeping you in the right headspace for success, and also for you to remain dedicated to your goals.

One of the notable features of amethyst is that it enhances your mental focus and will also improve your brain function, sparking new ideas. Amethyst stimulates and calms your mind based on whatever you need, improving your emotional state.

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

By reducing the racing, scattered thoughts running through your mind, you will be more focused. It also means improved mental clarity. Note that a calm mind is easily attuned to new things, and the heightened state makes everything in your life much easier.

It also enhances your decision-making capability, and the best part is that you will make more creative and mature decisions thanks to amethyst crystals.

This way, you won’t be emotionally charged, and you will feel more in control and capable of making the decisions to bring you money and good fortune. And most importantly, amethyst also enhances your capacity for goal setting and will increase the chances of goal achievement.


Benefits of wearing amethyst stone for money

Wearing amethyst necklaces or bracelets will bring you the following benefits:

1. Health Benefits

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

You need to be in perfect health to create money and lead a successful life, and with the help of amethyst, your health will improve significantly.

Amethyst detoxifies the body, promoting the body’s cleansing from the inside out. And the result of this detoxification is cleansing and subsequent opening of the chakras, and subsequently, cleansing of your blood, as well as removing toxins from your body. Aside from the body, amethyst will also cleanse the energy in your surroundings.

The following benefits of amethyst cleansing and detoxifying the body include:

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

I. Lowered incidences of headaches thanks to the reduction of your stress and fatigue levels.

II. It also improves your overall physical health by supporting your body’s health. It improves your respiratory system, lungs, ears, and digestive tract and may also speed up the healing of injuries and bruises.

III. Improved weight loss through metabolism and hormones means that your body burns calories fast. Amethyst also helps you kick bad habits, and you will work out much more consistently, eat healthier foods, and stick to your diet.


2. Stress relief

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

Amethyst also boasts a calming effect on your body and mind, reducing fear, feelings of sadness, anger, and also anxiety – this is one of the most valued properties of amethyst. It will soothe and comfort you, melting all the stresses away.

Thanks to amethyst’s physical and mental benefits, this crystal will increase your chances of success and bring you money. The other benefits of amethyst that make it an excellent money crystal include the following:


3. Improved mental focus and ability to easily spark new ideas

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

The reason why amethyst increases your ability to make more money is that it will improve your mental focus while enhancing your creativity and ability to make more ideas.

It stimulates your mind, enhancing your mental state and boosting your mental fortitude, hence the power to create ideas that will make you an incredible amount of money.


4. Enhanced decision making

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

Solid decision-making allows you to make the right moves to ensure that you have more money coming your way, and amethyst makes this possible as it enhances your intuition and sense of well-being.

The best part is that you will have fewer regrets in life.


5. Improved ability to reach and attain your goals

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

Thanks to the clarity of thought from wearing or keeping amethyst close to you.

This crystal will allow you to tap into your highest self and wisdom and easily create some of the most powerful plans, hence a higher level of success and goal-setting.


6. Spiritual benefits

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

Amethyst is also a successful money crystal because it raises your vibration and will connect you to your higher level of consciousness. It also protects, heals, and cleanses your spirit while reducing your level of selfishness.

All these benefits will ensure that you are at your best mentally and physically, hence the ability to improve your goal-setting while improving your ability to make more money.

The other benefits that come from this crystal include a reduction in selfishness, improved meditative ability, and overall success in your body.


How to wear amethyst stone for money

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

For these benefits, you need to wear your amethyst as a bracelet or a necklace daily, especially before bed.

In Feng Shui, Amethyst activates the wealth area called the bagua, and it’s connected to your self-worth; and you can keep it on an area called the Qian that allows for a positive connection especially to the spiritual realm. You could also keep it in your bedroom and the meditation area.


Other 5 most powerful stone to attract money

Wearing Amethyst Stone for Money and Prosperity

1. Green Jade

2. Pyrite

3. Citrine or the manifestation stone

4. Tiger’s eye

5. Green Aventurine



Though it will not bring you money to your laps from the heavens, amethyst improves your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, so you can make all the right decisions that will ultimately bring you money.

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