4 Quick Tips for Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

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The tennis bracelet is popular jewelry of choice for most women of all ages, all thanks to the fact that the tennis bracelet is the daintiest and the most stylish accessory on the arm.

The tennis bracelet is also one of the most practical pieces of jewelry, and it makes sense that anyone would want to invest in it.

Although the tennis bracelet looks great when worn by itself, it looks equally great when you layer it with other accessories such as a watch or a different bracelet.

Sometimes, however, you may not be able to style it right, so we’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to wear the tennis bracelet and a watch.


What is so special about a tennis bracelet?

Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

You may wonder why the tennis bracelet is a unique accessory held high regard.

Its popularity is that it is not just stylish and comfortable but also extra lightweight and not too tight around your wrist.

It also comes in various sizes, and there is something for everyone. On top of that, the tennis bracelet is the perfect piece of jewelry to gift a loved one for and on all occasions.


4 different types of tennis bracelets

There are 4 main types of tennis bracelets, the bezel, baguette, multi-row, and designer tennis bracelets.

Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

  1. Bezel Tennis Bracelets– this tennis bracelet is the most common type of tennis bracelet, characterized by the bezel, round-cut line diamonds, all small diamonds scattered all across the bracelet evenly, resulting in one of the most luxurious pieces of jewelry.
  2. Multiple-Row Tennis bracelets– if you are looking for a thick tennis bracelet, this would be an excellent option. It is thicker because it features a few rows of diamonds. Most of these bracelets have about 5 rows of round-cut diamonds that will make you look elegant and even a little bit wealthy.
  3. Baguette tennis bracelets– this tennis bracelet features baguette-cut diamonds lined in one row, which leaves you with rectangular or square-shaped diamonds to drape across the wrist.
  4. Designer tennis bracelets– last on the popular tennis bracelet types list is the designer tennis bracelet. This is a common and a favorite kind of bracelet made of round-cut designer, halo-shaped diamonds. The line diamonds run from the top to the bottom as circular stones cover the whole bracelet. The diamonds are also used to encompass the bracelet’s main stones. And as expected, the designer bracelet is one of the most expensive types of the tennis bracelet.


How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch

Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

There is a lot that goes into the search for the perfect tennis bracelet, especially when you wish to wear it along with your watch, and so, before we look at the styling tips for the bracelet and your watch, let’s first take a look at the considerations that you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best diamond tennis bracelet.


  • Quality of the tennis bracelet

The best tennis bracelet is a high-quality piece made of suitable quality materials, often stones and metals. The best bracelets are made of gold or platinum, durable and elegant.

While you could find a tennis bracelet made of alternative metals or even the plated ones, platinum and solid gold are pretty durable and will allow for daily wear without worrying about the bracelet wearing out too soon.

Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

The quality of the stones is also essential, and for a tennis bracelet that will last you a long time, always shiny and sparkly, high-quality stones would be ideal. The diamonds used, for example, have the highest clarity level, the best quality cut, and excellent color characteristics.


  • Settings and Style

You also need to consider the style and the settings of the bracelet. And the best of these bracelets are not just elegantly designed but also as unique as the wearer. The bracelets come in different types and styles and between one and three rows of diamonds.

The diamonds also have different cuts, such as round-cut, emerald-cut, or princess-cut stones. Other bracelets are prong-set, but they also are bezel and channel-set diamonds incorporated in the diamond tennis bracelets.

Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

  • Sizing

Consider the sizing of the bracelets too. The average size of the bracelet for most women is between 7 and 7.5inches, which is essentially a good place to start when you’re buying your first tennis bracelet.

However, the good news is that the tennis bracelets are easily resized, so you will be able to adjust the size of the bracelet up or down, depending on the size of the wearer’s wrist.


So, how do you style the bracelet?

Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

Generally, the best way for you to wear your tennis bracelet is by wearing it by itself. The bracelet looks great as a standalone piece of jewelry that exudes elegance and beauty, regardless of your clothing.

But you could also wear it with any other bracelet or watch. And if you consider the latter, there are specific considerations that you need to keep in mind.

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1. Consider mixing materials

 While layering the tennis bracelet with other accessories is a great way of styling the bracelet, you may want to avoid mixing metals because the metal band may be scratched, and the diamonds may damage the other jewelry pieces.

And so, if you must layer the bracelet with your watch, consider wearing a watch made of leather or any other fabric with the bracelet to avoid damaging the watch and the bracelet.

Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

The type of watch you choose to wear with the tennis bracelet is a personal choice, but always make sure that the watch you settle on complements your diamond tennis bracelet.

For a subtle, effortless, everyday look, opt for a simple watch with a plain clock face rather than a brighter designer watch that would end up taking away the tennis bracelet’s sparkling magic.


2. Add some color

In addition to mixing and matching materials, you should also think of adding a nice splash of color to the tennis bracelet.

The bracelet may have a few bright-colored stones, such as the aquamarines and the diamonds. A splash of color could also mean a bright-colored watch or one with a bright-colored face.

Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

3. Metal blend

You could also mix metals. Consider wearing your white gold or platinum tennis bracelet with a platinum or white gold watch with some yellow gold watch. This blend ensures that the pieces do not blend well with each other and ensure the perfect sparkle.

Wearing a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch

4. Always choose luxury

The tennis bracelet is a symbol of luxury. You may want to pair it with a luxurious/ stunning timepiece, for example, a Swiss timepiece with diamonds incorporated on it, say an Omega watch.



If you are into tennis bracelets, you will be happy to know that the bracelet is relatively easy to accessorize, especially with your watches, regardless of the materials that the bracelet and the watch are made of. 

The bracelet can have colored diamonds, and the watch may or may not be fascinated with gemstones.

But whatever the watch and bracelet style, the diamond tennis bracelet might be the best investment you make as you get to wear it daily if you choose to.

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