11 Tips for Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

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Turtlenecks are a staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe, especially during the winter and fall period. They are classic, timeless and stylish and most importantly, extremely functional.

Despite turtlenecks being simple and minimal, styling them can be a bit tricky since this piece of clothing can make your torso appear closed up and outdated, if not styled properly.

However, if a turtleneck is accessorized correctly, it can be a wonderful backdrop or canvas to flaunt your stylish necklaces. To learn how to wear this iconic piece and accessorize it properly with necklaces, keep reading.  


What kind of necklace do you wear with a turtleneck?

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

The types of necklaces you can wear with a turtleneck are endless. All necklace types can be styled with a turtleneck and look amazing provided that you do it properly. Necklaces with different types of materials, pendant sizes, colours and designs can all be worn with a turtleneck.  

A maximal or a bold statement necklace, for instance, pairs perfectly with a turtleneck by giving your outfit an attractive, creative and artistry touch and look. A plain turtleneck, in this case, will be a great background for a catchy statement necklace.

To create an interesting yet subtle look, accessorize your turtleneck with a geometric necklace. Choose a geometric necklace with unique shapes and colours that will contrast nicely with the colour of your turtleneck.

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

A long, classic and minimal necklace with dainty pendants paired with a turtleneck creates a sophisticated and refined look.

If you thought turtleneck outfits can’t be edgy and cool, think again. Chokers can be used to accessorize turtlenecks for a gothic and cool look.

A layered necklace can be worn with a turtleneck if you’re going for a stylish but simple look. Also, you can use several necklaces and layer them nicely. Make sure the necklaces are not tangled to avoid looking messy and cluttered.

For a daily wearable casual outfit that is also stylish, adorn your turtleneck with a dangling pendant necklace. To make your outfit pop, even more, go for a colourful turtleneck.


How to wear a necklace with a turtleneck

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

There are several ways you can style your turtleneck with a necklace to come up with a stylish and fascinating outfit.

1. The first tip to style your turtleneck with a necklace is to keep it simple.Accessorising with a simple necklace can elevate your look. Also, since the necklace is minimal, you have the freedom to play around with bold patterns and colours in your outfit. If this is too simple for you, try styling with a beaded, multi-strand necklace.  


2. Another tip is to pair your turtleneck with a longer chain. A simple and long chain with a pendant is enough to create visual interest around the otherwise plain and boring turtleneck.This look is effortless and refined and is easy to create.

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

3. Wearing your turtleneck with a layered necklace creates a fun and stylish outfit. If you don’t have one necklace that is layered or has multiple strands, you can simply use several of your necklaces and layer them over the turtleneck.Experiment with necklaces with different metals, colours and shapes for a catchy look. If you’re pairing the turtleneck with layered pearly necklaces, throw in a unique pendant necklace to break the monotony of pearls (you don’t want to look like a grandma, do you?)


4. Alternatively, wear your turtleneck with a thin and subtle collar necklace to add a hint of bling to your outfit.Styling a turtleneck doesn’t always have to be with long dangling necklaces. A short necklace can also do the trick. For a more interesting look, reach for a collar necklace that has a contrasting colour to your turtleneck. This pairing goes amazingly with a suit for a chill official look or a pair of jeans for a casual look.

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

5. This next tip is for those who believe in “go big or go home” and it is accessorizing your turtleneck with a statement necklace that is striking and blinged out, to stand out under the layered look.If your turtleneck is plain, layer a beaded collar over it for a bit of drama to your outfit. Also, a sleeveless turtleneck can be glamorized by being styled with a catchy statement necklace.


6. If your turtleneck has chunky knits, pair it with chunky chains to create a creatively proportionate look.This way, the chunky knits of your turtleneck sweater won’t swallow the accessories you have on. This style was evidently perfect during the Marc Jacobs runway show in the fall of 2017.

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

7. Now, if you thought that sweater-like turtlenecks are the only turtlenecks that can be accessorized, you are wrong. A sparkly and embellished turtleneck can be styled with a contrasting statement necklace if you’re going for a dressy look. We’ve seen this style on red carpets hundreds of times.


8. When wearing your turtleneck with a necklace, don’t be scared of colour clashing or colour blocking. Play around with different necklace colours if you have turtlenecks in different colours(Hint: use the colour wheel to know what colours will pair perfectly). Do not forget to be confident while rocking these colours.

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

9. For an edgy and daring look, try layering gothic-like necklaces over your turtleneck. Leather chokers and lock-and-chain necklaces are perfect for this daring outfit.However, this style is not for everyone (self-awareness is key here).


10. Another great option is to style your turtleneck with a long necklace (and by long I mean a long chain that will flow past your waistline). This tip is especially great if you’re wearing a turtleneck underneath a flowy dress.This is a boho-vibe look that doesn’t obscure your jewellery.

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

11. Last but not least, try layering a necklace with a large pendant and a simple chain over your turtleneck. The huge pendant creates a creative and unique look that’ll make you stand out without doing the most.Check out the artist, Cleo Wade’s social media pages and see how she styled hers for inspiration.


Jewellery to wear with a turtleneck

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

Aside from the different types of necklaces mentioned above, a turtleneck can be worn with other pieces of jewellery.

For instance, go the Meghan Markle way by accessorizing your turtleneck look with statement earrings.

Add bold chandelier earrings to your outfit if you’re not feeling the necklace-over-turtleneck look.

However, do not wear earrings and add necklaces over your turtleneck. Choose one accessory and rock with it.

Wearing a Necklace With a Turtleneck

A watch is another piece of jewellery that if styled properly with a turtleneck will look amazing. A simple and minimal watch can be worn with a plain sleeveless turtleneck for a classier look.

If your turtleneck is long-sleeved and you feel a bit rebellious and edgy, simply add a watch on top of the sleeve.

Alternatively, slightly pull your sleeves back to display your watch for that chill and relaxed casual vibe.



Turtlenecks have been in existence for decades and they are here to stay. This is a timeless, simple and classic staple for both men and women, therefore, learning how to accessorize your turtlenecks is crucial.

Also, the turtleneck’s versatility makes it easier and fun to experiment with and style. All you have to do is be confident and explore the various ways you can accessorize turtlenecks.

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