11 Actionable Tips For Wearing a Necklace Backwards

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If you want to rock a backless dress with dangling jewellery on your back like the celebrities on red carpets, but you’re intimidated because you think it’ll be expensive, then I have good news for you.

Styling doesn’t always mean spending money on new and trendy pieces. This trendy, reverse jewellery style is effortless and with perfect execution, one can create an elegant and edgy feel to their outfit.

Why leave your back bare when wearing a backless dress or blouse while you can adorn yourself with an elegant piece of jewellery. To learn how to cheaply and effectively style a backwards necklace, keep reading.


Can you wear a necklace backwards?

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

Yes. You can wear a necklace backwards. Rather than spending extra cash on necklaces specifically designed to be worn on your back, you can simply spin around your regular longer necklaces and achieve the same result.

Wearing your necklace backwards is a simple and cheap way of achieving an elegant yet edgy and unique look. Backward necklaces have a flirtatious and sexy take on a category that would otherwise be considered subtle and basic.

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

Celebrities have embraced this trend by pairing their back-revealing gowns with backwards necklaces. A backless dress with a necklace worn backwards is the perfect look for a date or a wedding reception as is it a subtle change that makes a huge difference to your outfit.

Also, this is a perfect way of flaunting your toned back after all those upper body workouts.


Famous people who wear necklaces backwards

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

Many celebrities have accepted this style and rocked backward necklaces or “back laces” to major events globally.

Among these famous people is Princess Diana who graced the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London, during Back to The Future’s premiere on December 3rd 1985.

She was dressed in a deep-V back burgundy velvet evening gown designed by Catherine Walke and accessorized with a pearly necklace worn backwards.

Anne Hathaway, an American actress who has garnered prestigious accolades like Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award has participated in this timeless style.

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

She arrived at the Insteller premiere in Los Angeles, Hollywood on October 26th 2014 in a navy blue low-back dress and a dainty necklace which she wore backwards. Also, in 2013 when she won best supporting actress at the Oscars for the film Les Miserables, she rocked a graceful “back lace”.

Another celebrity remembered for this trend is Gillian Anderson who is an American actress. Gillian Anderson attended the 2020 Golden Globes in a refined backless white dress with a sophisticated necklace dangling down her back.

Cara Delevingne, a well-known English singer, model and actress appeared at the 67th Cannes Film Festival during the De Grisogono ‘Fatale in Cannes’ party dressed in an embellished backless dress and a backwards jewel.

She also got the attention of many when she posted a picture on her Instagram, of an Aaron Jah Stone beaded necklace hanging on her bare back.

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

Cate Blanchett an Australian actress and producer cannot be left out on the list of celebrities who have rocked the backwards necklace.

Cate Blanchett first joined this trend at the 2000 Oscar Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, when she complimented her black backless dress with a golden backwards necklace.

On November 5th 2013, Cate Blanchett arrived at the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards in London, dressed in a backless brown dress and a colourful backwards necklace.

Another famous person known for this trend is Jessica Chastain, an American actress and film producer. Jessica was spotted with Will Smith at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc during the 2017 amfAR Gala Cannes in a stylish backless black dress and a pearly necklace, which she wore backwards.

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

Jessica Biel, an American model and actress, appeared on the red carpet of the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards on January 15th 2012 in a beautiful white low-back dress accessorized with a dainty but elegant backwards necklace.

Jennifer Lawrence arrived at the 2013 Oscars Awards held at the Hollywood & Highlands Centre, in Hollywood, California in a Chopard necklace, which she rocked backwards. In 2014, Jennifer Lawrence paired her Dior backless gown with a Neil Lane diamond backwards necklace worth 2 million dollars.

Kate Hudson, an American businesswoman and actress appeared at the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in a white low open-back Emilio Pucci gown paired with a diamond-encrusted dainty backwards necklace.

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

Ashley Olsen, an American businesswoman, fashion designer and former actress was spotted with a backwards necklace at the Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion Costume Institute Gala, in NYC, in May 2009.

Last but not least, Kelly Osbourne, a TV personality, rocked her dad’s necklace backwards during the 56th Grammy, so as not to clash with her Badgley Mischka embellished gown.


11 Tips for wearing necklaces backwards

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

While this is a fashionable and creative way of wearing a necklace, styling it perfectly is the key to achieving an edgy look.

The following are tips for wearing necklaces backwards;

1. Wear a thinner necklace with a petite and delicate pendant if you are going for a minimal, simple and uncluttered look.

2. Always turn the necklace’s clasp to the side to avoid it looking funny from the front. Alternatively, use a necklace without a clasp.

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

3. For a more interesting look, layer different necklaces and wear them backwards or simply use a layered necklace.  You can play around with contrasting necklace materials, lengths and styles with this look. However, do not overdo it. If you go for this look, be sure to keep your necklaces untangled to avoid looking messy.

4. Backwards necklaces should be worn with backless or low-back dresses or blouses.

5. For a casual yet interesting look, button your shirt backwards and leave a few of the upper buttons unbuttoned and style your desired necklace over the back of your neck.

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

6. For a simpler look, simply throw on a backless top and accessorize with a backwards minimal necklace with a pendant.

7. Open, flowing hair with backwards necklaces is a big no. Always style your hair up in a bun or any other style that doesn’t involve your hair flowing to your back. Letting your hair flow will obviously hide the “backward necklace look” that is intended.

8. If the outfit you’re pairing with your necklace is already embellished with jewellery or you have accessories in your hair, use a simple and minimal necklace to avoid creating a “busy look”.

Wearing a Necklace Backwards

9. If the backless dress or blouse you are pairing with your backwards necklace is baggy or oversized, be sure to use a simple and minimal necklace to create balance in the outfit.  

10. If you are wearing a long necklace backwards, make sure your dress or blouse is completely backless or has a very low back for a confident and refined look.

11. Always select your outfit and necklace based on the event you’re attending.



Wearing necklaces backwards is a timeless style that has been embraced by many and with good reason.

This is a simple and cheap way of upgrading your outfit as you don’t have to purchase any new pieces.

All you need to do is be creative and follow the easy tips discussed above and voila, you have a trendy and edgy look without any effort.

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