3 Quick Tips For Wearing A Lock Around Your Neck

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Are the lock or padlock necklaces tacky or stylish? How should you wear the lock necklace?

And most important, what does the lock necklace mean to you?

Well, we’re answering these and other questions regarding the lock necklaces here.

But before we look at the other things you need to know about these necklaces, it’s important to note that the lock necklace has been around for centuries; it’s stood the test of time as a piece of jewelry that represents love, romantic interests, and commitment.

And today, it is one of the most stylish accessories you could wear.

So, what else do you need to know about this necklace-type before buying it?


What is a padlock necklace?

Tips For Wearing A Lock Around Your Neck

The lock or padlock pendant necklace is a statement necklace style that comes in different styles and designs, epitomizing the hottest jewelry trend on the market.

With the intricate detailing and the unique design elements incorporated into this necklace, the padlock necklace is the statement piece that you will fall in love with and love wearing.

This necklace style is quite versatile and stylish, and when given as a gift, it locks away your memories and also represents the love shared and the commitment made between partners or friends.

Still, some people associate the necklace with their teenage years, and for them, adults wearing the padlock necklace is seen as a tacky sense of fashion.

So, with these varying opinions on the padlock necklace, it is safe to say that the decision to wear this type of necklace or not have it on it is largely dependent on your personal style and styling preferences.


Is it tacky to wear a padlock?

We are all entitled to our opinions, and the truth is that some people think of the lock necklaces as being tacky, and we’ll not fault them for this.

Tips For Wearing A Lock Around Your Neck

The idea of wearing a padlock necklace is just a cringe to some people, perhaps because of a bad childhood or teenage years memory, and they just can’t stand wearing or seeing people wearing the padlock necklaces.

However, fashion is this fluid thing that means that some people conform to the unique fashion ideas that they come across, including wearing padlock necklaces, but some just let such trends pass them.

And to add to this, not everyone considers the padlock necklace a cute symbol for the protection of love, commitment, and a connection, despite the modern and elegant padlock designs on the market today or the fact that these necklaces have been around from the Georgian and Victorian Eras.

We believe that the padlock necklace is actually trendy, stylish, and even elegant, and it might be time to rethink the belief that the padlock necklace is a tacky or a juvenile accessory.

If you think about it, this necklace-type has passed the test of time, and it remains one of the coolest accessories you could get your hands on.

It is also one of the most versatile necklace styles, especially for individuals who enjoy layering their necklaces.

The modern designs for the padlock necklace are chic and sophisticated, and these are the features that make it the perfect fit for you if you want to layer your necklaces for a cool look.

But this necklace is not just the perfect layering piece; it is also the perfect style of necklace that looks stunning on its own.

Your feelings about the padlock necklace may also change once you look through the wide array of options that you get to choose from – there is a wide array of the padlock necklace in all styles, and you will be surprised with how you are drawn to the elegantly designed padlock necklaces.


Can you wear your own padlock as a necklace?

Tips For Wearing A Lock Around Your Neck

Well, there is nothing you cannot do or wear if you are bold enough and if you let your creativity shine, but whether you can wear your own padlock as a necklace or not depends on your style, boldness, the occasion, and your personality.

Some people can pull off the DIY padlock necklace look, but most of us cannot because it is a rather risky fashion style to pull off.


What does wearing a padlock mean?

The padlock charm or pendant often worn in necklaces is more than a style statement. For most people, it is an important statement piece, and not just because it looks stunning and stands out, but also because it carries great meaning.

In the Chinese numismatic charms, for example, the lock charms incorporated in the necklaces and other kinds of jewelry are uniquely designed to protect the wearer from misfortune, harm, and even evil spirits.

It’s also believed that the lock charms protect the wearer while also bringing them good luck, enhancing their longevity, and also making them successful and go up in the ranks.

When gifted, the padlock necklace is a token of love that symbolizes one’s commitment. It is also believed to have the power to protect a couple’s love.

Traditionally, the lock necklace came with a key which the man held on to as a token for his enduring love for the woman. These padlocks were mostly shaped like hearts, and they also symbolized passion, a token of affection, being locked in love, and for others, an illusion of chastity.


Pros and cons of wearing a padlock necklace

Tips For Wearing A Lock Around Your Neck


  • They are elegant and versatile
  • Meaningful and very symbolic to most people
  • They allow for easy layering
  • It can be worn alone
  • They stay in place and don’t get in the way


  • Some people find them tacky
  • The cheap padlock necklaces don’t look stylish


Tips for wearing a lock around your neck

1. Choose the best padlock necklace for you

Tips For Wearing A Lock Around Your Neck

Even before you decide how you will wear your padlock necklace, it’s important that you choose the padlock necklace style or design that suits you.

Some of the factors to consider when shopping for the padlock necklace include your personal style and preferences, and even your lifestyle, and the budget you are working with.

Essentially, you need the kind of jewelry that will remain a wardrobe staple for many years to come, especially if you are going to buy a premium-quality necklace made of precious metals.

Even when looking for something modern and fun, you need to look for a high-quality piece. Keep in mind that the best quality necklace is made of high-quality metals, and it will not look cheap or tacky.

Keep in mind that your selection range will also range from the modern to the traditional designs, and whatever you end up choosing needs to match your style.


2. Ear the necklace on its own or layer it with other necklaces

Tips For Wearing A Lock Around Your Neck

The simplest approach to wearing and/or styling your padlock necklace is to determine how you’d like to wear the necklace and what to wear it with.

While the padlock looks elegant as a standalone accessory on your neck, you may also like the fun feel that comes from layering this necklace with at least two other necklaces of different lengths.


3. Consider the event you are dressing up for

Chunkier padlock necklaces in gold with a matching pair of big gold hoops look great for a fun afternoon party or brunch, especially with an off-shoulder top, but a dainty padlock necklace would be ideal for work or formal events.



The padlock necklaces are elegant if well-designed and made of high-quality materials, and not really tacky, well, unless you are thinking about the cheap options you used to see as a teenager growing up.

Today, there are endless options of lock necklaces that look great and stand out elegantly thanks to their modern designs.

Just make sure that the necklace you choose matches your style and also the event you’re dressing for.

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