What’s the Meaning of Wearing A Key Around Your Neck?

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A key necklace comes in many different designs and from different metals and materials. Different people wear the key necklace for different reasons from old times and in the new fashion era.

There are a lot of misconceptions and ideologies around this jewelry piece due to the lack of documentation ages ago. This is a major reason that gives the key necklace many mystic ideologies and myths.

In this article, we are going to see why people choose to wear key necklaces. We are also going to look and different symbolism from a variety of cultures and beliefs.


About key necklace

A key necklace is simply a key pendant with a necklace to go with it. It comes in different forms, styles, and prices. Big jewelry brands have used gold and diamonds to make these key necklaces and that reflects luxury and high prices.

wearing a key around your neck

There are also key necklaces made from cheaper metals and materials like copper and bronze. The style depends on the key necklace maker and the target market.

A bronze key paired with a leather strap necklace will bring that old medieval or the bronze age antique look while a rose gold key on a gold Cuban style necklace will give a classy sophisticated look. The key necklace is very versatile when it comes to matching it with any style and look.

There is no certain group of people who can wear key necklaces. Anyone can rock a key chain irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, or religion.

In recent times, the key necklace has gained popularity as it is being seen on public and social figures a lot. Big brands have also reciprocated the popularity by making more fancy designs of the key necklace.


Key necklace in history

wearing a key around your neck

The key necklace can be traced back to the 6th century when the first use of keys was realized in ancient England. People often wore their keys on the neck using a string or leather strap.

These were the keys to the most important possessions locked away somewhere and the only way to protect the key was to wear it around the neck. This meant that the key went everywhere the owner went even to bed.

The wearing of the key was adopted by many and was seen as a show of high-value asset possession and wealth, mystery, and also secrecy. Over the years, different groups and cultures adopted the key necklace with different symbolism and meanings.  

Recently, the designer company Tiffany started its key chain collection which saw the key chain gain popularity amongst high caste people like celebrities and social media influencers. Now the chain can be spotted anywhere being worn as a piece of jewelry without significant meaning.


What does wearing a key necklace around your neck mean?

wearing a key around your neck

  1. 21st birthday gift

In many cultures, a key necklace was offered as a gift to people turning the age of 21years. It grew to be a culture that has lasted many years. Key necklace as a gift symbolized that someone had attained the age where they transitioned to adults and have the capacity of leading a home.

It symbolized a great future ahead as it was seen as the key to life ahead as a grown-up. In some places, the key was a show of owning a home as most people owned their houses at the age of 21.


  1. Love and bond

A key necklace and a heart with a hole necklace as a pair are worn by males and females respectively who are in love to symbolize that the male has the key to the female’s heart.

This brings literal meaning to the saying ‘you got the key to my heart’. This is an example of how the key necklace can be used as a show of love. friends can also gift each other these necklaces as a show of eternal bond between them.

wearing a key around your neck

  1. Religious value

Crossed key necklaces have different meanings as per the design they come in. they have been used in Christianity to symbolize keys to heaven and eternal life. The keys may symbolize the unlocking of new worlds after death, that is hell for sinners and heaven for believers.

A key on a lock has been used to symbolize the devotion of a Christian to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. There is a statue of a bearded man with a key that represents Apostle Peter with the key to the land of heaven and freedom.


  1. Leadership and domination

The key necklace has been used to show the dominant partner in some types of sexual relationships where the key is a symbol of the chastity key or the handcuffs keys.

Many people have been brave enough to show their kinky and fetish relationships in public and they have been spotted wearing the key necklace.

wearing a key around your neck

Several other cultures have used them for different meanings. In ancient Egypt wearing a set of 3 keys represented wealth, health, and love. In India, women wore the key chain to represent their financial status in the community. other meanings of the key necklace are:

  • Symbol of secrecy
  • Freedom and independent personality
  • Used as a status symbol
  • Used to symbolize hope and opening new beginnings


Tips for wearing a key around your neck

wearing a key around your neck

Key necklaces may be worn at any time and to any event. Depending on your reasons for wearing one, choose a size of chain that you are comfortable in and that blends well with your outfit.

There are also many designs from gothic to medieval to urban hippie styles. This makes it easy to choose a style that fits you and your purpose for wearing one.

Designers like Tiffany have a whole collection of key necklace to suit your needs.



The key necklace is a timepiece that is not fading away any time soon. Its many meanings and symbolism make it one of the most popular pieces of jewelry in the world.

The fact that keys open doors and safes make the necklace to be associated with mystery, freedom, and treasure.

Whether superstition, religion, love, or just beauty needs, you should consider adding a key necklace to your jewelry collection.

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