9 Actionable Tips For Wearing A Gold Watch Everyday

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Everyone needs a great timepiece, and one of those timepieces must be made of gold. While you might have been disinterested in the yellow gold timepiece(s) you’ve had in your jewelry display box for years now may notice that you now like it and the watch actually looks cool.

Different changes in your life may make you think of and look at things in a different light, and gold watches might be on this list.

In fact, we are now seeing more and more people wearing gold watches, which makes them more attractive, and though leather watches are timeless classics, the gold watches are just that great, and you cannot go wrong with a gold watch investment.

But you need to make sure that you are wearing that watch the right way. So, this article shares some tips that might come in handy in making sure that you dapper with the gold watch on, and not just occasionally, but every day.

But first…


Can you wear a gold watch every day, such as Rolex?

Well, you could wear a gold watch daily, but if the watch is a Rolex, for example, wearing it daily wouldn’t be the smartest move, especially because gold watches are often considered flashy, and you may be targeted by thugs easily.

Tips For Wearing A Gold Watch Everyday

That said, we believe that wearing your Rolex watch every day wouldn’t be practical, even for you, because of the fact that you probably have a good range of other great watches that you can wear.

Of course, you may have that one gold Rolex watch as your staple piece, but there are also rare occasions, places, and days when wearing the gold watch might not be an idea. So, in as much as you could wear a gold watch daily, it is not always practical.

Rolex is just like your finest jewelry – ring or earrings, and you wouldn’t wear such pieces every day. Note that genuine Rolex is made of 18k gold, which translates to 75% pure gold, which is why Rolex watches are quite pricey and luxurious. Whether you have yellow gold, white gold, or the exclusive pink gold 18k Rolex, wearing the timepiece daily might not always be the best thing to do.


Can you wear a gold watch with anything?

Tips For Wearing A Gold Watch Everyday

Like watches made of leather straps and other materials, how you wear the watch and what you wear it with will depend on a number of factors such as the setting of the place you are going to and how you will be dressing, business, casual, black-tie, or business casual.

With the best quality gold watches, however, you could wear the gold watch with anything effortlessly.

That said, you need to keep it classy at all times because gold is a top-rated precious metal that must be treated with respect – dress up for your gold watch.


9 Tips for wearing a gold watch every day

If you are done fighting the urge to wear your gold watch, albeit more often or even daily, this article is exactly what you need. In this section, we share with your some of the practical tips for wearing a gold watch daily.


1.Invest in a good quality gold watch

Tips For Wearing A Gold Watch Everyday
Invest in a good quality gold watch

We are talking about a great solid gold watch and not a gold-plated timepiece.

If you want to wear a gold watch confidently every day, it might be a good idea to start off by investing in a high-quality timepiece.

You need something mature and classy, and though you may not afford a Rolex just yet, it would be a good idea to look up high-quality pieces from reputable brands.

There are many options that you could try out, especially because the market offers a great variety in design and also the economic standpoint of the watches.


2.Dress up in the right outfits

Tips For Wearing A Gold Watch Everyday
Dress up in the right outfits

The most important thing to bear in mind once you’ve chosen to wear a gold watch would be to dress right, especially for the watch.

The good news is that the gold watches always look great for gatherings and events, as well as business meetings.

Whichever the event, dress well according to the event type and the dress code, and also highlight the watch.

Try on a suit jacket whose cuffs extend to your upper wrist, leaving the watch exposed. You could also roll up your sleeves.

Never let your sleeves drape over the watch if you have a gold watch on. You shouldn’t leave the sleeves slightly unbuttoned either because you need to place focus on the watch.


3.Wear the gold watch with cool and more neutral colors

Tips For Wearing A Gold Watch Everyday
Wear the gold watch with cool and more neutral colors

Essentially, you need to avoid the temptation to wear your yellow gold or rose gold watch with more colorful outfits because they will create confusion, especially because gold is already a bold color, and you don’t want to add to the boldness.

So, if you are wearing a rose gold or a white gold watch, it would be more ideal for you to wear slightly darker colors like black, navy, dark brown, or royal blue – just don’t wear it with something that is too light or vibrant.


4.Accessorize your gold watch

Tips For Wearing A Gold Watch Everyday
Accessorize your gold watch

Yes, the watch feels more than enough for you, but you could still wear other accessories with the gold watch on.

The only thing you should do is limit the number of other gold accessories you choose to wear.

Earrings, a ring, and one or two bracelets would not overshadow your gold watch. Regarding the ring, it should be on the opposite hand of the watch.

Also, we recommend sticking to gold pieces of the same color, and if you must mix the gold hues, do not overlap one shade twice. Overdoing gold jewelry and your outfits mean that you will look tacky instantly.


5.Maintain a confident stance

While you could wear the gold watch with your suit to the office, t-shirt, and jeans to business lunches or barbecues without feeling too formal or flashy, your confidence is the secret spice that you need to sprinkle on to look and feel great.


6.Wear your gold watch on your dominant hand

Tips For Wearing A Gold Watch Everyday
Wear your gold watch on your dominant hand

What this means is this – if you are right-handed, you need to keep your watch on the left hand or vice versa. With many right-handed people, most watches are made for the right-handed person and not the lefties. So, if you are left-handed, you may want to look for a watch made for your right hand.


7.Wear bling watches if you want to

While the idea of wearing a plain and simple gold ring is appealing, it doesn’t allow you to express yourself. If you want to show off your style or personality, wear that flashy blinged-out watch if you love it –well, as long as it is functional.


8.Don’t wear the watch if it’s too loose or too tight

You could break the band or mess up its mechanism if you do. And it could also hurt your wrist if it’s too tight.

Tips For Wearing A Gold Watch Everyday
Match the metals and the leathers

9.Match the metals and the leathers

The watch should match your shoes and belt, and the metal part of the ring should match the buckle and the rest of your jewelry.



You cannot resist the feeling of wearing your gold watches daily once you start, especially after buying good-quality gold watches. So, don’t let anyone stop you from wearing the gold watch daily.

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