Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding?(With 7 Tips)

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We know that we shouldn’t wear white to weddings, but can a wedding guest wear white pants to a wedding?

Does the no-white-to-weddings rule apply to pants, or are there exceptions to this rule?


Can you wear white pants to a wedding? Why or why not?

People have different opinions on this, and there seems to be no actual consensus on what the rules are, but most people, including the Emily Post Institute, agree that it is an acceptable practice to wear white pants to a wedding, as long as the white outfit worn by the guests doesn’t cause a distraction from the bride or her bridesmaids.

Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding

This means that there is nothing wrong with choosing to wear a cocktail-length white dress that has a lace overlay.

Regarding pants, you can actually wear white pants to a wedding, but only if the bridal and grooms teams aren’t going for an all-white theme because then you’d be confused about one of them.

Essentially, if you think that you have too much white, there is a chance that you have too much white going on. To be safe, avoid wearing colors that are in conflict with the wedding theme or that are too much along the traditional wedding colors/ theme.

Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding

When white is the wedding’s theme

The one scenario where you can pull off a white look to a wedding without worrying about competing with the bride or the wedding party would be when white is the recommended theme for the wedding.

Yes, there are couples that opt for white-themed weddings because they are going against the grain, and in such cases, the bride doesn’t wear the traditional white. Others still do. So, if the wedding invite demands a white theme, you can wear white pants to the wedding.

Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding

Casual look

As a stylish wedding guest looking for a simple, and comfortable wedding guest outfit, you can actually wear white wide-leg chiffon palazzo pants to a wedding. Wear them with a contrasting top, preferably in black or black and white stripes.

That said, you shouldn’t wear white pants to a wedding if the wedding party is wearing white. With changing times and fashion preferences, especially for weddings, it isn’t uncommon to see men and women wearing white pantsuits for their wedding. So, unless you are sure they don’t show-stopping in a white suit, you may want to lay off the white pants.

Finally, if you have to wear white pants to a wedding, you may want to throw on a nice blazer too for a complete look. Also, opt for white only if you aren’t clumsy or clammy, and if you are sure you won’t dirty the pants.


7 Tips for wearing white to some else wedding

So, which are some of the important tricks you need to try out if you must wear white to someone else’s wedding?

Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding

1. Opt for white-based prints

Instead of wearing something in solid white, you should consider a white-based print as an alternative.

And if the bride leans on the more traditional/ conservative side, you may want to opt for bolder colors for the prints that make the whiteness a little less apparent.

Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding

2. Steer clear of dresses in the traditional designs, shapes, and fabrics seen in wedding dresses

Essentially, you want to look as far off from the bride as possible, and this means wearing dresses that are shaped, nothing like what a bride would wear.

So, no beading, no laces, no chiffon, no tulle, and also, no maxi skirts – in white. Leave these designs, shapes, and fabrics to the bride. Notably, these designs aren’t fashionable today, especially on white.

To still pull out some white to the wedding, you should also avoid the strapless styles or the low necklines. Multicolored options with white, black, pink, burgundy, etc., would be ideal.

Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding

3. Pile up on your accessories

If you have to wear white, think of that dress as your blank canvas, and then allow yourself to go crazy on decorating that canvas with colorful and bold accessories. In other words, make your accessories the star to your outfit – the dress shouldn’t be the star.


4. Pants rather than skirts

You can easily pull off a nice non-traditional wedding guest look by wearing pants or jumpsuits instead of skirts or dresses.

To pull off the pants or jumpsuit look for a wedding, the first thing to do is to make sure that the pants or the jumpsuit you select are wide-legged. Whether the pants have prints or not, the wide-legged design makes you stand out, and you’ll look more casual and guest-like. A floral jumpsuit would do the trick if you choose to wear one, and you can opt for a sleeveless jumpsuit. Throw in a blazer too.

Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding

5. Make white the accent color

If you are afraid that wearing white to a wedding is too risky, you can always choose to make white the accent color. This means opting for white accessories rather than full outfits. This way, the bride will not be upset – think white shoes, a white jacket, or a white bag. No one would really make a big deal out of any of these options. The best part is that you can still pull off the white accent look if you have a white bag, shoes, and a white jacket, say over a blue or a yellow dress.

Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding

6. Too much white is too much.

If you feel like you have on too much white, you probably do, and it might be time to tone things down.


7. Ask your friends

Not sure if wearing something white or white-ish to the wedding is ideal? Poll your close friends about it and see what they think of your color choices. This is a great way to find the right advice, especially if some of these friends are married or engaged.

Can You Wear White Pants To A Wedding


So, if you weren’t sure if you could wear white pants to a wedding, you will be relieved to learn that you can easily wear white pants to a wedding – just go for the wide-legged variety.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!