Can You Wear White and Yellow Gold Together?(With Tips)

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The fashion industry is filled with endless fashion rules that obviously don’t come from the same manual and more often than not, depict a strong sense of self-expression. As with any fashion accessory, jewelry is key and could make or break an entire outfit. So, can you wear white and yellow gold together?

Other than that they are both gold metals, these two are also alloys.

White gold is an alloy combination of a percentage of pure gold with metals such as platinum, palladium, nickel, or zinc. The variation in mixture percentages is dependent upon the type or grade of gold you want to make.


Due to the natural yellow color of gold, white gold retains some yellow undertones after alloying. To lessen this effect and keep it under control, white gold pieces are coated with a rhodium layer that gives them that extra shine.

Yellow gold is combined with silver, copper that creates a layer of colored oxide that enriches the yellow hue of the gold. Metal measurements vary in regards to different formulas that make different karat grades of yellow gold.


Can You Wear White and Yellow Gold Together?

Quick Answer: Yes. You can wear white and yellow gold together.

Previously, the unwritten laws of fashion dictated that wearing two differently hued metals together on the same body was too much, unnecessary, and crass. No one dared it.

Now, there is a growing trend among the population to not only wear two conflicting metals together but to blend the two into one piece.

Times have changed and if the fashion gods of days past rose up today, they would be shocked at the many fashion rules that are bent and broken and pushed further every new season.

Wearing the white gold and yellow gold jewelry together, thankfully, is no longer a big fashion no. if done with a keen eye and with a well-coordinated outfit, matching these two gold pieces could make you the star of the day.

Yellow gold tends to have a brighter glow to it compared to the duller shine of white gold. Together, they look great and pleasing to the eye as they complement each other.


Can You Wear White Gold Earrings with a Yellow Gold Necklace?

Yes, you very well can wear your white gold earrings with your yellow gold necklace.

As stated, the era of wearing a single color of jewelry from head to toe is done.

To wear this combination with confidence, be sure to keep the crystals on any of the two pieces to a minimum. This is only if your dress is bold and eye-catching. If you decide to wear a monotone dress like a little black or white one, these pieces can then be grand and with big colored crystals.

A trick that you could incorporate into your outfit to boost your confidence and solidify your look even further is to add a two-tone piece of accessory to your ensemble. It could be a finger ring, an arm ring, or a bracelet.

Whichever you decide on, make sure it complements rather than competes with your overall look.


Can You Wear White and Yellow Gold Rings Together?

The straight answer to this is of course, yes. You can wear your yellow and white gold rings together. On the same hand and finger too.

White gold has this dull shine that blends in perfectly with the glossy yellow shine that yellow gold produces. This helps keep a balance in the color reflection between the two.

Ring fingers, especially those that are for such special occasions like weddings, engagements, and anniversaries, are never meant to be taken off unless for some safety precaution.

Can You Wear White and Yellow Gold Together?

This means they will be in contact with a lot of external elements that affect their quality and appearance over time. For example, white gold is combined with metal such as platinum and palladium. These are really strong metals that have the capacity to scratch the much softer yellow gold ring.

This constant rubbing against each other causes dents scratches and peels away at the top glossy coating. When this happens, you will regularly have to get your rings rebuffed and recoated which is frustrating and financially draining.

It would be wise then, to either wear them on different fingers and even better, on either hand.

Employ the sly trick of adding a two-tone ring to one of your fingers and see how much transformation is visible to your overall look.

Can You Wear White and Yellow Gold Together?


Mix and matching is the new order of the day and in keeping up with fashion trends such as color blending and blocking, jewelry has not been forgotten.

It is now more commonly accepted to pair up your jewelry to fit your mood and mostly the activity you are going into.

Those that were previously odd combinations have now become iconic fashion statements.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!