What Finger to Wear The Mother’s Ring?(Our Advice)

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Ever heard about the Mother’s ring? Whether you have heard about this type of ring or not, this article delves into the basics of Mother’s rings and everything you need to know about them. So, keep reading!


Mother’s ring meaning

The mother’s ring can be defined as a piece of emblematic or symbolic jewelry that honors and constitutes the mother’s or the grandmother’s family. In most cases, this ring is filled or accented with one or more birthstones, depending on the family’s dynamics.

what finger to wear mothers ring

Note that the birthstones are an important part of this ring because they represent the children or the grandchildren making up the family tree of the woman that wears this ring. It doesn’t stop here, though, and some people will take this idea a little further by adding extra birthstones on the ring as a representation of the rest of the members of the family. The birthstones are often made of either authentic birthstones or simulated stones.

 On top of the birthstones, these rings could also have the names of the children or the grandchildren inscribed on the ring for an extra layer of personalization.

Reasons for wearing a mother’s ring

what finger to wear mothers ring

  • For most women, wearing the mother’s ring is an important part of who they are because it is a nice display of their pride in their children and their family. In most cases, the mother’s ring is this meaningful accessory that is seen and understood in terms of what it means, and the wearer doesn’t have to say much to show just how proud they are.
  • The ring also is a great conversation starter, and it shares important insights into that family’s history.
  • And thanks to the always colorful design of the ring and the fact that the mother ring is one of the most beautiful rings, the ring always offers this nice, high-end, polished look that works for pretty much all types of outfits. There’s also the fact that these rings are always sparkling, even in very low light conditions, and they will keep sparkling for years to come without looking tacky or gaudy.
  • Finally, this ring is a cherished accessory that your mother will keep for many years to come, thanks to its inherent value.


A brief history of mother’s ring

what finger to wear mothers ring

There are numerous theories that cover what is believed to be the history of the mother’s ring and the reason for the rise in the popularity of this type of ring. Even so, none of the theorized stories about the mother rings is regarded as the gospel truth. The common stories about the origin of the mother rings are as follows though:

In one of these historical accounts, it is believed that the mother rings came to be when a jewelry inventor discovered how to elegantly utilize the small screws one jewelry with the stones arranged on the screws, keeping the birthstones on top of the small screws. So, the whole logic around the design and the arrangement of the birthstones is based on the belief that the lady would want to wear a ring with birthstones that represent the birth month of their child as a reminder of the love they held for that child.

The new ring design further allowed for a more convenient and fashionable way of wearing multiple stones on just that one ring, turning that simple ring into a memorial piece. With this line of thinking, it became apparent that this kind of ring would sell a lot on Mother’s Day, and the idea of Mother’s ring was borne.

The Mother’s Day story appears to be tied to this next story in which, 90 years ago, on Mother’s day, a lady called Anna Jarvis (US)came up with the idea of Mother’s Day. The idea behind this special day was to recognize and pay tribute to her late mother. This was a meaningful gesture, which is why she spent hours talking about this special day while pleading with the church leaders, just for them to understand the significance of this day. Mother’s Day International Association which was formed thereafter after Anna won her plead, resulted in the declaration that the Second Sunday in May would be a nationally celebrated day. And to celebrate this special day, it made sense to do this with the birthstone-filled Mother’s ring.


What finger to wear mothers ring

what finger to wear mothers ring

Now that we know something about the history of the super-cute memorial mother’s rings’s let’s take a look at the ideal way of wearing these rings.

  • Generally, how anyone chooses to wear the mother’s ring is entirely up to the individual. Traditionally, however, the mother’s ring would be worn on the right-hand ring finger. This is often seen as a reflection of a true and deep kind of love that only a mother would understand. In this case, the ring is seen as being bound to her children forever because the ring on the right hand’s ring finger is said to symbolize an unbreakable bond shared with one’s children. Occasionally, some women choose to wear the ring on the ring finger on the right hand, alongside other pieces of fine jewelry.
  • Unlike other rings, the mother’s rings aren’t to be stacked with non-valuable rings, although some people choose to wear this ring stacked alongside their wedding and/or engagement rings.


Other mother’s ring etiquette

what finger to wear mothers ring

  • Choose the mother’s ring based on your mother’s personal sense of style and styling preferences.
  • The number of birthstones often represents the number of kids, but in some cases, the parents’ birthstones could be incorporated as well.
  • Always stick to the rings made by experienced family jewelers because these are always focused on delivering the best quality ring options.



If you have been looking for something deeply meaningful and maybe emblematic to celebrate your mom or that lovely mom in your life, preferably something that will last a lifetime, always making the wearer happy, a mother’s ring would be the ideal gift.

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