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Should you wear your pearls every day, or are there rules that govern when to wear your pearls? Do you risk damaging your pearls if you choose to wear them daily?


Is it OK to wear pearls every day?

While pearls are elegant and classy gemstone pieces that elevate anyone’s look, it is important to note that these gemstones are quite delicate, which means that despite the pearls looking great, you may not be able to wear your elegant pearl jewelry on a daily basis.

Is It OK To Wear Pearls Everyday

Generally, pearls are considered special pieces of jewelry that can be worn on special occasions. Most of the time, the pearls and pearl jewelry pieces are often worn on special occasions, and because of the sensitivity of the pearl gemstones, it would make more sense to wear the pearls a little more sporadically.

At the end of the day, wearing the pearls occasionally and for less time each time you wear them means that the pearls are less exposed to environmental perils, and they will not be broken or chipped easily, especially when it comes down to the older, natural, and the more expensive pearls and pearl jewelry.

So, does this mean that you shouldn’t wear the pearls despite spending a large amount of money on them?

Well, you may want to keep the pearls safe and wear them only on occasion because the pearls aren’t as strong as diamonds or most metals, meaning that you need to keep the pearls safe and to take proper care of the pearls.

You also need to exercise caution when wearing and storing the pearls to keep them in good shape for many years to come.

You also need to keep the pearls away from acidic and cosmetic products and store them safely and away from sunlight, water, and other environmental influences that would damage the pearls.


When should you wear a pearl necklace?

Is It OK To Wear Pearls Everyday

Generally, there are some types of pearl jewelry that you can wear every day to work, for example, but when it’s all said and done, pearl jewelry is best when worn occasionally, perhaps only for formal occasions or evenings where the pearl jewelry can be worn as larger statement pearls, or as pearl earrings or necklaces.

The larger pearls, for example, are ideal for the more dramatic settings like cocktail parties with that cocktail dress or even your little black dress.

Does this mean that there is a specific time that you should wear the pearls? Well, it depends on the prevailing circumstances and the type of pearls used to make the jewelry.

With the natural or cultured freshwater pearls, you can always wear the jewelry when you need to dress up, taking them off when the conditions are not ideal.

So, you should wear the pearl earrings or necklace to the cocktail party or whenever you want to add an air of sophistication to your looks, but avoid having the pearls on in the swimming pool or the ocean/ beach.


When should you not wear pearls?

Is It OK To Wear Pearls Everyday

While pearls are classy and look great with pretty much all types of outfits, giving off the perfect demure of glorious modernity and sophistication, there are times when wearing the pearls is not the most ideal.

These include when in the swimming pool where you may expose the pearls to chlorine. You should also avoid exposing pearls to household tap water which could damage the pearls because these would destroy the pearls’ natural luster on contact.

You may also want to thoroughly dry the pearls and your skin thoroughly after showering, cleaning, or swimming, especially if you forget to take off the pearls in time.

Also, don’t wear the pearls before applying your beauty, skin, or hair products.

Generally, you need to wear the pearls only after applying or using your products.

Bear in mind that even the products with the mildest acid content would damage the luster of the pearls or discolor them.


Tips for wearing pearls every day

Is It OK To Wear Pearls Everyday

  1. Keep things simple– the rule of thumb is that when it comes to pearls, you have to keep things simple. When it comes to the pearls, you always have to focus on the basics. You don’t have to overdo things when it comes to pearls. The subtle pearl pendant necklace or small studded pearl earrings are elegant accessories that add just the right feel of glamour. In most cases, you only need pearl jewelry for an elegant look. You will be happy to know that the simple/ delicate pearl bracelet can be worn with ease, and the bracelet wouldn’t get caught up in clothing or hair.
  2. Dress down the pearls– it may sound like the wrong move when it comes to sophisticated pearls, but if you want to wear pearls every day, you could opt for a simple casual, daytime look. Dress down the pearls for a contemporary feel, say the double-stranded pearls with a pair of jeans, ankle boots or trainers, and a simple t-shirt. This creates a perfectly laid-back look but with a nice hint of elegance.
  3. Go for a layered look– a layering of necklaces dates back to the 1920s, and then it sprang back to life in the 1980s. And in 2021, the layering of necklaces remains one of the trendiest looks on the market today, with the best being the fact that you can layer your pearls too for the perfect everyday look. Try layering your long pearl necklaces with the shorter pearls for contrast. Pair the pearl necklaces with jeans, a leather jacket, and a nice blacktop.
  4. Try the baroque look– you don’t have to go for the traditional uniform look, but you could always go for the baroque style by choosing the irregular-shaped pearls over the spherical pearls. The irregular-shaped pearls give off a bold, fun, and quirky look that adds style to your daily appearance. Think of going for the single-pendant pearl chains.
  5. Add come color– while the white pearls are a staple, there are many other options available, and you could go for the colored pearls to add a nice, modern look to the classic pearls look. Think of trying out the pink or grey pearls.

Is It OK To Wear Pearls Everyday

Other things you could try include:

  1. Combining the pearls with colorful beads and other metals, or even silk and leather
  2. Go for different pearls accessories like brooches, hair slides, hairbands, or tiepins, or even belts.
  3. Wrap up the pearl necklace to make the longer necklace shorter and classier.
  4. Try out the pearls rings



Pearls are gorgeous, elegant, sophisticated, and the most classy accessories that you could invest in.

But the pearls are also delicate gemstones that can be damaged easily, which means that you need to take good care of the pearls and wear them only when you’re certain that you cannot damage them.

And if you are looking for ideas on how to wear the pearls daily, the tips shared above will keep you looking stylish always.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!