Can I Wear My Pandora Bracelet All The Time?(Quick Answer)

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Pandora bracelets are elegant, meaningful, and if you could, you would wear your Pandora bracelet all the time. But the truth is that these bracelets don’t come cheap and they can be very delicate, which means that wearing them all the time might not be the ideal thing to do.

But before you put away this bracelet that you love so much and feels like an important part of who you are, let’s take a look at some of the things you should know about caring for and wearing your Pandora bracelet.


Do you wear your Pandora bracelet every day?

The decision to wear some types of jewelry all the time or only at specific times is often a personal one. But when it comes to your Pandora bracelet, the decision to keep the bracelet on all day, every day will depend on a number of factors, the biggest one being what you do on a daily basis.

Can I Wear My Pandora Bracelet All The Time

If your day involves easy work and nothing that would damage the bracelet or expose it to harsh conditions, then you can keep the bracelet on throughout the day. Even in such cases, you have to be very careful not to scratch the bracelet against hard surfaces, and you’d also have to polish the bracelet often because despite being careful, that bracelet will still get scratched.

You shouldn’t wear the bracelet to bed or the shower or swimming pool, though. The chemicals and conditions in these environments would be damaging to the bracelet.

To protect your Pandora jewelry, it’s recommended that you remove the bracelet before showering, going to bed, swimming, working out, or engaging in any kind of physical activity.


Is it bad to shower with your Pandora bracelet on?

Can I Wear My Pandora Bracelet All The Time

You shouldn’t shower with your Pandora bracelet on because even when it’s made of sterling silver only and no pearls or other delicate charms, exposure to water, soaps, and shampoos will damage the sterling silver that is used to make Pandora jewelry, and this results in fast tarnishing, and the loss of the nice, natural shine associated with Pandora jewelry.

Chemicals in shampoos and soap often affect the color and the finishing of the bracelet, which is why you shouldn’t wear the bracelet every day or shower with it on.


Is it bad to sleep with a Pandora bracelet?

You shouldn’t sleep with your Pandora bracelet because doing this could lead to kinks and irreparable damage to the bracelet’s chain and the charms. There is the risk of losing an important part of the bracelet in bed too. So, don’t sleep with your Pandora bracelet the same way you wouldn’t sleep with most of your other types of jewelry.

Note that it is especially a really bad idea to sleep in the bracelet when it’s still new because at that time, the bracelet is rather stiff, and it may break too easily. Though it becomes more flexible with time, it still isn’t a good idea to sleep in your Pandora bracelet.

Can I Wear My Pandora Bracelet All The Time

Why can you not always wear your Pandora bracelets?

The primary reason why you wouldn’t wear your Pandora bracelets/ jewelry always has to do with the fact that you need to protect the jewelry.

There are endless potential possibilities of damage to the bracelets, and because your everyday life involves exposure to conditions that are harsh to the bracelet, it’s safer not to wear the bracelet at all times. The bracelet could be exposed to water and soap as you wash your hands, and because removing the bracelet every time you have to wash your hands is impractical, wearing it all the time is not ideal.

Pandora jewelry is made of sterling silver, which despite being beautiful and durable, tends to get tarnished easily. It’s also soft, and it would be scratched easily, so you cannot wear it always.

 The other reason why you can’t always wear your Pandora bracelet is that the bracelet might have charms or additional gems like pearls which tend to be very sensitive. These materials are destroyed when exposed to normal elements, including water and the oils on your skin, not to mention the beauty products you use. Therefore, it isn’t a good idea to wear the Pandora bracelet every day.

Can I Wear My Pandora Bracelet All The Time

Tips for storing your Pandora bracelets if you do not wear it

There are things you can do to ensure that your Pandora bracelet is safe and lasts a long time. Below are some tips you could follow to protect your bracelets.

  1. Store the bracelets in an airtight container. This might sound like such a small thing, but it is an important factor to bear in mind when it comes to protecting your Pandora bracelet. What this means is that you shouldn’t store the bracelet in the box that it came in because that box is cute, but it isn’t airtight. Because of this, the bracelet would be easily oxidized, and it would be tarnished too soon. A simple trick is to use one of the cleaning pouches or the tarnish-resistant pouches that hold the jewelry. Alternatively, you could go online and order an anti-tarnishing pouch. These pouches are ideal for silver jewelry, and the ziplock design keeps the jewelry airtight and free from tarnishing. With the airtight bag, you could then keep the bracelet in the box that the bracelet came in.
  2. Don’t store the bracelet in the bathroom or places with extreme humidity.
  3. Don’t store Pandora rose in the anti-tarnish ziplock bags; keep them in the cleaning pouches instead.
  4. You could also store the bracelet in a sealed Ziploc bag if you don’t have an anti-tarnishing pouch or bag.
  5. Finally, you could also store the Pandora bracelet in the box it comes with, but only if you store it with the anti-tarnish strip.

Can I Wear My Pandora Bracelet All The Time


Like all other kinds of high-value jewelry, you need to do everything possible to take care of your Pandora bracelet.

In addition to not wearing the bracelet all the time, especially not to bed, swimming pool, shower, etc., you also need to follow the storage instructions shared above to ensure that the bracelet keeps its shine for a long time.

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