How to Wear Long Beaded Necklaces(Follow This Easy Guide)

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Long beaded necklaces are some of the most elegant and versatile pieces of jewelry that you could invest in, especially because you can wear the necklace in several ways.

You could, for example, wear the long beaded necklace long, you could double or triple it, or even wear the necklace as a layered, 4-strand choker necklace.

The long beaded necklaces also allow for fun ways of styling or wearing it, and you could tie and make a knot off it for a more stylish look.

To ensure that you make no mistakes when wearing the long-beaded necklaces, this guide is for you.

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Features of long beaded necklace

Also known as the graduated necklaces, the long beaded necklaces can be defined as bead necklaces made of beads of the same size or different sizes. Often, the larger beads are at the center of the necklace.

The most common long beaded necklace, which is 30inches long and versatile, is the Opera. This necklace is beaded, and it sits, and it sits below the bust or near your belly button. If you’d like to wear this necklace stylishly, you may want to wear it with a V-neck for some contrast. You could also layer it with a choker necklace.

The graduated beaded necklaces will have the smallest beads towards the bail of the necklaces, and as mentioned above, the bigger beads are at the center.

Other types of long beaded necklaces include the multistrand beaded or pearl necklaces, the sautoir that feature a tassel or a fringe, or other types of ornamental pendants at the bottom – at the opera length.

How to Wear Long Beaded Necklaces

Pros and cons of wearing a long beaded necklace


  • Versatile design options for you to choose from
  • Multiple beaded necklace styles from single pieces
  • Great accessory for different kinds of outfits
  • Multiple color options available
  • Trendy and stylish options
  • Unique styles available


  • Some of the beaded necklaces don’t last long, especially if they are made of low-quality thread.
  • Not an ideal style for everyone


How to wear long beaded necklaces

Wondering how to wear or style your long beaded necklaces? Keep reading this guide.

  1. Free-spirited Boho Inspired Look

If you are into the Bohemian-inspired fashion styles, the long beaded necklaces represent one of the elements of this style, alongside the other elements such as tassels, symbolic pendants, and other styles. These elements will represent your easy-going and free-spirited sense when they are paired, especially with the more comfortable and relaxed casual outfits.

The best part is that the Bohemian style is also quite easy to pull, especially if you are thinking about a more layered look for something more original and full. You may also try this look if you are looking to spice up some of the basic outfits in your wardrobe.

And in addition to the casual styles, you could also wear the Boho-inspired accessories with your girly or floral dresses and even a more comfortable top with skinny jeans.

In addition to the tassels, the beaded necklaces are quite trendy, and for a more fashionable look, you could wear the jewelry with heels too.


  1. Dress it up for work

How to Wear Long Beaded Necklaces

Though long beaded necklaces are often considered to be ideal for a casual look, these long necklaces could also be worn for work perfectly.

If you often find yourself in a rush ending up with no accessories because you cannot settle on the best accessories to choose, you will be happy to know that you can dress up that simple/ formal office look with a long beaded necklace. It’s gentle and adds an elegant look to your outfit.

If you prefer long necklaces, you could wear them with your detailed lace tops or even plain tops. You could also opt to mix and match the accessories you wear, along with your favorite pair of jeans and heels.


  1. Dress it for a more casual look

How to Wear Long Beaded Necklaces

You could layer it with a jacket and cardigan, and the long beaded necklaces will help in creating the perfect casual look.

You could also throw on a scarf for a more stylish, feminine touch to your outfit. The best part is that you could easily pull off this look at any time of the year because the look is always trendy and stylish.

The necklace would also be an excellent add-on for your tank top or your basic tee. Again, you could create a nice layered look with it.


  1. Opt for a more delicate, layered look

How to Wear Long Beaded Necklaces

The layered look is quite trendy and fashionable today, and you may have seen much of it recently because it is the hottest style today.

If you have a favorite long beaded necklace, you will be happy to know that you could easily layer it with other simple necklaces like the dainty gold or silver pieces.

The layering is not only stylish and trendy but also creates a more delicate, feminine layered look. All you need to do is to take a few of your favorite pieces of the short and long necklaces, then mix them up.


  1. Chunky necklace look

How to Wear Long Beaded Necklaces

For a cooler look, get one chunky beaded necklace the layer it. While you need to stay away from the patterned and the very detailed pieces and clothes, you need to tone it down when it comes to the outfits you choose.

You could also create a layered look by looping/ wrapping the necklace twice around the neck.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to overdo it, especially if you are not comfortable with too many accessories. Try three or two pieces for a more stylish look.


  1. Tie a knot at the end

For longer beaded necklaces, you could add a more stylish feel to them by tying a knot at the lower section.

This would be a rather simple but stylish look that you could try out. You could also knit it to create a choker-like look, especially if you are wearing a V-neck or a halter top.

How to Wear Long Beaded Necklaces

  1. Dress appropriately for your vacation with some long beaded necklaces and dainty gold pieces

For the perfect vacation look, you could accessorize with a long beaded necklace which you layer with a few other dainty gold pieces. Avoid the chunky pieces, though.


Related Q&A

How do you tie a long beaded necklace?

Just take the long end of the beaded necklace around your torso then tie a knot, either closer to the lower end of your bust, or much higher around the collar bone, leaving the rest of the necklace loose.


How do you wear a long pearl necklace?

Pearls are elegant, and if you are looking for more elegant long necklace options, the long pearl necklaces would be the most ideal for you, especially if you are looking for a more sophisticated and elegant look.

You could pull off a layered pearl look rather easily, and all you’d have to do is to make sure that you wear it with grace and elegance.

You would pair it with a dressy top or jeans, and for a trendy, fuller, layered look, you could layer a number of pearl necklaces.



You can accessorize easily with the long beaded necklaces. Invest in high-quality necklaces to be able to enjoy the versatility that comes with these necklaces. The fact that the beaded necklaces go with everything means that you can wear them with just about anything in your closet.

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