Can You Wear Jewelry To A Job Interview?(With Actionalbe Tips)

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If you are getting ready for an interview, it’s important to make sure that you have the perfect touch, look your best, and confident, and you also need to carry yourself well. To do this, you have to dress right for the interview. Today, we address jewelry – can you wear jewelry to your job interview?


Can you wear jewelry to a job interview?

Can You Wear Jewelry To A Job Interview

You have heard this said before, perhaps it’s now cliché, but we’ll repeat it – you have to dress for the job you want. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t accessorize. As you plan for that interview, your choice of accessories might feel limiting, but the good news is that you can actually wear jewelry to a job interview. You just can wear any kind of jewelry, and in most cases, less is more.

While dressing to impress is a guiding principle, you should keep your jewelry options minimal-  no distractions. Don’t strut into the interview room with arms fill with loud bracelets, avoid dangling earrings, whether hoops or drop dangle earrings, and just keep your jewelry options to a minimum.

To ensure that you are not breaking any rules, here are your guidelines on how to wear jewelry to a job interview.

Tips for choosing the right jewelry for your important interview


Maintain a simple, polished look

Can You Wear Jewelry To A Job Interview

Unless you are interviewing for a job in the fashion industry where you’d get an edge over the competition by wearing something that tells more about your unique style, you have to keep things simple when going for an interview in any other industry. For most job interviews, less is more – as long as you look sleek and polished.

Gentlemen, consider limiting your accessories to your wedding band if married and a nice watch. If you think that a fraternity or a class ring will help your cause, wear it – especially if you have been to networking events that will introduce you to an alumnus of the school you went to or the frat you were in. But again, less is always more.

Ladies, you are in luck, though, because you have a bit more leeway in terms of the kind of jewelry you could wear to an interview. Generally, you should stick to either one or two carefully selected pieces of minimalist jewelry. Perhaps a pair of small hoop or stud earrings and a watch or a dainty necklace. You could research about the company beforehand and look at what individuals in the position you are interviewing for wear to work on a daily basis. Thanks to social media, you can do this easily.


Invest in quality rather than quantity

Can You Wear Jewelry To A Job Interview

To look polished, you must invest in high-quality jewelry and accessories. When it comes to your earrings, think of getting small and simple earrings; perhaps silver, diamond, or pearl stud earrings made of good quality materials – these are elegant, and they will frame your face beautifully with subtlety. If you like hoops, opt for the small diameter hoops to accentuate your face. Avoid distracting earrings like big hoops, whimsical earring motifs, or long dangling earrings. And if you have multiple ear piercings, just stick to one pair of earrings for the interview.

Regarding rings, keep things simple too. But you can (and should) wear your wedding and/or engagement ring. If you wish to wear something on your other hand, you should avoid big and flashy rings. Appropriate statement rings you could wear include Claddagh rings, a diamond ring, your class ring, or even a sorority ring. Keep your stackable rings at home just for the interview – this also applies to midi rings or your multiple rings for each finger.

You can wear necklaces too, but not the chunky pieces or the trendy layered ones. Again, simplicity is the name of the game, and you should opt for pearls, a simple plain chain necklace, a string, or a pendant necklace.

How about bracelets? Well, bracelets are a thorny issue at job interviews, and you have to b careful to wear the bracelet only if it’s simple and not distracting at all. Don’t wear a bunch of bangles because of the distracting jangling on the wrist that would just distract or annoy the interview, curtailing your chances of getting the job. If you must dress your arms, get a nice wash for that very polished look.

In other words, your acceptable jewelry options for a job interview include A small band or your wedding ring, a dainty necklace, a professional watch or maybe a single metallic bracelet, a small, neutral and non-religious pendant or a pearl necklace, and small/ simple but elegant earrings that will not draw attention.


What kind of jewelry shouldn’t be worn to a job interview?

Can You Wear Jewelry To A Job Interview

  • Don’t wear more than one bracelet, leather bracelets, or multiple loud bracelets/ bangles.
  • Avoid your chunkier necklaces, especially the ones with equally big and distracting pendants, unless you are interviewing for a job in fashion.
  • Don’t wear diamond-studded watches, bracelets, or rings
  • No statement rings or any other kind of statement jewelry
  • Don’t wear brightly colored jewelry to the interview
  • Don’t wear cheap jewelry, jewelry made of plastic, or cheap/fake stones. For a nice, polished look, you should have on high-quality jewelry or no jewelry at all. So, stick to jewelry made of high-quality metals and real stones. Quality pieces spell class and sophistication. That said, you also need to exercise caution because the interviewer might judge you or deem you unfit for the position.
  • Don’t wear multiple rings on each hand – you are perfectly fine with an engagement ring and a wedding band.
  • Make sure that the jewelry you wear sends out a message that demonstrates your authority but without distracting your strengths as a professional.
  • Opt for the smaller, more reserved pieces of jewelry. You may not like them, but these pieces would be exactly what you need to get that job.

Other important accessorizing tips when preparing for a job interview

Can You Wear Jewelry To A Job Interview

  • Don’t be too matchy-matchy; instead, find pieces that stand out individually but also complement each other, albeit subtly.
  • Don’t wear jewelry that makes you look affiliated to a specific religion or political class. This means that even if that diamond cross pendant is something you’ve always had on, you should leave it at home or put it in your bag during the interview. This is important because your beliefs may influence what the interviewer thinks of you and whether you get the job or not.
  • Accessorize for the job you are interviewing for. Research more about your position and determine exactly what the job calls for, then bring those things to the table. So, if it means dressing and accessorizing in a particular way to match the culture of the job, do it.



If you are not sure about the jewelry you should wear to a job interview, the guide above offers quick advice to ensure that you look the part and get the job.

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