Should I Wear Gold Or Silver?(Here’s My Advicein 2024)

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Unsure about whether to wear gold or silver jewelry, which of these two precious metals look great on your skin, or which of these two metals just match your personality and who you are? This article will help us settle this age-old fashion argument and maybe even help you change your jewelry collection.

But before you do, it’s important to keep in mind that there are endless options when it comes to the variety of gold and silver jewelry available on the market today, and your options will be based off more than one factor.

For the most part, belonging to the gold or warm tones camp or the cooler silver side is dependent on your skin tone, the makeup you have on, the outfit you have on, and your skin tone, which means that in as much as you consider yourself a gold or a silver person, there are times when you’d have to switch camps.


How do you know if silver or gold looks better on you?

Should I Wear Gold Or Silver

Here is a general rule of thumb that guides your choice of jewelry – persons with darker skin and the warm yellow undertones look great in gold jewelry, while individuals with cooler skin complexions and rose undertones look great in silver.

But this is not all you need to bear in mind – there is also the fact that you need not overwhelm your skin tone by wearing too much of one good thing.

Below is a simple guide you could use to choose the right jewelry for you.


1.Skin Tone

This is the oldest and the most enduring piece of advice offered to anyone unsure of whether they look good in gold or silver. Just look at your skin tone. According to classic wisdom, persons with cooler skin undertones often look great in silver jewelry, while individuals with warmer skin undertones look great in gold jewelry.

Unfortunately, most people don’t really know their skin tones, well, unless you are a makeup junky, because just like your jewelry, getting your makeup right is reliant on your skin tone.

How then do you figure out if you are warm or cool-toned if you aren’t crazy about makeup? Here is a simple guide – check your veins in the wrist. Do your veins appear blue or more green than blue? If they are blue, you have a cool skin tone and warm-toned if they look green.

The other deciding factor is your skin and how quickly or easily you develop a tan. Anyone whose skin gets burned faster than it tans is cool-toned, while individuals who get a tan easily are warm-toned.

Should I Wear Gold Or Silver

2.How to determine your skin tone if you are dark-skinned

Since the vein color method isn’t an option for you if you are dark-skin colored, we have to find an effective alternative for you. The good news is that it isn’t as complicated as you may have thought, and you can still determine your skin undertone easily by creating a color contrast then see the colors that pop out.

You could, for example, stand next to a white background then look at yourself in the mirror. Look out for the skin colors that look more apparent against the white background. If you notice redder and some warm browns, you are mostly warm-toned or have warm undertones. But if you see more of a tan or ash, then yours is a cool undertone.

If this doesn’t work, you could also use your clothes to ascertain your skin undertones. Basically, determine what clothes you look great in. If you look great in cool reds and blues, your skin undertone is cool; but if you look great in bold reds, can rock oranges, as well as earth greens, then your skin undertone is warm.

Having determined what your skin undertone is, you can now choose the jewelry that matches your skin tone well. Wear yellow gold and rose gold jewelry for the warmer undertone and platinum, sterling silver, or white gold for a cool undertone.

Should I Wear Gold Or Silver

3.Your Skin Color

The other thing that would guide your choice of jewelry, whether gold or silver, is the color of your skin. Yes, your skin color is different from your skin tone.

You could have pale skin but have a warm or a cool skin tone, and individuals with dark skin could be warm or cool-toned.

To match your skin color, therefore, you’d have to factor in your skin tone and skin color. But for the most part, your skin tone is what plays a big role in the color of the jewelry you wear. Cool-toned persons, even the ones with dark skin, should stick to silver colors and cool tones of gold.

That said, you should be careful when wearing silver jewelry if you are dark-skinned because the silver gets easily overpowered by the dark skin, and it may be safer for you to wear more of the gold jewelry if you are going for something understated. Alternatively, you could wear a chunky piece of silver jewelry.

The other thing you need to keep in mind, especially if you have fair skin, is that you should stay away from most gold jewelry, even if your skin tone is relatively warm-toned. This is an important consideration, especially because gold jewelry would give your fair skin a washed-out look, or it could clash with your skin’s warm undertones if your skin is too pale. So, if your skin is a bit pale, you should stick to silver jewelry.

Should I Wear Gold Or Silver


As mentioned above, your makeup affects how your jewelry looks and even the color of the jewelry you wear.

Always match your makeup with your jewelry, and make sure that your makeup and jewelry complement each other – be careful because you don’t want tour makeup to overpower your jewelry, and vice versa.

So, if you are going for a bold makeup look, opt for understated jewelry, and vice versa. You might also want to make sure that your skin tone and the tone of the makeup match the jewelry you’ve chosen.

If you are going for cool, icy colors for your makeup, wear silver jewelry. Also, match things well if you are going for a metallic look.


5.Outfit styling

Your outfit and style of outfit will also affect the kind of jewelry you wear. If, for example, you are going for a Bohemian style or maybe a preppy or nautical fashion look with vintage vibes, throw in a hint of gold for your jewelry.

If you are wearing a long, beautifully patterned Kaftan, throw in big, bold gold hoops, a gold cuff, gold chandelier earrings.

The key is to create that imperfectly perfect true-artisan look. You could also throw in some motifs and other patterns, just as long as you keep your makeup edgy and sharp.

On the other hand, silver is a great go-to option for you if you are wearing formal clothes, whether at night or day. This is because silver allows your crystals and diamonds to glimmer perfectly. You can also dress down silver easily.

You could also mix and match gold and silver jewelry.

Should I Wear Gold Or Silver

Is gold or silver in Style 2024?

Both gold and silver are styling jewelry options in 2024, and you wouldn’t go wrong wearing jewelry made of either materials.


Should I wear gold or silver?

To determine if you should wear gold or silver, first take into account your skin tone, undertones, the makeup you have on, and your outfit.

If you are in the neutral tone category, you could opt for both gold and silver, as long as they both look great on you.



Not sure if you should wear gold or silver jewelry? Follow the simple guide above.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!