4 Tips For Wearing Fake Wedding Ring When Travelling

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There is no better feeling than traveling around the world after a big life event such as getting engaged or married. It is the best way for you to create new memories that will last the rest of your lives, and it might quickly become a tradition for you; you will agree with us that once the travel bug bites, there’s no going back.

And so, over the months and years to come, you will spend countless hours planning your next trip or just that one trip for the year. This will mean getting your documents ready and having enough cash to get by and have fun.

But have you thought about your valuable ring and its safety while traveling? Are there things you could do to ensure the safety of the ring?

Well, we can only think of one effective strategy – wearing a fake wedding ring, regardless of the level of how touristy your travel destination is. If you got married recently and you’re planning to travel around the world, this post is for you!


Is it safe to wear an engagement ring in Europe?

wear fake wedding ring when travelling

While adventures across Europe are some of the very best and you may not be thinking about your jewelry because there will be no oceans for you to swim in, and you may not even find time to take a dip in the pool, wearing your expensive piece of delicate engagement ring on a trip across Europe may not be the best or the smartest thing to do.

And the reason for this is that despite being scenic, there are way too many pickpockets in Europe’s tourist locations, so it would be ideal for you to keep your engagement ring back at home, or maybe in a cafe in the hotel room.

The former is the best bet for most people because hotels are not safe either, and we’ve all heard countless tales of how people forgot their rings and other expensive pieces of jewelry but never found them again.

This happens a lot, even in hotels that may promise the highest level of security for their guests. So, if you are traveling to Europe to celebrate your engagement, or just because you’re due for a trip to Europe, you may want to leave the real ring back at home and maybe travel with a fake engagement ring.

wear fake wedding ring when travelling

Keep in mind that you never want to be worrying about the safety of your gorgeous engagement ring throughout the trip. And so, it is ideal for you to leave it at home and choose to wear a fake ring instead.

There are many fake engagement rings on the market today, and these cost close to nothing, meaning that you wouldn’t lose much if a pickpocket decides to snatch it or lose it in the hotel or restaurant bathroom.

Generally, there is a slight chance that the ring might get lost, but why should you risk it? There is a high risk of losing the ring anywhere you go, as long as it is an expensive ring, not just in Europe.

So, keep it off to be safe. Like other parts of the world, Europe will be unsafe if you have a huge engagement ring with a rock on. And so, if you must wear a ring to the engagement, you should keep your jewelry very toned down.

It is also essential to keep in mind that tourists visiting Europe often stick out like a sore thumb, which means that as much as you can wear paved diamond rings or earrings, for example, other things will make you look like a foreigner, making you target for pickpocketing, burglary, etc.


Why should you wear a fake engagement ring or wedding ring when traveling?

If you are planning a trip, traveling with a costly wedding or engagement ring might not be the most brilliant move for you, and we recommend wearing a fake ring rather than a real one made of expensive metals and gems.

wear fake wedding ring when travelling

Some of the top reasons for wearing the fake engagement or wedding rings include the fact that is doing that will:

  • Control the risk of financial loss. This is important, expensive rings tend to attract the wrong type of attention, and if you forget the ring in the hotel room, for example, you may never get it back. You may also lose the ring, or the gems may fall out whenever you engage in new activities. So, better wear a fake ring instead.
  • There are great fake rings that will not downgrade your appearance because they look as good as the real thing, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the fake risk.
  • The fake rings also ensure and enhance your safety while traveling. There are places and times where it is safer to travel without any jewelry at all. Don’t forget that some fake jewelry may be mistaken for expensive jewelry, putting a target on your back.
  • The fake jewelry will also avoid any unwanted advance
  • Fake jewelry also ensures that you are okay by the time of your next jewelry inspection
  • And they also prevent intrusiveness
  • Finally, a fake engagement ring means more money and fun on your honeymoon.


4 tips for wearing a fake wedding ring when traveling

So, what are some things you need to keep in mind when traveling, especially with fake jewelry? Are there things that may draw you to harm’s way, even with fake jewelry, and what can you do to be safe with the jewelry while traveling?

wear fake wedding ring when travelling

1. Keep an open mind

While a fake wedding or engagement ring might sound like a reasonable thing to do when traveling abroad, especially as a solo traveler,  you need to keep in mind that there is a chance that you will still get many advances.

And the only way to be safe from unwanted attention would be by maybe traveling with a male partner. Don’t forget that you’re getting attention because you are beautiful, and you may get the same attention even with your partner present.

Interestingly, kids are the only or, rather, the ultimate proven way for you to stop getting unwanted attention when traveling.


2. Have a story tied to the ring

wear fake wedding ring when travelling

Even when wearing a fake engagement or wedding ring, there are many instances where you will be asked if you are married, how long you have been married, how you met, etc.

These are seemingly unimportant questions when you are unmarried. Maybe you just want to avoid unwanted attention, but having a story, even when it is unreal or completely fake, often goes a long way in keeping you safer and free from intrusions and questions.


3. Don’t walk around unsafe places and be in the company of someone or people you trust.

wear fake wedding ring when travelling

This is important because even when you feel like your fake wedding or engagement ring is doing an excellent job of shutting down all those romantic advances, the ring will not protect you from assaults or attacks if that is the agenda of the people you’ve run into.

So, learn more about ways of ensuring and maintaining physical safety rather than worrying about your perceived marital status.

Remember that your wedding or engagement ring, fake or genuine, is not some magical shield that will keep you safe from all evil.

So, while it makes you feel confident when traveling, it will not keep you safe, and you should keep this in mind when traveling.

wear fake wedding ring when travelling

4. Don’t wear the ring

We recommend wearing the fake wedding or engagement ring if you are married or engaged and need to keep the ring safe while traveling, not when you’re not.

There is a chance that you may find the love of your life while traveling, and so if you’re unattached, leave the fake ring alone.

Don’t forget that if you must accessorize, there are endless other varieties of fashion rings that you can wear comfortably.



If you are traveling and need to keep your valuable rings and other kinds of jewelry safe at home, we recommend a fake ring.

It is a safe bet for you mainly because there is a very high risk of jewelry loss when traveling. So, this might work out well for you too.

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