Should I Wear Earrings To An Interview?(With Some Great Tips)

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Being called in for an interview is already hard enough, and you wouldn’t want to do anything that would sideline you or reduce your chances of getting that job you have been dreaming about, which is why you may be wondering about what to wear to that interview, and whether earrings are acceptable or recommended to interviews. With this in mind, we’ll be looking at interview etiquette, especially around wearing earrings. So, let’s jump right into it!


Should I wear earrings to an interview?

When it comes to accessorizing for an interview, the rule to go by is that less is (always) more. You should never overdo it, and you certainly shouldn’t wear accessories that jingle or are distracting in any way.

Should I Wear Earrings To An Interview

If you consider earrings an important piece to accessorize with, then you should choose to wear something small and imperceptible. Small stud earrings or small hoops would be perfect. If you are debating between the decision to wear the earrings at all or not, we’d recommend option one. Even in the most traditional workspaces, being too plain doesn’t always paint the perfect picture – it is optional, and you could choose not to wear earrings, but if you feel less confident or that your look is incomplete without earrings, then you should get your nice pair of simple, elegant, and but small and non-distracting earrings.

The key is to keep your accessories to a minimum and to maintain a nice, professional look. So, your hairstyle should suit the job you are interviewing for, go natural on your makeup, avoid the bold, red lippie, and do not overdo your jewelry.

Also, be keen to pick out your outfits thoughtfully, making sure that your accessories and outfit tie together beautifully.


What earrings to wear to an interview?

Should I Wear Earrings To An Interview

Men are advised to avoid earrings when stepping into interviews, especially for the more traditional jobs, opting to stick with their wedding bands (if married) and watch only. If you consider your earrings part of who you are, you should research the company you are interviewing for before you walk into the interview room and make sure you understand their culture before you walk into that room.

Ladies, on the other hand, get more leeway, and you should wear your earrings if they are important to you. Don’t wear dangling earrings, though. Opt for the super-small loops or stud earrings paired with one or maybe 2 other pieces of jewelry.

Also, be careful to keep the size of the stud earrings small and neutral color – well, unless you are interviewing for a fashion/ stylist position. Your choice of stud earrings could include gold, pearls, silver, or diamonds.


What earrings to avoid for an interview?

Should I Wear Earrings To An Interview
Earrings you should avoid
  • Steer clear of big hoops, earrings designed with whimsical motifs, or dangling earrings. Keep in mind that although such pieces shine the light on your personality and style, they take the spotlight away from what you are bringing to the table. The simple and sleek jewelry options, on the other hand, give a more authoritative stance about who you are without taking away the spotlight from what you would be willing or able to offer. In other words, the employment world loves it when you are authoritative, but not when your jewelry and outfit take the spotlight.
  • So, don’t wear multiple earrings to the interview, and it’s ideal to stick to just one type of jewelry or a maximum of two – earrings and ring, or earrings and a dainty necklace.
  • We need to add that you should not wear cheap or cheap-looking jewelry to the interview. The cheapness in your jewelry is worse than not wearing any jewelry at all; you need to look sophisticated, elegant, and professional, not cheap. So, invest in earrings made of precious metals and precious stones.
  • Don’t wear earrings or any kind of jewelry that will make a religious or a political statement, however strongly you feel about your beliefs.


Tips for choosing the right Accessories for your interview

Should I Wear Earrings To An Interview

  • Less is more

You already know it, and to reiterate what we mentioned above, the best way to accessorize when going for an interview is to stick to a minimalist accessorizing approach. To reiterate this, avoid wearing bold statement earrings and necklaces. Maintaining a simple, elegant look is important in enhancing your overall look while giving off interview-ready vibes. Avoid loud or distracting bracelets too, and make sure that the jewelry you settle for will tie together your outfit, making you look and feel more professional and confident.

On the minimalist front, don’t wear a bold fashion scarf, and also keep your perfume and cologne to the best possible minimum. This applies to make-up – go for a natural look and a nude lip color.

  • Best jewelry to wear to an interview

As mentioned above, you should go for a sleek, modern, but subtlety. So, no dangling earrings, multiple bracelets, and for men, it’s recommended that you avoid jewelry – a watch and wedding band would be fine, though—also, no loud and no cheap jewelry.

If you have tattoos and multiple body piercings, consider covering the tattoos, take off the extra rings, etc.

Should I Wear Earrings To An Interview

  • Hats off

Never wear a hat to the interview, the job you are interviewing for notwithstanding. No type of hat is permitted in the interview room – no baseball hats, winter hats, or even fashion hats. But you could wear religious headwear like the hijab or a yarmulke and any other important religious headwear.

On the same note, do not wear a hoodie to the interview or any other kind of sweatpants or sweatshirts.

  • Belts

If you have belt loops for your slacks or pants, wear a belt to tie the outfit together. The belt should match your shoes and your bag.

  • Shoes

The right shoes to wear to an interview are the variety that is not overly casual – so, no sneakers or flip-flops, very high heels, platform shoes, or sandals. Opt for slip-on or lace-up shoes if you are a man and closed pumps for the ladies. Consider neutral colors – but black is a generally good color, and you cannot go wrong with black shoes.

  • Pantyhose

Different beliefs are held regarding pantyhose for women attending interviews, but the general consensus leans on yes – especially if your dress or skirt is considerably short.

  • Hair and makeup

Follow the less is more narrative where makeup and hairstyling options are concerned too. Opt for subtle hairstyles and makeup colors – in other words, avoid colorful scrunchies, big clips, and for your nails, keep them short and the nail color nude.

The rest of your accessories should be simple as well – that is, the purse/portfolio, coats, perfumes, and cologne.



While you can wear earrings to an interview, we recommend choosing simpler earring styles and designs. Don’t overdo it, and don’t draw attention to yourself. A subtle, sleek, simple, professional look will always win.

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