Should You Wear Earrings Every Day?(Pros & Cons Explained in 2024)

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Wondering if you are doing the right thing by keeping your earrings on every day (and night)? Or if wearing your super-comfortable earrings would result in premature damage of the earrings?

The truth is that most of us will find a pair of extra comfortable earrings that we can easily wear in and out of work, and given the comfort levels of these earrings, we keep them on forever (pretty much). After all, if the earrings are not causing anyone damage, why should you take them off?

And even more convincing would be the fact that the earrings somehow look just as they have for years, meaning you can shower, sleep, and go workout with these earrings on without worrying about them harming you. So, when you think about it, there is nothing wrong with wearing earrings every day. But is there something you should know about wearing your earrings every day, or what would happen if/ when you do? Are there precautions you should take when it comes to earrings? Is it necessary to give your ears space to breathe once in a while?

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Should you wear earrings every day?

Should You Wear Earrings Everyday

You can practically wear your earrings every day, and as long as the earrings don’t stress you out and if they don’t evoke a hypersensitivity reaction or if your ears are not hypersensitive, then you can wear your earrings every day.

Some people would argue that you shouldn’t, but if the earrings are not harming you if they are not tarnished, and if you keep them and the ears clean, then you could easily wear the same pair of earrings all week long.

So, whether you wear your earrings every day or on occasion is, therefore, dependent on how comfortable you are with the earrings on. If the earrings don’t irritate your skin, then you could wear your earrings daily with ease.


Is it bad to leave earrings in all the time?

As long as the ear piercing is healed, there will be nothing really wrong with wearing the earrings every day. As mentioned above, as long as the earrings don’t cause you any grief, then you could wear them comfortably on a daily basis.

Should You Wear Earrings Everyday

Just keep the earrings, the ear, and the piercing area clean and free of any contaminants. And even if you don’t really suffer metal allergies, it would be safe to keep your earrings on daily only if the earrings are made of high-quality metals. You also need to maintain good hygiene to be able to keep the earrings on comfortably for a bit of time.

This means that if you finally came across a pair of earrings that feel right and you seem to be able to keep them on for long comfortably, only taking them out every few weeks for cleaning, then it’s safe to say that there really is nothing wrong with wearing your earrings daily. We all know people who have had specific earrings on for years, and they are okay with it. Therefore, we’ll reiterate that there is nothing wrong with leaving your earrings on for a long time, especially if they don’t hurt you and if you are not worried that the earrings will get lost in your sleep or in the bathroom while showering.

One catch, though – you should only do this after your ear piercings are healed permanently. Before they are fully healed, talk to your piercer about the earrings you’d like to wear after the piercings heal, and make sure you choose the best quality and the safest earrings to avoid dealing with irritated ear piercings before your ear lobes are 100% healed.

Should You Wear Earrings Everyday


Pros and cons of wearing earring for a long time


  • If comfortable, you can wear the earrings all day, everyday
  • Good quality earrings can be worn for months or ears, and they will not cause damage
  • The earrings only need to be cleaned/ maintained every few months
  • Wearing earrings daily and even to bed only works for the smaller stud earrings or smaller hoop.


  • You may forget to clean the earrings or the piercing, meaning that the risk of contaminants would increase and even cause irritation or infection after some months.
  • You cannot wear dangling earrings every day
  • Without proper care, you may suffer a bad infection
  • Some earrings will irritate the skin after wearing them for a few weeks

How long can you wear earrings?

If the earrings are well made and safe on your skin, then you could keep them on for months at a time without worrying about them causing allergies.

You may only need to change the earrings occasionally when dolling up and wearing something other than your cute sterling silver studs.

If the earrings don’t hurt when you sleep, you could keep them on. Just make sure you clean the earrings and the ears often – every few weeks.


What types of earrings can you wear 24/7?

If you are looking for earrings that you could comfortably wear 24/7, then there are important qualities and considerations you’d have to take into account to ensure maximum comfort. The types of earrings you could wear would, therefore, bear the following characteristics:

Should You Wear Earrings Everyday

  1. Lightweight, soft, and comfortable to keep on for weeks, months, or years.
  2. Tarnish-resistant– this means that you can only invest in fine earrings made of high-quality and tarnish-resistant metals like platinum, 18k gold, etc. Note that these kinds of earrings, including the best sterling silver earrings, would require polishing every few years.
  3. Nickel-Free– this is the most important factor to keep in mind when it comes to the search for the best earrings that can be worn 24/7. The earrings must be completely free of nickel to avoid allergic reactions and flare-ups.
  4. Hypoallergenic– it’s not enough for the earrings to be free of nickel because there are cases where some good-quality earrings may have trace amounts of nickel. What this means is that the earrings you choose should not have metal components that could cause allergies, and even with allergens present, the concentration of the potential allergens should not cause allergies.
  5. Lead-Free– For safety reasons, the best earrings that can be worn every day are free of lead.



Comfortable and skin-safe earrings can be worn every day, as long as they are hypoallergenic, safe on the skin, and most importantly, you must keep the earrings and your pierced holes clean.

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