How To Wear Chunky Necklaces Like a Pro in 2024

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If you like wearing statement jewelry, it could also mean that you like and have a couple of chunky necklaces.

It could also mean that you don’t always know how to wear chunky necklaces, or you often get the pairing wrong.

If you have been struggling to accessorize your chunky necklaces, this article is ideal for you. In it, we’ll be sharing tips on how to appropriately and stylishly wear chunky necklaces.

Let’s jump right into it!


The features of chunky necklaces

A chunky necklace, as the name suggests, can be defined as the kind of necklace that is thicker, bigger, and heavier than the standard chain necklaces made of gold, silver, or stainless steel.

The common features of the chunky necklaces are as follows:

how to wear chunky necklace

Thicker chains – the best of chunky necklaces features a thick diameter, often more than 15mm.

Versatility – the chunky necklaces are the most versatile variety of necklaces on the market, and despite looking great on their own, the chunky necklaces are a very stylish option that you can wear with pretty much any outfit or any other type of jewelry. However, the chunky necklaces will always take center stage when it comes to your jewelry options, but they are incredibly versatile. You can wear the chunky necklaces on the red carpet, to work, or to all casual events.

The most common types of chunky chain necklaces include:

  • Tribal, chic, round necklaces with the round pendants
  • Urban cool silver statement necklaces
  • Art-deco inspired long chunky necklaces
  • Colorful and beaded Spring chunky necklaces
  • Pearl chunky necklaces
  • Floral feminine chunky necklaces


Pros and cons of wearing a chunky necklace


  • It works well for most necklines
  • Matches other accessories easily
  • Stylish and they are easy to accessorize
  • Some of the chunky chain necklaces made of precious metals are quite expensive.
  • The long necklaces work well to fill up the empty spaces in the outfits


  • Most chunky/ statement jewelry options are fashion jewelry pieces of jewelry that don’t last long, and they tend to break easily.
  • It is mostly made of cheap materials.


How to wear chunky necklaces

If you choose to wear chunky necklaces, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before wearing the necklaces.


  1. You could wear your chunky necklace with your T-shirt

how to wear chunky necklace

The chunky statement pieces will give such simple outfits the right level of boost/ or elevation, making that simple t-shirt more fashionable and upscale.

The best part is that you can wear the chunky pieces with pretty much any type of t-shirt, from high-neck tops to v-necks.


  1. Wearing chunky necklaces to work

It might not seem like you can wear your chunky necklaces to work, but the truth is that you can actually wear this kind of statement jewelry to work.

Interestingly, the chunky/ statement pieces will give your outfit the right edge, allowing them to stand out, behind the desk, during presentations or meetings.

So, if you have been thinking about making your professional look more fun, the chunky necklaces would be more ideal for you.


  1. Layering

how to wear chunky necklace

To create a trendy, more stylish look, add layers. You could start wearing more than one piece of chunky necklaces all at the same time.

Just mix one or three chunky necklaces around your neck for that much fun look.

Note that layering often works best when you have chunky chain necklaces made of the same metallic material.


  1. Mix and match

While it’s easier to wear the same metal necklaces when layering, you could also mix and match your chunky necklaces.

You could mix your gold and sterling silver chunky pieces for an edgy look.

You will be happy to know that the rules that require you to wear jewelry made of the same metal are now just a misconception, and you should feel free to mix these metals easily.


  1. Color Coordinate

how to wear chunky necklace

If you are wearing colorful outfits and need to accessorize with a chunky piece, you’d want to make sure that your pieces are well coordinated.

Stick to one color palette for the jewelry and your outfits. The good news is that the pieces of jewelry should not have exact color matches with your outfits.

And remember to add a splash of color for a more cheerful and brighter look.  You could also opt for a monochromatic statement necklace and outfit duo to maintain a more trendy look.

The monochromatic look works great for your colorful outfits and also creates a more balanced appearance, for example, if you combine the crystal necklaces with your colored jewelry options.


  1. Wear the multi-layered statement necklaces for a cool, chic-style

how to wear chunky necklace

If you are going for a trendy, casual, or dressy look from your statement pieces, you can choose the chunky pieces that are layered together.

The layered look works great with V-necks and even the collared striped shirts that will allow you to easily balance out your neckline’s shape.

You could complement the look with an elegant leather jacket or tight-ripped jeans to complete that cool, chic look.


  1. Keep the jewelry loose.

If you are going to wear the best of chunky jewelry pieces, we recommend keeping the pieces of jewelry loose.

Consider wearing the chunky necklace with a flowing/ loose top or dress for a balanced and more harmonious feel.


  1. Stick to the neutral pieces

If you want to create a perfectly balanced look, opt for a neutral look for your statement jewelry and clothing.

You should avoid bold, patterned outfits when wearing statement necklaces. However, you could wear a chunky piece with solid bold-colored outfits.


  1. Dress your neckline correctly.

When wearing a chunky necklace, you need to make sure that you dress your neckline right, which means that the statement necklace could be paired with a very low or a very high neckline.

Often, the chunky necklaces will look a bit off-balance when worn with the mid-necklines.

Also, stay clear of the busy necklines like the halter tops when wearing chunky necklaces because such combinations would create a more overcrowded look.


  1. Tone down on your hair

Though statement jewelry pieces look great when paired with the right outfits, you need to keep your hairstyle simple – hold it up or slick it back into an updo.

Consider holding your hair up, and don’t wear big dangling earrings alongside the statement necklace pieces.


  1. Try a more non-traditional look

An example of this would be the long chunky necklaces made of beads or obsidian stone.

how to wear chunky necklace

Chunky Necklaces – Don’ts

  1. Don’t just follow trends

Trends will always come and go, and though we like trends, there are some trends that we don’t really like.

When it comes to chunky jewelry, you should find timeless pieces rather than the trendiest jewelry options you could find.

A chunky choker might be trendy today, but that wouldn’t be the case for a long time.

Keep in mind that the statement pieces are supposed to show off your personality, and you should feel comfortable with the piece of jewelry.


  1. Do not over-accessorize

Although you have the option of layering the chunky pieces, you should be careful not to over-accessorize. If you like wearing dainty pieces, you should avoid accessorizing. Choose between the dainty pieces and the chunky ones – don’t overdo it.



If you have been struggling to style your chunky necklaces, the tips above will be the best to guide you in making sure that you pull off the chunky necklace look beautifully.

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