How to Wear Bracelets With Small Wrists? (11 Easy Tips)

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How to wear bracelets with small wrists? Ladies with small wrists know the struggle of trying to get a bracelet that fits.

What’s more, many forgo buying or even wearing bracelets altogether because their previous experience consisted of ever picking the bracelet from the floor after it slid off.

This issue is annoying, particularly for those that love adorning their hands with bracelets made from various materials and designs.

If that’s been your narrative, then you’d be happy to know that there are some solutions you can try. Hopefully, you’ll find something that works for you perfectly.


1.Wear a smaller bracelet last

How to Wear Bracelets with Small Wrists

Stacking is one way to wear your bracelets. It’s a popular trend that lets women show off their favorite pieces as wells adding to the outfit.

Now, look through your collection and identify a bracelet that fits your wrist perfectly. Put it aside, and wear your other large bracelets first.

Once you’re satisfied with the ensemble, wear the one you’ve set aside last. What you’ll notice is the snug bracelet stops the rest from sliding out of your hand.

The bracelet you pick doesn’t have to be a tight fit, but it should stay in place.

If you don’t have a smaller bracelet, you might need to get one online if you like stacking.


2.Shop wisely

Wear Bracelets With Small Wrists

Most people don’t have to think about sizes when purchasing bracelets.

They’ll pick the average circumference, and they are good to go. You, on the other hand, are not as lucky.

It requires paying close attention to the sizes available.

Before you select the right fit, measure your wrist. Ensure that there’s an allowance; it needs to go through the widest part of your hand.

With the information at hand, check the size chart to determine where the circumference falls. From there, select the appropriately sized bracelet and make your order.

Consider adding the phrase ‘for small wrists’ to help you narrow your search.


3. Choose adjustable bangles or bracelets

Wire bangles are a great bet when purchasing bracelets.

You can squeeze them around your hand, so they finally fit your arm. They do overlap, which is the whole point since they are made with flexibility in mind.

It might be noticeable to you, but others might think of it as part of the design. You don’t have to do this to all your bangles, only the one closest to your wrist.

When that one is securely in place, the rest won’t slide down and out of your hands.

Bracelets look amazing in pairs or more, so you can choose which ones you want to make smaller and leave the rest as is.


4. Find bracelets with removable links

Wear Bracelets With Small Wrists

Just like watches, there are bracelets with removable links.

If you’ve had a watch that’s too large and you’ve had to get it resized, then you have an idea of what’s required.

You can get the size available and then have a local jeweler remove extra links until the bracelet fits.

There’s equally the option of looking up YouTube tutorials on how you can remove them yourself.


5.Wrap around bracelets

Wear Bracelets With Small Wrists

Another fantastic design option you can go for if you have small wrists is getting wrap-around bracelets.

It might feel like a blast from the past since these bracelets were the in-thing in the 90s.

Over the years, wrap-around bracelets have faded away, but there are some modern designs guaranteed to impress you.

They make for a tight, and you don’t have to worry about them sliding off.

The bracelets are typically long, so you can wear it alone or with other smaller bracelets.


6. Visit a jeweler

Wear Bracelets With Small Wrists

If you have a piece, you love and can’t DIY it to fit, then consider taking the bracelet to the jeweler.

Not all bracelets can get adjusted without ruining them, so be mindful of what you choose. Ones with links are better as they can take off a few and reattach the rest.

Take everything you want to be resized and the jeweler will provide you with expert advice on the way forward.

If you’ve purchased from a high-end brand, first reach out to them to see if they make custom adjustments. It doesn’t hurt to ask.


7. Get cuff bracelets

Perhaps the easiest solution is getting bracelets that you can expand and restrict as much as you like.

Cuff bracelets give you the freedom to adjust according to your wrist.

You don’t have to worry about the size; with a bit of pressure applied to squeeze it, you can get a perfect fit.

You can opt for chunky and larger bracelets that go further up your arm instead of having several smaller pieces.

However, if you do want to wear multiple bracelets that have a reputation of sliding off, you can use the cuff bracelet to keep them in place.


8.Wear a long sleeve

Wear Bracelets With Small Wrists

The time of year might dictate this look, but wearing your bracelets over a long sleeve is in-style and fixes your problem too.

The clothing makes them fit tighter around your arm. Depending on the bracelet size, consider wearing thicker fabrics and preferably cotton or a knitted sweater.

Silk and other materials would make the bracelet more likely to slide off.


9.Wear gloves

Wear Bracelets With Small Wrists

If you wear gloves, they too can work awesome in keeping your bracelet in place.

Wearing the glove and then the bracelets have a similar effect with wearing them over a long sleeve.

Thicker gloves do a better job as the bracelets will give you a snug fit.

These are great for a cold night or chilly months, where you can keep your fingers toasty and still look stylish.


10.Wrap a cloth around the bracelet

Wear Bracelets With Small Wrists

Making a bracelet thicker is another trick you can use. Get a cloth or ribbon and wrap it around the bracelet as many times as you can.

After tuck in the remaining material into an overlap, or you can form a ribbon. Try on the bracelet and add more fabric of the issue remains.

You’ll notice that the rougher surface doesn’t let the bracelet move as much.

This tip can work for a stack of bracelets too. If you enjoy DIY projects, then you’ll probably like this one.


11. Get a custom fit

You can skip all the above and get custom fitted bracelets.

There are a ton of places, Etsy included, where you can get just that. All you need is to locate a design and contact the vendor.

Inbox them your size and wait for your delivery. There are those that charge extra, but it’s worth it, especially if you have for a long time been frustrated about finding bracelets that fit.

Similar to when shopping wisely, make sure you hand in the correct measurements to avoid disappointment.



Having something that you love and not being able to wear it is always a bummer.

The good thing is that with these 10+ tips, you can get a solution that works for you. Bring back those bracelets that you’d stored away and figure out how they can make a comeback.

What’s more, when you’re aware of the struggles of having small wrists, you can shop wisely.

If you have the time and resources, identify brands that make jewelry, particularly for your demographic.

You’re assured that they have your needs in mind, and you can get the perfect fit too.

Guys, for more tips, please visit this page for more. See you guys in the coming posts.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!