Can You Wear Aluminum Jewelry in the Shower?(Detailed Answer)

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Different jewelry pieces are made from different metals and gemstones, some of which are said to be moisture resistant while others shouldn’t ever get into your bathroom or any water surface in your home.

Generally, it is recommended that you should remove all jewelry pieces that you have on before taking a shower. However, there are times when you cannot really help but involuntarily forget to do so. With this in mind, you may find yourself asking whether you can wear aluminum jewelry in the shower right before you purchase your favorite jewelry pieces.

For this reason, we will answer this question in this write up by helping you understand what exactly aluminum jewelry is, delve deeper into its manufacturing process, examine its property and look into whether aluminum tarnishes or rusts.


What is Aluminum Jewelry?

Can You Wear Aluminum Jewelry in the Shower

Aluminum is described as the most abundant metallic element to exist in the Earth’s crust and has an atomic number 13. It is said to resemble the visual appeal given off by silver and has a great ability to reflect light.

Majority of the time you will hear people talking about Aluminum metal when they are looking into cans and car bodies but rarely about jewelry.

In as much as it doesn’t fall in the line of precious jewelry metals that exist, you would be impressed by its lightweight nature and the fact that it doesn’t tarnish at any point or rust on your skin.

Also, it gives off an amazing shine that adds a dazzling statement to your everyday outfits.


The manufacturing process of Aluminum Jewelry

Aluminum jewelry is manufactured through a process known as anodizing, which is described as an industrial process whose end result is a stable oxide film on the surface of Aluminum.

What happens in this process is that the piece that is being worked on is first attached to an aluminum wire or hook, then immersed in an acid bath, where the positive current is received.

As oxygen is released, an oxide film said to look like a honeycomb structure then forms on the metal surface.

The pores on the film produced then accept dye and are afterwards sealed to strengthen and protect the metal from corrosion and to ensure that they are oil, water, salt and weather resistant.

To make bright jewelry with clear colors, Sulphuric acid is used and to produce a less clear color and a thinner coating, the less pure aluminum alloys go through a chromic acid process

The property of Aluminum Jewelry

Aluminum has multiple properties that make it the most preferred metal to make jewelry such as;

1.It is Lightweight

Aluminum is a lightweight metal with a weight of about 2.7 g/cm3 which makes it an ideal metal for making jewelry pieces such as rings, necklaces and bangles among others.

For this reason, it increases comfort levels and allows you to seamlessly wear your favorite jewelry pieces daily without having to worry about jewelry bulk.


2.It does not corrode

Aluminum naturally generates Aluminum Oxide, a thin protective layer that keeps the metal from making further contact with anything in its surroundings.

The Aluminum oxide film that is created during the oxidation process, is corrosion-resistant, which is quite an advantage when compared to other metals used to make jewelry pieces.


3.It is very ductile

Aluminum has a low melting point and density which makes it ductile enough to be processed in several ways when in its molten form.

In addition to that, its ductility allows different jewelers to seamlessly shape it to their desired design.

Can You Wear Aluminum Jewelry in the Shower

4.It is durable, impermeable and odorless

In contrast to metals such as steel which is used to make certain timeless pieces and are brittle at low temperatures, Aluminum has been identified as a hard metal that shows increased strength as temperatures drop.

Based on this explanation, Aluminum jewelry is bound to last you a lifetime and has the potential to withstand certain levels of force and remains scratch resistant.

Its impermeable nature makes it damp proof and its non-toxic nature makes it odorless.


5.It is non-sparking and recyclable

When it comes into contact with other aluminum pieces or non-ferrous metals, it produces no sparks which is another great advantage that makes it ideal for making your best jewelry pieces.

Also, it is recyclable and can be re-melted to make other unique jewelry pieces.


Does Aluminum Tarnish or Rust?

Aluminum, in its pure form, doesn’t tarnish nor rust. It may have a similar resemblance to silver but there is no point at which it tarnishes.

However, if mixed with other metals to form an alloy, then it would definitely tarnish.

On the other hand, Aluminum is Iron-free, so you shouldn’t really expect any reddish-brown particles that form and damage your favorite jewelry pieces.

Can You Wear Aluminum Jewelry in the Shower

Can you wear aluminum jewelry in the shower?

Yes, you definitely can wear aluminum jewelry in the shower. We have established that Aluminum is a very light metal that does not rust, tarnish or turn your skin green like any other metals made to make jewelry.

In as much as it seems damp free, weather and water-resistant, the darkened stamped areas on your aluminum jewelry can fade if you frequently wear your jewelry pieces when showering, swimming or washing dishes.

On that note, we can deduce that like every other kind of jewelry, aluminum jewelry can withstand contact with water for a certain period of time but if you continue to do this for a longer period of time, then your favorite jewelry pieces are bound to lose their shine in the long run.

If you guys want to know more about what jewelry you can or can not wear in the shower, this long detailed guide is for you.



Aluminum jewelry is a great investment for your collection and are a guarantee of durability and comfort.

 However much taking off your favorite aluminum jewelry pieces and putting them back on may seem a daunting task, the main thing you would want to avoid is hopping into the shower directly with your favorite jewelry pieces.

This way you are able to maintain its shine and have them serve you longer.

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