Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring? (Quick Tips)

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You know what makes fashion human’s ultimate form of self-expression?

The fact that you can pull off some rather non-traditional or unconventional looks even if no one else has ever tried it out – as long as it looks and feels good.

Thanks to this, a lot has been done in the name of fashion. Of course, some styles and fashion blends do not work, but when they do, the results are splendid.

Today, we focus on rings made of the two most popular precious stones – silver and gold – can you wear a silver ring next to your gold ring?


Can you wear different metal rings together?

Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring

Yes, you can mix metals. And when it comes down to how the rings made of these two metals look against each other, the truth is that you can pull off that look easily.

 But, it isn’t an ideal option, at least not always, and you shouldn’t have these two rings on the same finger all day, every day.

This is because there always are concerns around the two metals scratching against each other, meaning that one wears out faster than the other or it just destroys the other ring.

So, when it comes to mixing metal rings made of different metals, it’s worth noting that although you can actually wear rings made of different metals, how well you pull that look off depends on the properties of the metals.

Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring

Wearing a ring made of hard metal like platinum with one made of sterling silver, for example, might not be the best move because platinum will scratch or rub against your sterling silver ring, creating a patina and undesirable scratch lines.

The same can be said about mixing two gold rings, say, a 14k and an 18k gold.

These two will not make a good mix because the 14k gold is harder and stronger than the 18k, and it will wear down the 18k gold ring eventually.

Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring

You also shouldn’t wear a 14k gold ring with a platinum ring because the platinum ring is stronger and harder than the gold, and it will only damage the gold.

To determine if you can mix rings made of different metals, it all boils down to the Moh Scale. To mix rings made of different metals, you need to select rings whose level of hardness on this scale is similar or different by a decimal point.

Choosing metals of the same hardness means that the metals will not rub or scratch against each other. Gold and sterling silver, for example, have an almost similar hardness level on the MoH scale, which is why you could wear a sterling silver ring next to your gold ring.


Does wearing different metal rings hurt your fingers?

Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring

Besides the damage that may be inflicted on the rings, the other thing that we have to keep in mind is the effect of the rings on the fingers. In other words, is it safe to wear rings made of different metals?

The truth is that as long as the rings fit on your fingers comfortably, they shouldn’t hurt your fingers.

If you want your rings to not move around too much, it might be a good idea to consider soldering the rings together.

However, you can do this only if the metals will not scratch against each other much. Soldering also reduces the risk of scratching. So, just make sure that the two metals blend well against each other.


Can you wear gold and silver rings on the same finger?

Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring

Yes, you can stack gold and silver (sterling silver) ring on the same finger. The reason for this is that these two precious metals score the same on the Mohs hardness scale – 2.5. So, wearing these two rings on the same finger will work.

Just make sure to wear two rings at once rather than 3 or more rings on the same finger because the result will be less than spectacular.

There is one caveat, though – the sterling silver ring is significantly brighter, and it is also one of the most reflective metals, which means that even the smallest scratches will be seen, and it will be more obvious than, say, the scratches on white gold.

And with most people used to gold looking dull over time, they don’t really notice it when there is a bit of scratching.

So, with these considerations in mind, you may want to get the rings polished after some months to maintain that sparkle on both rings.


Tips for wearing different metal rings together

1. Work on creating a cohesive look

Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring

This means that you must pick rings in a similar style. And because you are already mixing the color, it’s recommended that you choose rings that come in the same style, preferably, pair two minimalist ring styles to create a sense of cohesion, despite the fact that you are mixing colors.

You can also create cohesion by wearing two gold rings of the same shade of gold, and if you are into statement rings, choose a statement ring that brings together your whole look easily.


2. 2 or 3 Rings

Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring

The most important rule when it comes to stacking rings and blending colors is to keep the number of rings low. If you are wearing gold and silver rings, for example, you should consider wearing only 2 or 3 rings on the same finger, nothing more.

Also, you have to ensure that the rings fit perfectly with no space between the rings – you can wear a combination of thick and thin rings on one finger.


3. Wedding/ Engagement Rings

Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring

If your wedding and engagement rings are made of different materials, you may find yourself feeling like they shouldn’t be worn together, but although these rings are often different, you will be happy to know that it is perfectly fine to wear your engagement and wedding rings on the same finger.

The contrast in the rings is what makes them stand out.


4. Random patterns

Can I Wear A Silver Ring Next To A Gold Ring

The other thing you should do is to be a little random, but don’t go over the top.

What this means is that you should wear only 2 or 3 rings made of gold or silver or gold, one on top of the other.

Don’t stack gold, silver-gold-silver. Instead – go for the gold (2), then silver, or vice versa.



So, if you have been looking for an easy way to stack rings made of different metals or if you weren’t sure about whether stacking the rings is a good idea, we hope that the information above helps you out.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!