How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually? (10 Tips in 2024)

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Is there a right or wrong way of wearing your favorite timepiece? Should your outfit match your watch?

Well, it turns out that the fashion rules are a little more complicated than you may have, though, and there are rules that you do not want to break.

For instance, did you know that if you are attending a black-tie event and are wearing a tuxedo such that your poise, posture, and style is what really grabs the room’s attention, you just can’t be walking around with your beloved rubber-strapped Calculator wristwatch, no matter how much you love it?

How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually

With this in mind, you may want to take some time to learn more about accessorizing your gold watch and making sure that you pull off that cool, casual look perfectly and without breaking any fashion rules.

This is important because, gentlemen, a wristwatch is a very powerful accessory that could build or break any outfit.

So, how do you wear your gold watch casually? And what do you need to know about accessorizing with your gold watch?


10 Tips for wearing a gold watch casually

1. Understanding watch categories

The first thing you need to know about watches that are ideal for different settings is that the watches come in different styles and designs, which is why you can only wear some specific types of watches in some settings and not in others.

How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually

The main categories of watches include:

Dress watches – often uncomplicated with a black leather band and a plain white face, features that make it the most formal type of watch.

Diver’s watch – this type of watch was originally worn as a tool or work watch, and it is designed for underwater diving thanks to its high water resistance of 100m or less.

Sports/ Chrono watches – these watches are not considered to be true dress watches, yet they can be quite dressy. They are also durable and quite sleek, meaning you can wear them casually without worrying about how you will look. These watches are made of some of the highest quality plastic composites.

How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually

Flyer or Pilot watches – these watches feature a simple dial design, and they are relatively large with a diameter of 50mm. They are easy to read and quite accurate.

Field watches – these watches dated back to WWI and were used by the infantrymen to stop the second hand on the timepiece. The design of this gold watch makes it the ideal option for casual dress-up.


2. Casual Watch options

How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually

Business Casual – if you are dressing up for a casual event, you could wear your high-end Chrono watch or perhaps a smart field watch.

So, when and how do you wear a gold watch casually? First, it’s important to note the fact that the watches with metallic bands are not considered the most formal of watches, which is why most of the gold metallic band watches work well with your casual wear.

This is unlike the leather strap watches that are quite versatile and can be worn in formal and less formal or super casual settings.

The good news is that if you are wearing jeans to that casual event, then you can wear any type of watch, from formal dress watches to the field and diver watches – this can be done in combination with your dress boots or even your chambray shirt. Keep in mind that your digital watches are only meant to be worn with your workout or casual clothes.


3. Match your leather accessories

How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually

Leather will always complement the leather. If the metallic section of your leather watch is made of gold, for example, you need to make sure that your belt matches the leather on the watch and your shoes too.

A gold-colored buckle that matches the watch’s metallic section is an added advantage because these features help to tie together the different features of your watch and belt and also your outfit.


4. Metallic elements complement each other

How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually

If yours is a metallic watch made of a gold case – this is the metallic frame around the face of the watch, you will be happy to know that the look of this watch not only complements your casual style, but the metal elements of the watch will also (and should) complement your accessories.

The best part is that the watch’s case/ frame could be round, rectangular, square, or even polygonal, with a matte, shiny, or patterned finish inlaid with crystals, among other jewels, but the best part is that these features would allow you to pull off a perfect casual look.

In addition to gold, the other metals that would be used for the case include sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, and platinum. You could also wear your rose gold watch with a belt whose buckle is gold/ yellow gold since these two hues of gold are quite close to each other.

The best part about the gold/ metallic elements of the gold jewelry is that you can wear such watches in casual settings easily – whether business casual or super-casual look.


5. When in doubt, choose to match your watch to shoes

How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually

Not sure what watch to wear to that casual event? If your watch has a gold frame, for example, and a black or a brown leather strap, or maybe the band is made of gold entirely, you may want to match it to your shoes, especially if you are not sure about wearing a belt.

The best part is that you’d have to match only 1 or 2 elements of the watch and shoes for a perfect look.

Also, if you are feeling confused, choose black. You can never go wrong with black accessories.


The other important considerations to keep in mind when accessorizing a gold watch for a casual look are as follows:

6. Bring some attention to your watch– you may be feeling a little reserved, but if you are interested in pulling off the perfect casual look, bring some attention to the watch. So, think of bringing your sleeves up to the elbow using the Italian or the master roll. Either of these will bring just the right amount of attention to your gold watch.

How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually

7. Choose the right color for you– regardless of the hue selected, gold is a bold color, and you may want to keep the rest of the colors you are wearing subtle. Opt for basic and earth tones rather than bold colors because these would steal the attention away from the watch. If, for example, you are wearing a rose gold or white gold watch, you’d want to pair it with darker colors like black, dark brown, or royal/ navy blue.

8. Wear the gold watch with one more accessory– you could dress up the watch with a bracelet, as long as you don’t overdo it. Don’t wear too much gold, and avoid mixing gold and diamonds. For a more balanced look, wear the watch with one or two leather/ macramé bracelets, or maybe a small, gold stud – nothing too overpowering.

How To Wear A Gold Watch Casually

9. Invest in good-quality gold watches. Just like butter, you need to invest in the very best gold watch, whether you intend on wearing the gold watch casual or business meet-ups.

10. Stealth wealth– if you like gold but don’t like the world to know how expensive or valuable your watch is, get one that features the best of gold around the frame and on the arms/ markers.



Gold watches are elegant, and they come in varied designs, meaning that there is something for everyone.

But for a more casual look, follow the tips shared above.

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