Can You Wear A Chain With A Polo Shirt?(Quick Answer)

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Looking for ideas on how to accessorize with your polo shirt? Well, you are at the right place.

Naturally, anyone who likes to accessorize with chains would want to make sure that their accessorizing options actually work so that they don’t end up looking funny and unfashionable.

On top of that, you’d also want to make sure that the chains you choose are the ideal ones for pairing with polo shirts. So, for stylish tips on wearing chains with polo shirts, keep it here!

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Can you wear a chain with a polo shirt?

Yes, you can wear a chain with a polo shirt, and the best part is that you can do that quite effortlessly if you know what chain length to wear with the polo.

With this in mind, we’ll be sharing tips on how to effortlessly and stylishly wear a chain with a polo shirt below:

How to wear a chain with a polo

how to wear a chain with a polo

1.Choose the right length for the chain

Chains come in different styles and sizes, but when it comes to pulling off a mature, stylish look with ease, you have to get the correct length for the chain. Also, the length of the chain will determine whether you will be wearing the chain over the polo shirt or under the shirt. Generally, you can attain a more laid-back style when you choose the long chains that make it easy for you to wear the chain over the polo shirt. We recommend chains of lengths between 26 and 30 inches.

But if you’d rather keep things subtle by wearing the chain underneath the polo shirt or in a more stylish way that allows you to show off the chain resting on your neck/ chest, a 20-inch chain would be the ideal length for you.


2.Wearing the chain over the polo shirt

how to wear a chain with a polo

If you are feeling the over-shirt chain vibe, you could also opt for a pendant chain necklace that rests on your chest.

This chain is ideally a 20-inch, and the pendant will go a long way in creating a complete look. Keep in mind, however, that you’d only be able to pull off this look if you keep the polo shirt fully buttoned all the way up. So, like a fully buttoned-up dress shirt, but with the polo shirt. The overall look is seamless, elegant, and flawlessly stylishly.

Keep in mind that buttoning up the polo shirt all the way creates a more formal look, something that would work for casual Friday or the weekend.


3.Layering the chains

For a more relaxed look, you could try a layered look with the polo shirt unbuttoned and the chains under the shirt. Start with 2 chains, maybe one 20-inch and a 22 or 24-inch chain. If you’re daring, you could also try layering with an 18-inch pendant chain necklace paired with a 20-inch piece. Layering is stylish and elegant, and it also allows you to express yourself easily.

Note that you can layer more than two chains easily if you choose to wear the polo shirt with all the buttons done. So, get chains in different lengths and thicknesses and perhaps one with a pendant, then layer them up. This will create a perfect casual look that can complete the look with a denim or corduroy jacket.


4.Get pendant chains

how to wear a chain with a polo

Most of the time, the pendant is an ideal option if the chain is longer than the length of the opening of your polo shirt. In such cases, the pendant comes in handy because it will be framed nicely by the opening on the polo shirt – this works the same way for v-neck shirts.

You should, however, be more careful when dealing with pendant chain necklaces that have longer chains because one wrong move would easily leave you to look like you just walked straight out of a 90s lounge.

That said, it’s hard to go wrong with pendant necklaces, but you need to make sure that you are not attracting the wrong kind of attention. Styled correctly, the pendant will give your neck a more defined/ superior look. So, get the length of the chain right. Also, get a meaningful and stylish pendant, making sure that the pendant can be seen – a shorter chain with pendant for an unbuttoned polo short, and a slightly longer chain with the pendant if you will wear the chain over the polo shirt because of the fully buttoned up option.

how to wear a chain with a polo

5.Women’s accessorizing tips for polo shirts

While the polo shirt can make you look shapeless by covering up your curves, you could create a more feminine look by wearing that shirt with a fitted pencil pair of pants, for example, or even skinny jeans –a bold colored one. Pair these with a blazer, denim, or corduroy jacket for layering and heels or wedges for that nice sexy feel.

But that is not all; you also get to throw on some of your favorite accessories. For that contemporary flair, button your top all the way, then throw on a colorful bib statement necklace. Alternatively, you can layer a number of bead necklaces on top. If you’d rather wear the polo with the buttons undone, you could pair it with your long pendant-style necklace.

Don’t stop there, though – wear your bold earrings for a more modern look and hold your hair up. Then add a pair of hoop or chandelier earrings for a more spiced-up look, and adorn your arms with a number of cute bangle bracelets for more fun, contemporary look.



If you love polo shirts and would like to be able to accessorize right, follow the tips shared above to pull off a perfectly stylish, modern look.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!