Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt?(Quick Answer)

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When it comes to wearing a chain right and feeling comfortable in your skin, modesty is key.

And though you may be having all these grand ideas about how you could dress up your chain necklace, you may want to really tone it down if you are going to make that statement.

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt

In other words, your small chain necklace should be small enough to only be visible to a small extent. To do that and to keep your style understated, you should wear your chain under the shirt.

Keep reading to learn more about how to style your chain.


Do you wear a chain inside or outside your shirt?

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt

To create a stylish look that defines your sense of style and to remain modest, always wear your chain necklace under the shirt.

But like other fashion rules, this rule is not written in stone, and in some cases, you would wear the chain under or on your shirt, depending on what feels comfortable and looks right for you. Your style or look for the day also determines how you will wear the shirt.

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt

So, for a trendy, stylish, and fashion-forward look where you have your shirt’s collar buttoned all the way up, you’d want to wear the chain outside the shirt.

Ideally, buttoning up the top button of the shirt gives a clear, more modern look for the chain, especially if you choose to wear the chain in place of the tie, meaning that the chain works as more of a statement accessory.

This will also be ideal if you are wearing a bow tie or a tie, where the chain will bring out your personality while giving you a more polished look.

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt

If, on the other hand, you are going for a more traditional look and are wearing a collared shirt with the first two buttons undone, keeping the chain inside the shirt would be more ideal, especially if yours is a short-chain necklace.

With the two unbuttoned top buttons, it would be easier for the chain to shine since you’d be showing a small bit of the chest.


Tips for wearing a chain with your Shirt

You don’t have to conform to the rules, but at the end of the day, you need to look stylish and look like you have your life together.

And whether you’re accessorizing for work, a date, or maybe even a weekend casual event, you must pair your chain necklace with your shirt right. How do you do this?

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt

1. Consider your outfit

If you are wearing chambray, denim, a cotton collar, or flannel, you will look great with some of the buttons undone, with the chain peeking from underneath.


2. Style

If you’re going for a more laid-back look, you could opt for a more delicate or dainty pendant necklace.

A layered look is also ideal, although you also have the option of wearing one large/ chunky curb-link chain necklace.

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt

If, on the other hand, you are accessorizing your bust-out tailored suits and wish to turn your outfit into a fashion statement, you’d want to keep the chain underneath the shirt.

Wear white or a neutral-colored shirt to maintain a tasteful and more cohesive look that will easily tone down the rest of the pieces you have on while subtly drawing attention to your most favorite chain.

And for your understated suit, a chunky chain necklace or bolder chain options would be more ideal for you.

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt

The for the collared dress shirt, keep the chain tucked under the shirt’s collar.

Be careful about the length of the chain, too, making sure that the chain is ever slightly visible from under the shirt, even with the jacket buttoned.

Layering would also be a good option for that bold look, and you can pair the short and the longer necklaces.


3. Right chain length

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt

The length of the chain is what determines how the chain looks and feels on you, and with chain lengths between 16 and 26 inches, you have to be careful to make sure that you’re picking the right size of the chain, whether wearing the chain outside or underneath the shirt.

Generally, a modern, more sharp look is more attained with a shorter-length chain of about 16 inches, but if you will have a t-shirt or fully-buttoned collar shirt on, and you are going for a more casual look with the chain on top, then you could play around with the longer chains even the 28 or 30-inch options. You could try layering, too, as long as you have one chain that is short and the other one slightly longer.

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt

4. Color needs and how well different metals match

You have countless options of metals, meaning that the chains available come in different colors, from the gold-toned to the silver-toned varieties and even stainless steel.

But what you choose must be guided by your skin color, and more importantly, the color of your outfits. Keep all your pieces cohesive.

Do You Wear A Chain Inside Or Outside Your Shirt


Whether you wear your chain outside or inside the shirt depends on your preferred style, how much of the chain you want to be seen, and generally, what you are comfortable with.

So, follow the tips above to pull off the chain look perfectly.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!