Is It Wrong To Want A Bigger Engagement Ring?(Solutions)

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What happens when your engagement ring isn’t what you want; if the size of the diamond is tinier than you anticipated; or if you now think that it would have been a smarter idea to buy a bigger engagement ring?

Should you live with the smaller engagement ring or mention your preference for a bigger engagement ring to your fiancé? And most importantly, wouldn’t it be so bad or so wrong if you wanted an engagement ring that’s bigger than what you got?

Keep reading for ideas on what to do.


My engagement ring is not what I expected- What should I do?

Is It Wrong To Want A Bigger Engagement Ring

Before you do or say any of the things recommended below, it might be a good idea to sit with the ring for a few days. It might grow on you after some weeks, which means that it may be worth sitting with it to see if you will like it despite the small size.

In most cases, liking the small engagement ring might not happen instantly; it’s all about telling and slowly reframing your mind. You could like it soon enough.

If your ring is smaller than what you expected, the first thing you may want to do is to talk about it with your partner. They love you, and though they may be disappointed about getting the ring wrong the first time, they may be okay with you exchanging the ring for a bigger stone.

However, if you are worried about the size of the ring and the feelings of your fiancé, you could talk to them about wishing to reset the size of the diamond.

 Sometimes, it might not be the best idea for you to complain about the size of the diamond to him – as you already know, diamonds are expensive, and the small stone could be all they could afford.


Is it wrong to want a bigger engagement ring? And why?

Is It Wrong To Want A Bigger Engagement Ring

Well, the size of the ring and your liking for the ring is a matter of preference, which means that it might not be entirely wrong to want a ring with a bigger stone. What matters, however, is your reasoning, as well as your motivation.

So, if you find yourself shaming your loved one because they didn’t choose a ring with a bigger stone, going into debt in the process, it could only mean that you are both materialistic and superficial. This is why you shouldn’t complain about the size of the diamond too soon after receiving it. Besides, the smaller diamond might grow on you soon, and you’ll be wondering why you made a big deal of it in the first place.

Wanting a bigger ring might not be the worst thing that happens to you, which means that if getting the bigger ring is an aesthetic option for you, rather than the status and the money, then you’d want to opt for the lab-grown, semi-precious gemstones or even a second-hand stone/ ring.  These are some of the options for you to upgrade yourself. You could also get a bigger ring without any stones.

Keep in mind that while most people find the lab-grown gemstone a rather upsetting concept, it is a great option. And if you have an issue with the lab-grown gemstone, you’d have to think about how the value of the ring affects your future and your love, or even the success of your marriage. It might not be the best idea for you to ask or question the need for a bigger stone if the only reason why you are getting the bigger ring is that you are trying to impress your friends or family.

While it’s not always wrong or right to ask for a bigger engagement ring, it’s important to remember that you can get married with a small ring or even without any ring at all.

That said, it’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to engagement rings and people having a preference for the bigger rings, society and cultures could be to blame.

Some people believe that the only right engagement ring is the one with a bigger stone, which may not be true. At the end of the day, what matters is the love shared and the future you are creating together.

Is It Wrong To Want A Bigger Engagement Ring

What do I do if I want a bigger engagement ring?

If despite the advice above, you insist on getting a bigger engagement ring, you might want to keep in mind the recommendations below.

1.Consider all other diamond shapes besides the round diamond shape.

While the round diamond shape is the most common diamond shape, the brilliant round-shape diamonds tend to be quite expensive.

The reason for this is that the round-cut diamonds are the most challenging in terms of the cut from the rough diamonds, and it causes the biggest amount of wastage, hence the high price tag.

So, to choose the bigger stones without spending too much, you’d want to opt for other stone cut designs for the same budget.

A good example is the oval cut diamond, which is bigger than the round-cut diamond at the same price.


2.Opt for a ring with a slimmer band

One of the things that makes an engagement ring, specifically the stone, look bigger is the size of the band.

Generally, the wider the ring’s band, the smaller the appearance of the stone.

The slimmer bands, on the other hand, especially the ones with tapered designs, will make the stone look bigger and more impressive.

Is It Wrong To Want A Bigger Engagement Ring

3.Get a ring set with slimmer prongs.

The other design option for making the engagement ring/ stone look bigger would be getting the ring set on slim prongs. So, if you are opting for the solitaire ring setting, you may want to choose the ring with slimmer setting prongs that will cover less of the stone, making the diamond appear bigger.

The slimmer prongs allow you to see a lot more of the diamond or the cubic zirconia. Regarding the number of prongs, you’d want to choose 4 prongs and not 6 prongs offering a lot more focus on the stone.

The 4-prong setting also allows for a lot more light to enter the stone, offering more sparkle and a lot more brilliance.

The 6-prong ring setting, on the other hand, wouldn’t be the best idea if you want a bigger engagement ring because the prongs make it chunkier and bulkier, overpowering the diamond and the ring’s setting.


4.Opt for the bright white metal bands

In the same way that adding more mirrors to your small room makes it look bigger, getting a ring made of a shiny white metal band automatically makes it look brighter and bigger.

If you are not sure where to start, opt for a precious metal made of rhodium-plated white gold or even platinum.

These metals make even the smaller diamonds will pop well with the white metal finish.


5.Opt for the halo set diamond engagement rings

Choosing the diamond engagement ring with a halo setting will automatically make the ring look bigger than it is, and the best part is that the halo setting rings do not cost as much, and you won’t have to splash on bigger stones.

The smaller stones in the halo setting weigh a lot less, meaning you’ll spend a lot less on the halo set engagement ring than you would on any other setting.

A halo set ring is cheaper and looks bigger than the rings with a solitaire setting.

Is It Wrong To Want A Bigger Engagement Ring

6.Select your retailer carefully.

When looking for an engagement ring with a bigger stone, you’d want to buy the ring from a trustworthy retailer.

The reason for this is that where you buy the ring matters a great deal in ensuring that you get the best deal and value for your money.

Also, you don’t get the best value for your money from the named brands. And before you choose a ring, compare the prices first.


7.Do not scrimp on the diamond’s cut.

The cuts of the diamond affect its size, and no two diamond cuts will have the same weight.

So, if you are looking for a bigger engagement ring, look at the cut more than the carat weight.



There is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger engagement ring.

So, if you are looking for ways of upgrading your ring, the tips above will help you make the right choice.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!