Using the Same Engagement Ring Twice – OK or Not?

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The thought of using the same engagement ring twice will make some people shudder at the thought, but others will not care about using the same engagement ring two times.

Using the Same Engagement Ring Twice

But should you use that same engagement ring twice?

Using the Same Engagement Ring Twice

We do not know why your first engagement or wedding and why things didn’t work out, but if you are lucky to have found ‘the one’ this time around, it might be a good idea for you to read this article for a good sense of direction regarding what you should do when picking an engagement ring.

Your soon-to-be fiancé might share some ideas, but if your ex returned their engagement ring or if by coincidence, your ex and current girlfriend both adore princess-cut or marquise-cut diamond engagement rings, you might want to review your decisions.

Before you think about how great the previous ring still looks and how your new girl might love it, etiquette is an important consideration when it comes to giving and receiving wedding bands, which means that you must think about what it would mean for you and your relationship if you used the same engagement ring twice.


Now, if you are reading this, it’s likely that you are already thinking about how it wouldn’t be a good idea to give your current partner the same engagement ring your ex wore. And you know what, you are right.

Using the Same Engagement Ring Twice

The ring might be the perfect ring for the girl of your dreams, but there are numerous other breathtaking options on the market, and you just need to expand your online search horizons.

Ask your girl for ideas about the kind of ring she’d like, watch her face when you are walking down the street and into a jewelry shop and see what she likes, but don’t propose with the same engagement ring.

Can you imagine how she will feel when she finds out that she’s wearing the same ring your ex wore?

People talk, women are attentive to details, and your decision to propose with the same ring is disrespectful and inappropriate. Besides your new girl, you have to think of yourself and your emotional wellbeing.

The older ring has some, or a lot of emotions attached to it, and the personal bond you had with your ex will still hang over you with that ring around. There is history around that ring, and most importantly, you’d chosen that ring specifically for her – it is what she loved.

When you consider all these spheres, you will agree with us that using the same engagement ring twice is just wrong and inappropriate.

Unfortunately, even with emotions, personal bonds, and the inappropriateness of using the same ring twice, there are a few men out there who will still use the same engagement ring to propose to two girls, and their fiancé may or may never know that the ring was previously used to propose to someone else.


What to do instead?

Even if you never got to propose to your ex, but you had bought the engagement ring, you should stop listening to that voice inside of your head telling you that it won’t be a big deal. It is, and it will be a big deal.

What you could do instead is to trade the older ring for a new one at the jewelry/ pawn shop. Alternatively, you could just sell it then use the money to buy a new one. Of course, the ring will fetch a little less than what you’d paid for, but it’s the right thing to do.

Remember that even if you choose to buy a used/ antique ring from the jewelry or pawn shop, you can still propose to your girl with that ring because it doesn’t come with any emotional attachment or personal bond.

Therefore, you can propose with this ‘new’ engagement ring with a clear conscience, zero bonds, and emotions from a past relationship, and the best part is that your fiancé will love it.

Keep in mind that even girls who love antiques don’t want to know that the ring was used to propose to your ex. Often, accepting a proposal means a fresh start for a woman, which is why a new/ different ring is important.

Using the Same Engagement Ring Twice

Reset. Now, if you still want to use the same engagement ring for the lady you wish to propose to, it would be a smart idea to reset the diamond and use a semi-precious stone or any other stone that speaks to your girlfriend.

But if you don’t want to sell or reset that engagement ring, you might want to keep it as a family heirloom then gift it to your daughter (this works best if you have a daughter with your ex and if your ex is okay with this).



Using the same engagement ring twice isn’t okay. Get a new engagement ring for your new girlfriend, pass it down to your daughter (family heirloom), or sell it.

And since your girlfriend might be very offended if you ask her if she’d mind being proposed with your ex’s engagement ring, don’t ask her.

That engagement ring might end up being a burden in your relationship rather than a treasure.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!