6 Different Types of Rings For Better Relationships in 2024

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If you are in a relationship, you know that it’s crucial for you to make time to celebrate each other and all the small and big fetes you achieve as a couple. For most people, there is no standard celebratory stance or move, but if you live for such moments and are dedicated to making sure that each small moment is celebrated in the best possible way, you know that dinners, celebratory dinners with cake and flowers, as well as time spent with each other and/or loved ones offer the best way for you to celebrate your love and commitment to each other.

But these celebrations wouldn’t be complete without some sort of ring, don’t you think?

Rings have always been a classic, go-to option for anyone trying to make a relationship statement.

So, if you are looking for a simple way of communicating your relationship status or commitment level, a ring would certainly be a great idea for you. Not which ring is the most ideal? Well, this article takes a look at 6 of the best and the most common types of rings for relationships that you could try out.


6 Different Types of rings for relationships


1.Promise Rings

If you have been going steady for some time now, but you aren’t quite ready to settle down and make a serious commitment through an engagement, promise rings would be the best alternative to the engagement ring.

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 Essentially, a promise ring says that you aren’t getting married just yet, but you’d like to be married to each other someday in the (near) future. This way, the ring is given as a symbol of commitment to the relationship by the couple, which in itself is a lovely gesture.

You will be happy to know that there are no hard or fast rules that guide the use of promise rings, meaning you could settle on anything simple and beautiful as long as it symbolizes your love and commitment to each other. The other thing you should know is that the promise rings can be worn on any finger, and the best part is that neither of you has to go down on one knee when presenting your partner with the promise ring.

Also, the promise ring doesn’t carry as much pressure as the engagement or wedding ring, which means that you won’t have to worry about making any grand proposals. But just make sure that you both are on the same page at the time of presenting this ring to each other.


2.Engagement Ring

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 This is the ring that says that you are both ready to move forward and settle down with each other. An engagement ring is often given when you’re asking for someone’s hand in marriage, and it’s worn on the third finger on your left hand. The reason for the specificity of where the ring goes has to do with the millennia-old belief that there exists a vein that runs from this finger directly to the heart. Of course, this is merely a myth, but it pretty much is the reason why engagement and wedding rings sit on this finger.

But if this idea sounds too far-fetched for you, then making reference to the Egyptians might make more sense. Like many other things, the act of giving a loved one an engagement ring is something that dates as far back to ancient Egyptian times where the ring was given to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage and to show that they are betrothed. The circular shape was chosen because it’s believed to symbolize eternity.

Today, a lot of flair and celebration goes into the choice and presentation of the engagement ring. Most of the engagement rings are made of platinum or white gold bands that are set with diamonds, sapphires, CZ, and other gemstones, even rubies. Of course, traditionalists view the modern trend as being quirky, but it is what you have to contend with today.

As you look for an elegant way to propose to the love of your life, your options would vary from the rings made with simpler, more affordable gemstones to more intricate diamond designs. To choose the right engagement ring, ensure that the ring you are considering is something your partner would completely love because it’s elegant and also because it matches their personality. Also, make sure you can afford it.


3.Wedding Rings

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 A wedding ring or a wedding band is the other crucial type of relationship ring, and it’s given and received by partners when exchanging vows. The designs of wedding rings are a lot simpler than those of engagement rings, and they often cost less than the most elegant diamond engagement rings. So, as you look for that engagement ring, remember that you’d still have to buy wedding bands after some months.

The wedding ring is worn on the same finger the engagement ring is worn, and it can be worn on its own or stacked together with the engagement ring – the engagement ring going in after the wedding ring.

In the search for the best wedding ring, you must take into consideration the ring’s profile or the shape of the metal that is used to make the ring’s band. Generally, wedding ring profiles vary from the concave profiles where the band forms an almost indented shape to the D-Shape rings, which are the opposite of the concave ring profiles so that they look like there is a half-circle at the top of the band.

You will be happy to know that wedding bands are mostly cheaper than engagement rings, and they often lack fancy gemstones.


4.Eternity Rings

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 If you are looking for a ring that would be a lovely gesture to your special someone, rings that would allow you to mark significant events in your lives and relationship, and symbols of your deep love and the ongoing commitment you’ve made to each other, years after you got married, the eternity rings would be a great option for you.

Most eternity rings are exchanged by couples that are renewing their vows, but they could also be given to celebrate the birth of your first child.


5.Anniversary Rings

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 As the name suggests, this is a ring that one gives to their partner to celebrate/ commemorate wedding anniversaries, particularly for the big milestones, like the 10, 15, or 20 year anniversaries. These rings offer the best way for you to celebrate the big milestones achieved in life and to show you that your love has stood the test of time.

Note that the anniversary rings differ from the wedding rings in that the anniversary rings aren’t always the most subtle of rings, and you could go all out to get an expensive emerald statement ring as an anniversary ring, and you will have the perfect ring. Simply put, there are no hard or fast rules governing the designs or styles of anniversary rings.

If you are looking for an anniversary ring, but you aren’t sure how to choose the ideal ring for your anniversary, here is a simple guide to follow:

The first-anniversary ring is a gold ring, the 5th anniversary is a sapphire ring, the 10th anniversary pick a diamond ring, the 20th anniversary is an emerald ring, and for the 50th anniversary, the golden jubilee ring works. Of course, this is a more traditionalist approach, but it still works today.


6.Claddagh Ring

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 To celebrate friendship, love, and loyalty, the Claddagh ring might be exactly what you need. This simple, tribal ring originated in Ireland and was used as an engagement or even a wedding ring in medieval times. Today, it offers an elegant way of celebrating love and friendship.

The hands on ring symbolizes friendship, the heart symbolizes love, and the crown is a symbol of loyalty. It may also have elaborate stones incorporated.

If you are in a relationship, you will wear this ring on your right hand with the heart facing inward. If engaged or married, the ring goes on the left hand, with the heart facing away and inward, respectively.



These are 6 of the most common types of relationship rings. If you weren’t sure about which ring to choose to celebrate different things, we hope that this guide offers all the information you need. For more ring topics, please visit here or here

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