9 Different Types of Religious Jewelry You Need to Know

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If you are looking for stylish religious or Christian jewelry but are unsure about the options and what would be ideal for you, read this guide.

In it, we’ll share a selection of the best kinds of religious jewelry and their symbolism, and why you may need them.

So, let’s jump right into it!


Different Types of Religious Jewelry You Need to Know

1. Crosses and Crucifixes

types of religious jewelry

Christians worldwide believe that the Crucifix is not only an important symbol of the death of Jesus but also his triumph over death and, subsequently, the power to open up a possibility of all believers attaining or seeing heaven.

So, while the terms crucifix and cross are often used interchangeably, they are two different symbolic elements in the Christian religion. The main difference between them is that while the Crucifix features the image of Jesus Christ, the cross is plain.

But that is not all; you also need to know that there is a different type of Crucifix called the Reliquary crucifix – this type of Crucifix has a hinged opening that carries small relics, often from saints.

types of religious jewelry

Wearers of these crucifixes believe that wearing such symbolic crucifixes imparts in them certain gifts. In other cases, they confer a high level of physical and spiritual protection to the wearers.

Regardless of the type of cross or Crucifix you choose, these types of religious jewelry are mostly worn as pendants, although others wear them as earrings.


2. Rosaries and Chaplets

types of religious jewelry

The other common type of Christian jewelry, which isn’t technically jewelry though it’s worn as such, is the variety called rosaries or the smaller versions called chaplets.

These two are important religious items that are used for prayers. Rosaries and Chaplets feature an arrangement of beads that are meant to help you when playing, reflecting, or meditating.

Today, you will come across a large variety of rosaries and chaplets, ranging from the very simple to use options to the more detailed and ornate options.

But even with these differences in style and design, they all bear a unique kind of beauty. Unlike rosaries that are longer and designed to be worn around the neck, the chaplets are smaller in size and are designed like bracelets and worn around the wrist.

Other chaplets are much smaller and are worn as rings.


3. Religious Medals

types of religious jewelry

Religious medals have grown significantly popular recently among Christians and non-Christians, Catholics, and non-Catholics. Medals are the most common type of Christian jewelry, especially for Catholics.

This is the case because the medals are associated with different saints and offer something unique. There are several types of religious saint medals, but the most popular medal today has got to be the Miraculous Medal.

It is one of the oldest styles of medals for Catholics, and it dates back to visions that Saint Catherine Labouré had. She said that the Virgin Mary appeared to her and then gave her directions to make the medal, offering her specifics for how the medal was to be designed, the words to be engraved on it, and the images to be incorporated; she was also directed to tell the people that whoever wore or carried the medal would receive great graces from the Blessed Mother.

types of religious jewelry

Saint Catherine did as instructed, and soon after, there were millions of medals all around, with all people wearing it claiming to have received great miracles.

Then the medal was called the Medal of the Immaculate Mary, but with all the miracles associated with it, it was renamed the Miraculous Medal, which is the name it’s known as today. It is believed that anyone wearing the Miraculous Medal receives spiritual intervention from the Virgin Mary.

The other popular religious medal is the medal of St. Christopher, the patron saint for travelers, dating back to the Middle Ages.

This medal has grown quite popular over the years, despite some Christians and religious officials questioning its existence.

types of religious jewelry

This medal was created after a large/ great man who would carry women and children across a raging river severally had to at one time carry a small child across the river, but despite the low weight of the child, this task proved very challenging for him as the child seemingly grew heavier with every step he took.

Later, it was determined that the child on his shoulders was Christ, and he grew heavier because he represented the heavy baggage that he’d carry for believers/ sinners.

types of religious jewelry

The man ultimately made it across the river safely and was christened St. Christopher from the Greek word Christóforos, which means Bearer of Christ.

The name also features two Greek elements Christ (Christos) and To Bear or To Carry (Pheros). So, St. Christopher’s medal represents or is a symbol of the protection that travelers get whenever they wear the medal during their travels at sea and even on land.

Wearing this medal offers the wearer protection while ensuring your safe travels.


4. Angel Jewelry

types of religious jewelry

The other common style of Christian jewelry falls under the category of angel jewelry. These are quite popular in different religious sects, not just because of their beauty but also because the angels on the jewelry symbolize heavenly messengers.

Others deem them to be personal guardians. So, in a world where men and women look for signs in different places and things, jewelry has gained a wide appeal as they represent a physical form of protection to the wearer.

With angels a big part of the Christian faith, the imagery of angels is incorporated in most Christian jewelry. You can find angel jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, pins, and charms for charm bracelets.


5. Coin Pendants

types of religious jewelry

These are the other popular style of religious jewelry. Although they are not classified as jewelry per se, the coin pendants represent the most common and highly-priced religious relics and antiques that are quite popular today across the world.  

These coin pendants often feature statues of famous individuals from ancient times, with the most common coin pendants dating back to the days that Emperor Constantine ruled.

These coins were mostly minted and made with different images, although the most familiar images included the image of Jesus Christ, the cross, the Blessed Mary, and the emperors.

These coins were made with holes at the top, which turned them into pendants and necklaces.

But Christians are not the only ones with their unique types of religious medals or jewelry. Other religions have their own unique forms of jewelry.


6. Muslim jewelry

types of religious jewelry

Though they are not as popular as Christian jewelry, there is a variety of Muslim jewelry, too, with the most common options carrying the message of the Muslim and Arabic faiths. The most common options include:

  • Star and crescent charms
  • Tasbih prayer beads
  • Different jewelry with evil eye motifs

Some common pendants for Muslims are the Allah pendants designed uniquely in Arabic calligraphy, often with the throne verse. There are many others with meaningful phrases and verses.

Hakik rings and tasbih prayer beads are also popular and can be bought from online stores. It’s also worth noting that Muslims also wear clothing as jewelry.

types of religious jewelry

  • Tasbih

Tasbih is important in Islam, so Tasbih is just as popular as the Rosary or cross/crucifix pendants. Tasbih is worn as a display of the wearer’s beliefs, but it is also functional.

In Islam, the Tasbih prayer beads are an essential aspect of marking repetitions in prayers because each string of beads in Tasbih has 99 beads, representing the 99 names given to Allah.

At the end of the beads is a tassel. But there also are shorter Tasbih types that feature 33 beads, meaning that each of these is counted thrice during prayer.

The design differences mean that some people can wear Tasbih on their wrists, even though most Muslims opt to hold it between their fingers during prayers.

types of religious jewelry

  • Allah Jewelry

This jewelry style is also popular, and Muslims worldwide wear Allah-inscribed jewelry to show their unwavering faith in the Maker.

The word Allah is in Arabic, and it’s often etched on different jewelry types. The jewelry may also feature a crescent moon with a diamond that represents a star – this is another important symbol for Muslims.


7. Jewish Jewelry

types of religious jewelry

There is also a large variety of religious jewelry for people of the Jewish faith. Some of the options available for you 9in this category include rings that have the Star of David, Kabbalah pendants, and Hamsa necklaces, among other gorgeous and often inspirational pieces.

You can buy these pieces from specialty sites that offer jewelry for the people of the Jewish faith.

The Star of David is an important Jewish or Judaism symbol designed in an overlaid design featuring two equilateral triangles that form a 6-pointed star, and it’s something that is part of the emblem seen in Jewish synagogues and tombstones. 


8. Hindu Jewelry

types of religious jewelry

Hindu jewelry is also common when it comes to religious jewelry options, and there is a large variety to choose from, including Om pendants and bracelets, Shanti charms, and other pieces with Ganesh and Shiva incorporated in them.

You can also find Krishna earrings, Ganesh charms, etc., and it’s interesting to not that these types of jewelry are often made of the finest quality materials, often precious metals like silver and gold, and even pricey gemstones like diamonds and rubies, among others.


9. Buddhist Jewelry

types of religious jewelry

This class of jewelry includes jewelry designed with familiar motifs or, in other cases, inspirational sayings. The most common motifs incorporated in the jewelry include yin-yang, Buddha, and the lotus flower.

These motifs and inspirational sayings are incorporated in pendants, rings, bracelets, and even the Mala prayer beads. Most of this type of jewelry is found under the artisanal jewelry sections and in specific stores selling Buddhist jewelry.  

The lotus flower charm is popular and symbolizes rebirth, purity, and beauty. It also serves as a reminder to the wearer to become more compassionate, kind, and loving, especially in difficulties and challenging times.

It is also a symbol of opportunities for majestic transformations that the wearer may expect despite the challenges they could be facing.



There are many types of religious symbols incorporated in jewelry in different online stores, and there is always something for everyone.

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