9 Different Types of Pandora Bracelets You Really Should Know

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A Danish jewelry company that was founded in 1982 in Copenhagen, Pandora remains one of the most popular brands of jewelry that is known for uniquely designed and custom pieces of jewelry, including charm bracelets, earrings, designer rings, watches, and necklaces.

Out of all the different types of jewelry by Pandora, however, their bracelets are the most popular variety, showcasing the high level of craftsmanship, use of high-quality materials, elegant handmade finishes, and just the fact that their bracelets are made just for you.

Pandora offers many types of bracelets to match different styles, and the most impressive bit about them is that their designs and styles are diverse, and the pieces are all made of high-quality, skin-safe, non-allergenic materials.

If you are looking for gift ideas for yourself or a loved one, and you think that a Pandora bracelet would be the ideal gift option, then this article is for you. In it, we’re sharing with you a comprehensive list of all the different types of Pandora bracelets that you get to choose from.


How many types of Pandora bracelets are there?

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

Pandora remains a top-rated jewelry brand offering some of the best kinds of bracelets on the market, and the primary reason for this is that the brand is always innovating, inventing, and reinventing the wheel.

Over the years, they have created a diverse variety of jewelry, meeting different styles and needs, and you cannot miss something you like from their product catalog.

But before we look at the main types of Pandora bracelets that you get to choose from, let’s first take a look at the primary features of the Pandora bracelets, so you know what to expect.


Features of Pandora Bracelets

  • The basics of Pandora bracelets

The traditional Pandora bracelet comes in many forms, but the most basic style of Pandora’s bracelets is the basic sterling silver bracelet. This bracelet comes in different designs of finishes, and it also has simple charms or even a charm-like clasp to keep the bracelet stylishly secure.

They also have the same bracelet designs in gold, often 14k gold, but this is often the more expensive version and is only ideal for you if you don’t splurge on a Pandora bracelet.

If, however, you wish to enjoy the best of both worlds, you could settle for the two-tone versions with a sterling silver chain for the bracelet and a clasp made of gold.

 But these are not the only color finishes options offered by Pandora; you may also want to get the oxidized finish silver bracelet for a contemporary or rustic finish. They also offer bracelets made of leather, which may or may not have charms.

  • Clasps for Pandora Bracelets

Pandora’s bracelets are made of two main types of clasps, particularly for their traditional charm bracelets – the lobster clasp and the iconic barrel clasp.

The barrel clasp bracelets are more popular than the lobster clasp ones because the clasp gives off a charm effect, and the hidden clasp makes the bracelet more stylish.

  • Clips and Threads

If you are buying Pandora bracelets, you should know that the clips are the most important parts of the clasps because they are designed like hinged charms, and as the name suggests, they snap onto your bracelet right on.

Then you have the threads. Essentially, the threads are what section of the Pandora bracelets into three distinct parts. Usually, there are three threads at the middle of your bracelet, and this divides up the bracelet so that you can see where you are supposed to attach the clips.

Note that clips are important in not just the sectioning of the bracelet but also in making it easy for the charms to stay apart in the different sections.

It’s also important to distribute the charms equally on the sections because having all the charms on one section means improper weight distribution on the bracelet, which might strain it, causing the bracelet to have kinks or to break.

So, when buying the bracelets by Pandora, you also have to get the clips. The clips also stop the charms from bunching up or rolling over the threads, which are the weakest points in the bracelet.

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

  • Charms

Charms are synonymous with the Pandora bracelets, and Pandora bracelets are essentially incomplete without the charms. These charms are screwed onto the bracelets easily, thanks to their threaded system.

But not all charms are threaded; others are unthreaded, and they will slide on the chain easily without threading, for example, the openworks and the pave charms.

Even so, you should avoid putting the unthreaded charms last because they will slide off easily. That said, the charms available are made of sterling silver, gold, and others are two-toned.

  • Safety Chains

The other important consideration to keep in mind when looking for Pandora bracelets is the safety chain, which attaches to either end of the clasp. The safety chain is there to prevent the bracelet from falling off if the clasp fails. Unfortunately, the chain is imperfect, and it may break.

Pandora’s safety chains for the bracelets are either the screw-on or the clip-on versions. The clip-on safety chains are easier to work with because you wouldn’t have to take off all the charms to be able to attach the end.

That said, most people prefer the screw-on to the clip-on chains because these don’t take up extra space meant for charms, and they also sit nicely on the two threads, are well-hidden, and they will not take up much room on the chains themselves.

  • Spacers

The last important consideration is the spacer. The spacers are smaller than the traditional charms, and they fit into the smaller spaces that charms wouldn’t, however, fit in.

They also help to pull together the overall design of the bracelet while also adding prettiness and symmetry to the bracelet’s design. Spacers are either threaded or unthreaded, but the very small ones are often unthreaded.

So, which are the main types of Pandora bracelets?


Pandora Jewelry Collections

1.Pandora Me

The bracelets in the Pandora Me collection are designed in slim and very graceful designs in the bangle, snake chain and link chain designs, with miniature dangle charms incorporated.

The charms and bracelets in this collection are available in 26 different designs, and the crystals are all made in different colors, meaning that there is something for absolutely everyone.

2.Pandora Moment Bracelets

Pandora boasts a number of bracelet collections, but Pandora Moments is their original line of jewelry, and it remains one of their most enchanting collections.

Pandora Moments features bracelets that come in different styles, such as the snake chain, rope mesh, bangle, and you also have leather bracelets from this collection.

The collection also boasts at least 500 types of charms that you can choose from, and they also feature an impressive variety of jewelry made of sterling silver, gold, rose gold, and also two-tone varieties.

The Pandora Moments’ charms are also available in different styles and crystal colors, from the clear and pastel crystal colors to the vibrant primary color hues.


3.Pandora Reflexions Bracelets

This Reflexions collection represents the bracelet options that ooze one of the most sophisticated looks. The bracelets have a flat, mesh band with sleek charms, as well as dangles. The metals used for the Reflexions bracelets include rose gold, gold, gray, as well as two-tone gold and silver bracelet.

There are 28 charms in the Reflexions collection, and these have all been designed to clip on the surfaces of the flat mesh bracelet options. These bracelets have a sophisticated style, and the charms are either all-metallic in muted-color and clear crystal options incorporated.




Main Types of Pandora Bracelets

1.Pandora Flat Mesh Bands

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

These mesh band bracelets are some of the most stylish mesh band bracelets that come in gold, rose gold, and sterling silver.

These bracelets are made using the Reflexions charms which, means that no other types of charms or spacers will fit into these bracelet bands – the charms are made of gold, sterling silver, or rose gold, and the ones with the crystals are either clear or have a muted hue.

The charms include the dangle charms, the clip-on charms, and there also are safety chains. The bracelets come in different sizes, and the smaller ones can hold at least 8 charms, although the bigger ones can hold up to 12 charms.

They have a width of 0.276inches, and it’s recommended that you choose the bracelet size that is larger than your wrist size by 0.4 inches. The standard sizes range from 5.9 to 8.3 inches.

You may also like these chains from the Reflexions collection because they come in different themes and are symbols of love, family, nature, and some are even regal pieces.


2.Rope Mesh Bracelets

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

These mesh bracelets are slim and elegantly designed pieces of jewelry that are made of sterling silver or rose gold.

They have an embossed ball clasp, and you will be happy to know that you can wear these bracelets with or without charms and also as single or stacked pieces.

The bracelets could also be embellished with at least 20 charms.

Generally, there are more than 500 types of charms that work with the rope mesh bracelets, and you could also incorporate spacers, clips, and dangle charms on them.

The charms are also available in different designs and themes, and there is one for every theme and celebration.

The width of the bracelet is 0.386inches, and they come in three main sizes, the 6.7inch, 7.5inches, and 8.3inches.



Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

Pandora also boasts a wide variety of bangle bracelets in different styles, including the open-ended, the slider, heart-shaped, and the traditional circular-shaped bangles.

They have a width of 0.374,” and they are available in 4 main sizes (6.3, 6.9, 7.5, and 8.3inches).

These bangles are all compatible with over 500 types and designs of charms, including the spacers, clips, and dangle charms, all from the Moments collection, as well as 26 charms from the Pandora Me collection.


4.Snake Chain Bracelets

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

The snake chain bracelets are stylish and casual and come in rose gold, gold, sterling silver, and also in two-tone finishes.

These chain bracelets come with different types of clasps, which range from the standard embossed ball clasps to the clasps featuring whimsical Disney characters. These bracelets can hold between 15 and 20 charms and all measure 0.409inches in width.  

The sizes you can choose range from 5.9 to 9, but it’s recommended that you choose the bracelets that are 0.8inches larger than your wrist size for a more comfortable fit, especially with multiple charms added.

The collections that these bracelets fall into are the Pandora Me and Pandora Moments. The bracelets also work well with different charms for different themes.


5.Leather Cord Bracelets

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

If you are looking for a bracelet with a nice Boho feel added to it, you may like the leather cord bracelets by Pandora. These bracelets are available in different styles, such as wrap, braided, and slider leather cord bracelets.

These bracelets also come in various colors and have end caps, safety chains, as well as ball caps made of rose gold, gold, or sterling silver.

The best part about these leather bracelets is that you can wear them with or without the charms and other embellishments. For the leather bracelets with charms, they will hold a maximum of 9 charms.

The cords are 0.217inches in width, and the sizes available include 6.9inches, 7.5inches, and 8.1inches.

They are compatible with up to 500 types of charms, and the bracelets are also compatible with the dangle charms, clips, and spacers from the Pandora Moments collection.

There also are themed charms that work with these leather cord bracelets.


6.Sliding or Bolo Bracelets

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

Pandora also boasts some of the best sliding bracelets, also called the bolo bracelets or the sliders.

These bracelets are the best bracelet type for anyone with larger wrists or persons going for an added feel of flair.

These bracelets come in different styles like the bangle, leather cord, snake chain, and link bracelets, all with adjustable sliders that ensure the perfect fit. The slider also means that these bracelets are one-size fit all pieces.

The bracelets are also compatible with at least 500 types/ styles of charms, spacers, and dangle charms from Pandora’s Moments collection and up to 26 from the Pandora Me collection.


7.Padlock Bracelets

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

Like the sliders, Pandora also offers a variety of padlock bracelets in different designs, such as snake chains, link chains, rope mesh, and leather cord bracelets.

They also have a special feature incorporated, and instead of securing the bracelet with the ball clasp, these bracelets are secured with tiny locks, also available in different shapes and styles such as padlocks, crowns, and hearts.

These locks are also removable, and you will be happy to know that they are worn as charms, clasps, or even as necklace pendants.

The width of the bracelet will be determined by the specific bracelet type. It’s also compatible with more than 50 charms and 26 charms from the Moments and Pandora Me collections.


8.Tennis or Link Bracelets

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

These bracelets are made of tiny links and are made of sterling silver.

They are slender and rather graceful bracelet styles that allow you to wear the bracelets as a plain piece or with a maximum of 10 micro-dangle charms belonging to the Pandora Me collection.

The bracelet sizes range from 5.9inches to 9inches, and the width of the bracelet is 0.678inches.


9.Non-Charm Bracelets

Different Types of Pandora Bracelets

Last on the list are the non-charm Pandora bracelets. These bracelets come in different designs and styles, including snake chains, bangles, sliders, and even beaded bracelets that are meant to be worn without any charms on.

They come in sterling silver, rose gold, and gold, with attractive embellishment combinations in rainbow colors.

These bracelets can be worn individually or stacked. And the width of the bracelets depends on the style of the bracelet. They are not themed or come from specific collections, though.



If you are looking for the best bracelets by Pandora, these are the best options that you get to choose from.

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