15 Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

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If you’re looking for a new necklace and you would prefer necklace pendants, you might feel a little overwhelmed with all the options available. But for you to make sure that you choose the right necklace pendants, we’ll share with you the types of necklace pendants on the market and your options.

Keep in mind that beyond the single-strand pendant necklaces, there are many other options for you to choose from, and you don’t have to feel limited to the simple gold and silver chain necklaces that feature single focal elements at the front. Here are the common types of pendant necklaces that you can choose from.

But first, how do you define a pendant necklace?

Well, the pendant can be defined as the loose-hanging jewelry piece that is attached to a small loop that attaches to the rest of the necklace chain. The piece that is added to the necklace is what gives the necklace the name – the pendant necklace.


Types of necklace pendants

1. Amulets

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

Amulets are the most common form of pendants for pendant necklaces.

Now, while the amulets are available in different forms, shapes, and sizes, the amulet is generally a wearable piece that is worn around your neck, arm, or leg, often in the form of a pendant.

Most of the individuals who are into amulets often choose this accessory for their necklaces because they believe that the amulets are objects that possess spiritual or magical powers that protect the wearers of the necklace from danger.

Some people believe that the amulets can dispel evil influences or forces, keeping them safe and their energies protected at all times.


2. Locket

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

Lockets are the most common pieces of focal elements added to pendant necklaces, but they are not only the most popular option but also the oldest form of pendant used for necklaces.

Note that a locket is a small decorative piece that is designed to open when the ‘lock’ is pried open, revealing a small space that often holds a photograph or even a lock or curl of hair of a loved one.

The locket often hangs from the necklace, and besides its use in necklaces, it’s often added to bracelets as a charm.


3. Talisman

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

The talisman is the other kind of pendant that is added to necklaces.

The talisman is a lot like the amulet in that it is believed to carry supernatural powers/ traits.

But they are functionally different in that while the amulet is more of a defensive object, the talisman is believed to have the powers to confer some benefits or even special powers to the person who wears or carries the talisman.


4. Medallion

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

Medallions also make great pendants for pendant necklaces.

They are simple, unique, and meaningful, with most of the medallions designed in the shape of a coin that can be worn around your neck.

The medallion could also be pinned on your clothing.

And in most cases, the medallions are granted or gifted to individuals during recognition, awards, and religious blessings.


5. Paintings

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

A painting pendant is a name that is given to a pair of one of two paintings that are conceived together.


6. Functional Pendants

 The functional pendants can be described as the kind of necklace pendants that look great as fashionable pendants but are functional pieces or tools.

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

They are often hung from the neck because this makes them easily accessible and more effective. You could think of them as tools that are worn as pendants.

The most common examples of the functional pendants include the Maori Pounamu functional pendants, the bosun’s whistles, Shepherd’s whistles, and the Ocarinas.

All these can be made into cute necklace pendants.

In the 21st century, specifically in the first century, jewelers started to incorporate things like flash drives into the pendants, but this is no longer the norm.


7. Fashion Pendants

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

This is the other type of necklace pendant, and it’s one of the most popular types of necklace pendants.

The fashion pendants are regarded as small creative pieces that are made of either precious stones and gemstones or non-precious stones.

Most of the fashion pendants are made of pearls, diamonds, crystals, emeralds, rubies, or other kinds of gemstones, and they are designed to hang from your necklace or chain freely.

Most of the time, the fashion pendants are worn as statement pieces or ornamental fashion accessories.


8. Crystal Pendants

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

You don’t have to believe in astrology to wear a crystal pendant because such necklace pendants made of crystals are often some of the most stunning kinds of necklace pendants.

Just make sure that the colors of the crystals and the necklace chain metal blend with each other well.

The best part about the crystal pendants is that they are great for a night out or even dinner dates when you’d like to feel a little more elegant and dignified.

The crystal pendants come in different sizes and colors, and they match pretty much all your outfits.


9. Cross Pendants

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

The cross pendant is that other popular necklace pendant type, and you won’t go wrong with your purchase.

The beauty of the cross pendant is that you don’t have to be religious to wear this kind of pendant, and you can wear it with any outfit.

As a result, we believe that your jewelry collection isn’t complete until you have at least one cross pendant necklace.

This is also a great necklace pendant style because there are diverse styles that you get to choose from, plain and even bedazzled options.


10. Teardrop pendants

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

The teardrop pendant is what you opt for if you are looking for a simplistic pendant type that maximizes the size and the design of the stone, crystal, or bling incorporated in the pendant.

Most of the available options of teardrop pendants boast a hard look, and the fact that they are shaped like teardrops makes them the most stunning jewelry option you could invest in.

Keep in mind that the stone in the teardrop is what sets the tone for the whole piece, as it’s the focal point of the pendant.


11. Hamsa Pendant

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

This pendant is of Middle Eastern origin, and it’s shaped as a Hamsa, which means The Hand of God.

The Hamsa pendant is believed to be quite powerful, and it brings good health and happiness to the one who wears it.


12. Pearl Pendants

Different Types Of Necklace Pendants with Pictures

Nothing spells luxury better than a pearl pendant, and you might want to add one pearl pendant to your jewelry collection if you are looking for a simple and elegant stunner.

Other pendants:

  1. Heart Pendants
  2. Statement pendants
  3. Three-stone pendants



There you have it – your list of the best kinds of necklace pendants that you should consider getting your hands on.

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