11 Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

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There are different types of crystals, and if you’ve finally jumped on the crystals trend and are looking for the best kinds of crystals that offer protection and good luck, you will be happy to know that there are too many options to choose from.

However, you want to make sure that you choose the right crystals because, despite the hype, they don’t all work as phenomenally well as you may hope. So, which are the ideal crystals for you to choose if you want to attract good luck and for your protection?


Crystals Jewelry for Good Luck And Protection

1. Green Jade

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

First on the list is green jade, which is one of the most stunning gemstones that can be incorporated into jewelry.

Historically, green jade has been used for years by some of the oldest civilizations, specifically by the Chinese, who consider green jade the de-facto crystal for good luck, which is why it is often worn as a bracelet, or set in earrings, charms, or pendants incorporated in necklaces.

Green jade is synonymous with good fortune and good luck, and you can easily identify it because it’s naturally cool to the touch and is a crucial stone in Chinese medicine.

The stone is also celebrated for its immense healing powers and protective effects, which is why it is often worn as a protective talisman.

Additionally, green jade also has the power to clear your thoughts and fill you with that much-needed quiet confidence, meaning that you will make the right decisions.

And the cherry on top is the fact that green jade is believed to attract money, which is why it’s also called a money stone. It will also shield you from making bad financial or investment decisions while guarding your heart.


2. Red Jade

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

To keep you grounded and stable and also to encourage you to make better and bold decisions, you may want to wear red jade. It’s the sister gemstone to the green jade gemstone.

Red jade taps into the brightest and boldest energy fields, and wearing it will not only extinguish your deepest fears but also stir up and rekindle your chi.

So, if you’d like to feel more emboldened because you feel like you have been holding yourself back, red jasper might give you all the inspiration you need.

It will also give you extra confidence and that much-needed spring in your step. If you are looking for a stone that will allow you to go for your passions, even as you stay grounded, this stone would be ideal for you – it will keep you grounded and stable.


3. Rose Quartz

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

Also on the list of crystals incorporated in jewelry to provide good luck and for an added layer of protection is rose quartz. Rose quartz will increase the possibility of you getting more good luck.

It will also raise your level of self-worth while also attracting abundance in your life. Rose quartz is an important crystal that opens your heart to love and more radiant energy.

Its positive energy radiates a great deal of compassion and love and will also help you become more open to love.

Essentially, rose quartz is a healing crystal, and its energy will raise your feelings of self-worth while deepening feelings of self-love and placing you in the right mental space to attract love and good vibes. It also puts you in the right mindset to receive love and all the good things.


4. Citrine

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

Citrine not only brings you good luck and good vibrations, but it will also make it possible for you to lean more into your dreams. This gemstone is known for its bright and shiny color, and thanks to its bright color design, it will instantly make you feel happy.

It is a happy-go-lucky crystal that will not only bring you joy and good vibrations but also bring you good fortune. It will also make you optimistic, and your dreams will be reminded. It further brings you good luck by working on your sacral and solar plexus chakras.


5. Tiger’s Eye

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

The other crystal that is believed to bring you good luck while also protecting you is the Tiger’s eye. This elaborate crystal has a unique natural pattern in different dark colors.

It is believed to be lined with the pathways that lead you to perfect success, with the black and gold bands that make up Tiger’s eye being perfect reminders to all wearing it – a reminder that you are the master of your own fortune, which is ideally the thing that makes you the most successful person in the world.

This stone is not just fiery but also alive, as it boasts a high level of energy and vitality and will pull you from the slump you may have hit.

It will also awaken your senses, increase your feelings of self-worth, and also make it possible for you to easily envision your dreams, putting you in a position that will make you more successful. And like the cat the stone is named after, this gemstone will keep you alert always.


6. Clear Quartz

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

The other type of crystal will be ideal for you if you need protection and good luck with the clear crystal.

This crystal attracts great fortune and luck, and it will also amplify your dreams and energy levels, allowing you to operate at a level that will make it possible for you to be successful.

Clear crystal is also known as the master healer, a super-strength crystal to improve your life, allowing you to enjoy a larger-than-life existence.

It will attract good fortune and good luck because it radiates your intentions. It is also one of the most powerful crystals you can get your hands on and have on your body as jewelry.


7. Green Aventurine

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

The other green gemstone that would bring you good luck, make you wealthy, and be safe is green aventurine, also known as gambler’s gold.

This gemstone will help you reach your highest level of success and lead your happiest life because it symbolizes unbridled luck. The other thing you need to know about Green Aventurine is that the name of this crystal comes from the Latin word for Chance.

But it’s not just about walking the risky side of life on a tightrope; this crystal will lead your mind in the right direction, allowing you to lead a more successful and abundant life. It is also a powerful stabilizing stone, and it will help you find wealth consistently.


8. Carnelian

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

Carnelian stones have been around for centuries, and the ancient warriors are known for wearing carnelian stones to the battlefield because they believed that this bright-colored red stone carried light and brought them good luck.

This vibrant orange-red stone will enhance your confidence levels and make you more creative and courageous, and wearing it in jewelry will bring you a fortune.

Others believe that this stone will bring you money and good fortune. The fiery color of the stone enhances your feelings of courage and creativity, plus confidence, all features that promise you a lucky streak hence a higher level of happiness.

It will also awaken your most dormant dreams, and you will have the energy to go after your big ventures more vivaciously. Ultimately, the stones make you more prosperous and empowered.


9. Smoky Quartz

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

The other crystal that is a source of power and will make you feel protected and lucky is smoky quartz, a crystal known for its ability to clear the body’s energy fields, making it possible for you to vibrate high and to lead a successful life.

This type of quartz features smoky clouds, and it will not only clear your mind but also make your intentions very clear.

It will also increase your transparency with the universe, sweeping out any negative energies blocking your pathway to success by making you luckier and also fortunate. This stone is also soft and understated and will make you much happier.


10. Garnet

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

For a stone that will put you on the right path to success, you may want to wear jewelry made with garnet. The garnet gemstone is known for its deep red hues and regal mood, and wearing or glancing at this stone will always keep your cup filled.

This gemstone might be ideal for you if you feel short-changed and are looking for passion, love, luck, and rich life. This stone boasts powerful energies and will place you in the right direction toward personal/professional success.

It will also make your life more pleasurable, and you will have good luck in all you do. It is also great for spicing up your love life.


11. Peridot

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

Also called the Money Stone, peridot is a stunning lime-green gemstone that will enhance your mental capacity, fine-tuning your mind and making you more courageous in different undertakings.

While twinkling like the green eyes of leprechauns, peridot also is a vision of great fortune and will clear the obstacles in your life, paving the way for your success.

It will also change your perspective on wealth, and you will have an easier time attracting wealth once you start wearing this gemstone. Peridot will also enhance your decision-making process by improving your mindfulness,


12. Malachite

Types of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

Malachite is regarded as the stone of confidence and wisdom, and its bright, fiery color will make it possible for you to easily and courageously step away from your comfort zone.

This dreamy, dark gemstone has been around for centuries and in almost all of the earliest civilizations, which were smitten by malachite because it makes them wise and elegant.

This gemstone is connected to the heart chakra, and it promises growth. If you are looking for a gemstone that will make you more courageous, confident, and wiser, this would be an ideal gemstone for you.

It is also great because malachite has the power to keep off negative influences, making your chances of success much higher. It will also increase your chances of love and transform your life.


13. Blue AgateTypes of Crystal Jewelry for Good Luck and Protection

This is the other gemstone that you need if you are looking for a gemstone that will increase your levels of understanding and mental clarity. It makes you lucky by improving your communication abilities.



These crystals are some of the best options on the market for anyone looking for the jewelry with crystals. These crystals will bring you good luck, make you happier, and protect you.

These stones are also great for meditation and will also clear your mind making your life better. If you are looking for crystals to protect you and bring you good luck, love, and abundance, these are some of the best basic options for you.

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