11 Different Types of Chokers and What They Mean

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You want to know the types of chokers and what they mean? You are in a right place! The choker was a huge hit in the 90s, and it would appear that this quintessential accessory is back in a big way, and it might be here to stay awhile.

Of course, trends come, and the chokers may be out of style in a number of years, but they are here today.

Before you buy yourself the next best chokers, wouldn’t you want to know what chokers mean and all the different types of chokers on the market today?  

Well, this article is all about chokers, from the types of chokers on the market to what the chokers mean. But, first things first. Let me tell you something more about Choker’s history.


A Brief History of Choker Necklace

Chokers have been prevalent across generations for centuries, with each century having a symbolic value associated with these accessories.

Numerous generations have worn chokers, from the Chinese and the Egyptians to Native Americans, Europeans, as well as Indian cultures.

The meaning and the symbolism around chokers have gone through a significant change throughout history where they have been regarded as symbols of political aggression.

At some point, the choker was an identity for prostitutes.

Today, these intricate jewelry pieces are not only trendy, but they’ve also become one of the hottest fashion trends for different seasons.


So, when exactly did the chokers come into existence?

Well, the choker dates back to Anne Boleyn in 1507, who funneled the exciting choker trend. Anne was, without a doubt, the most fashionable woman during her period.

More specifically, Anne was popular in the conservative English society, and she introduced different fashion trends, all inspired by her love for fashion and the time she spent in the courts in France.

She wore a lovely choker necklace most of the time, and this can also be seen in her paintings.

The choker necklace gained popularity later in the French Revolution from 1798, where the chokers were regarded as poignant and powerful. Women wore red ribbon chokers as a tribute and as a way to pay homage to the people who were slaughtered by the guillotine. In 1860, Manet’s Olympia popularized the choker among prostitutes. She was painted wearing a choker-like ribbon around her neck.

Then came the Victorian Era between 1800 and 1900, where the chokers were worn by royalty, including Queen Victoria and Prince Alexandra. This was soon followed by the vintage charm of the chokers between the 1920s and the 1940s. It was followed by the Raging 90s when the dog collars were worn as chokers.

This shows that the chokers have been substantially popular over the years, and today, chokers are the most popular kind of accessory on the market.

But the changes across the years and through history are also the reasons why the chokers on the market today are very versatile and elegant. The many types and meanings of chokers, as well as the symbolism that could only have come to light thanks to history, are the reason why there are at least ten types of chokers.

So, if you are planning to buy a choker necklace, this article could be exactly what you need. In it, you’ll learn about the different choker styles, allowing you to choose the type of choker that suits you best.


11 Types of chokers and what they mean

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably wore the classic black tattoo choker, or you saw people wearing the chokers. It was the ‘hit’ accessory of the time, the ‘it’ accessory.

But from the beginning of the resurgence, there have been many types of chokers on the market, including new choker styles, as well as diamond-encrusted choker designs with charms on them.

With the chokers dominating the accessory scene, choosing the perfect choker that matches your style is an important step to make.

That said, here are the most common types of chokers you could choose from.  If you guys want to know Why Do Girls Wear Chokers? Read here for more information.


1.Silk Choker

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 The silk choker has been around for decades, and if you wear a silk choker, then you mean business.

The silk choker means that you are hard-working and strong-willed, and the best part is that you get down to business at all times, regardless of the task at hand.

At the same time, you love how the sleek, silk choker transitions on your neck perfectly.

You are someone to stick to your guns always, but you are also someone who’s fun to have around, and you could be the life of the party if you wanted to.


2.Charmed chokers

If you like the charmed choker necklaces, then it means that you are a charming person.

You are someone who strikes conversations with even the most unexpected of strangers while also being able to make friends easily, wherever you go.

So, when it comes to jewelry, you prefer statement jewelry that not only turns heads but also make you smile whenever you rock the jewelry.

Like you, the charm choker necklaces are fun and exciting, and the best part is that you can pair the choker with your wardrobe easily, especially if you are into bright colors or the Bohemian styles.


3.Diamond chokers

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 Persons into diamond-stuffed chokers are undoubtedly the life of the party, and if a song is to be used to describe their personality, ‘Shine Bright Like A Diamond’ by Rihanna would be the perfect theme song.

You are someone who lives it up, and you also like being the center of attention, and no one can blame you, really.

You are passionate, energetic, and bright, with a personality that always brightens up the room, just like your sparkly and shiny diamond choker.


4.Velvet Chokers

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 The velvet choker shows that you are an individual that possesses an air of confidence, a quality that is admired by almost everyone.

You are someone whose chin is always up, and you keep your shoulders pushed up.

Thanks to your confidence level, you can easily make a casual athleisure fit look ready for the runaway, with that velvety choker helping you pull off different outfit looks beautifully while keeping a sexy and alluring feel.


5.Lace Chokers

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 Lace is delicate, and if you love lace chokers, it means that you are a very warm-hearted person who also has a warm soul.

You are one to put your family and friends before your needs, and you often aim to please the ones you love, which can be to your detriment, unfortunately.

You also are a simple person who loves simple fashion, with an even simpler beauty taste.

You are, however, quite attracted to the delicateness of the lace detail, its gentleness, beauty, and the divine feel that you get from lace.

Because of your love for the lace choker and how delicate it feels, you often find yourself with your choker on for days on end.


6.Bow Choker

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 If you love your bow-style choker necklace more than anything else in your wardrobe, even your pastel ballet flats or shift dresses; it could mean that you are cute, quirky, adorable, and you have this spunky personality that brightens up rooms.

There’s also a chance that you like sharing pictures of your bow choker with different party dresses on Instagram.


7.Tattoo choker necklaces

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 Easily the most popular choker style of the 90s, the tattoo choker is stylish in a laid back way. A person who’s into the tattoo chokers is a creature of habit.

Wearing such chokers allows you to reminisce in the good, old times while also giving you cool, retro vibes.


8.Colorful choker

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 The colorful chokers are common with people who love being around other people, curious minds, and generally, persons who feel energized around groups – so, extroverts!

Your extroversion and your love for the highs from excitement and groups are reflected in your appreciation for brightly colored clothes and accessories.

And because of your naturally bright and friendly nature, the brightly colored choker complements your wide eyes and the big smile easily.


9.Dainty chokers

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 If wearing a choker necklace means wearing a dainty piece, maybe a choker made of metal, it could mean that you are quiet and an introvert. Most people can tell these about you from the first time they meet you.

 But what they may not know is that you are determined, fierce, feisty, and very strong, not soft or frail as they may assume.

You are not afraid to speak your mind, you don’t mind being the leader of the pack, and you are bolder than anyone would imagine.


10.Pendant Chokers

Lovers of pendant choker necklaces tend to love listening to classical music every day, they drink tea brewed in a teapot, and they are pretty much old souls.

If this is you, you believe in chivalry, traditions, and you are the true old-school romantic.


11.Statement Chokers

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 If a statement choker appeals to you and you wouldn’t think of any other kind of choker if you are to wear one, it could mean that you are daring and you could zip line, bungee jump, or skydive at the ridiculous places, no questions asked.

You are a true dare-devil unafraid to take a risk, and your aesthetic is a reflection of your fearlessness and your love for making the most memorable choices.



If you weren’t sure about the choker necklace to wear or wanted to learn more about who you are, you now know.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!