Can You Turn Yellow Gold into Rose Gold?(Jeweler’s Answer)

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Engagements are exciting, so are weddings, gifts, and any jewelry shopping spree. However, the deal cutter lies in finding the right jewelry pieces to match the occasion, your personality, and your overall sense of style.

Perhaps the right jewelry piece is one with precise details. Out of which, the main details of any jewelry items lie in their color. Without the right color, you may find an ornamental piece tacky, boring, too flashy, or even too much for your liking.

Gold comes in various colors, and each color has a personal touch of glamor to it. But what if the gift you got or the specific jewelry piece you purchased is only available in yellow gold, but you prefer to wear rose gold? What do you do? Read on to figure it out.

Can You Turn Yellow Gold into Rose Gold

Can you turn yellow gold into rose gold?

The overall yes. You can effortlessly turn yellow gold into rose gold. However, you can’t do it on your own. You will have to incur the service of an expert jeweler who does it with unique equipment specifically designed for this purpose.

Remember that gold in its natural form is yellow and can be altered to make other hues such as rose gold, white gold, blue gold, and the likes. Unlike white gold, rose gold is not dipped in anything to make it have a pink, rosy hue. It is more or less an alloy of gold and copper, which results in a warm golden pink metal.

That said, your jeweler doesn’t necessarily plate the ring in rose gold to make it rosy. Instead, they may reset it into a rose gold setting. But, if they dip your yellow gold jewelry piece in rose gold, then you may have to incur more costs for re-plating every time the top color fades.

Can You Turn Yellow Gold into Rose Gold

The process of making yellow gold

Yellow gold is a warm yet bright-colored metal. It is made by combining pure gold with a bit of copper and zinc. When it comes to evaluating the purity of yellow gold, a higher karat number (24k and 18k) is often an indicator of a higher gold percentage. However, a higher portion of gold in any jewelry item, whether a ring, necklace, or bracelet, makes the jewelry item less durable.

Pure gold, that is, 24k gold; is readily identified as yellow gold. However, it is too malleable. While its malleability makes it easier to produce and design stunning jewelry pieces, the same factor makes it too soft to make durable jewelry pieces. Because of this, it is combined with copper and silver for better results. The most common yellow gold ratio alloys are; (there are two types)

  • Darker yellow gold is a mixture of 10% silver, 75% gold, and 15% copper, and,
  • Warmer yellow gold comprises 12.5% copper, 75% gold, and 12.5% silver.

In general, yellow gold is well received by several people, and it readily brightens any kind of outfit you would ideally wear. The only difference is that it has a high karat yellow hue, and it scratches easily when you store it with other jewelry items. For this reason, you may have to pay regular visits to the jeweler for polishing. This way, it may last longer.

Can You Turn Yellow Gold into Rose Gold

The process of making rose gold

Rose gold is also known as red gold or pink gold, and it is not 100% gold. It is a delicate mixture of classic yellow gold, copper metals, and sometimes silver metals. The copper and the silver combine with the yellow gold to seamlessly create the pink hue we tend to see on rose gold jewelry items.

When the metals are blended in accurate portions, the color of the final product changes and its karatage is altered. For example, the most common alloy of rose gold that most jewelers use is 25% copper or silver to 75% pure gold, which makes 18k rose gold. On the other hand, 14K rose gold has 58.5 percent pure gold, while the rest is either copper or silver.

It is a popular color in the jewelry world and a huge fashion statement for most people. It works well with most skin tones, and it is a more elegant alternative to the glitzy yellow gold. It pairs well with any white gold or sterling silver jewelry pieces that you may have. All in all, its versatility is worth the investment.

Can You Turn Yellow Gold into Rose Gold

What are the components of rose gold?

The most common rose gold alloy ratios that most jewelers use are;

  • 18K red gold, which features 0% silver, 25% copper, and 75% gold,
  • 18K pink gold, which has 20% copper, 75% gold, and 5% silver, and,
  • 18K rose gold that consists of 2.75 silver, 75% gold, and 2.75% silver.

Can You Turn Yellow Gold into Rose Gold


If you change the color of your jewelry piece from yellow gold to rose gold, the plating would ideally last between three months and a year.

When you notice that your jewelry item is starting to turn yellow again, you need to get it re-plated.

Sometimes, you may have to re-plate it a lot more times to maintain its color.

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