Tungsten Rings Advantages and Disadvantages(Read before Buy)

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Are you looking for tungsten rings pros and cons? or advantages and tungsten ring problems. This post is just for you. One of the most popular alloy metals used to manufacture men’s wedding bands and rings is tungsten carbide. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to using this metal alloy.

Shopping for a wedding ring or wedding band can be a daunting task. With numerous options to choose from and various brands, it can quickly get confusing and irritating.

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More so, since the discovery of tungsten, the men’s jewelry world has seen a revolution. While premium materials, like diamond, gold, and platinum have ruled the world of jewelry for years, this affordable and durable metal alloy alternative has threatened their rule.

Pure tungsten is a silvery-white and lustrous metal that resists attacks from acids, alkalis, and oxygen. Its chemical name is wolfram with an atomic number of 74. Tungsten has a higher melting point than all other metals.

Its rings consist of a metal alloy containing an equal mixture of tungsten and carbon atoms. As a result, they contain key features that make it a favorite among many.


Advantages of tungsten rings(pros)

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Tungsten rings have managed to garner a reputation for themselves for being a durable and cheaper alternative to gold, diamond, and platinum wedding rings. These rings consist of tungsten carbide, which is a unique metal alloy with unique characteristics. Some of them include:

Durable and scratch-resistant

Diamond is the hardest material in the world, while tungsten is the hardest metal. The hard nature of tungsten allows it to provide a solid form and build quality that helps jewel manufacturers to design the rings to their liking.

As a result, tungsten carbide rings are incredibly durable and do not tarnish or wear off for years to come. ( here I write a topic on how long tungsten ring can last?)They can be easily engraved with lasers as to the liking of a designer and also allows them to apply various designs, colors, overlays, and finishes.

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Their scratch-resistant nature is perfect for those grooms who enjoy an active and adventurous lifestyle, without any fear of getting their hands dirty. NOTE: The most scratch-resistant version of tungsten rings are the silver-grey ones since they are more in their natural form rather than the black and golden ones.

I have been wearing this tungsten ring for the last 12 months, NO scratches at all. See!


Affordable price

One of the primary benefits of tungsten rings is that they are available at a pocket-friendly price. These rings are definitely a cheaper and more durable alternative when compared to titanium or ceramic rings. They are easily accessible on various online platforms, like Amazon, with a price range of $10-$50. ( if you want to know more, you should read my post: Why Are Tungsten Rings So Cheap on Amazon or eBay?

In addition to their low price tag, these rings have little to no maintenance. Tungsten rings maintain their shine and attractiveness for years(more than 30 years) to come without the need to clean them often. When you decide to clean and polish it, the procedure is simple and only requires a solution of warm water and a few drops of mild soap and then air dry it.

Pleasant feel

Tungsten rings are very weighty(average weight:15G-24G), giving you a pleasant feel on your finger. Its dense material ensures you do not lose your ring while performing other tasks as it is easy to notice when it is no longer on your finger. See the average weight a tungsten ring.



Disadvantages of tungsten rings(cons)


Tungsten rings are consist of premium quality tungsten carbide, which only breaks when you apply enough pressure to them. Jewelry manufacturers remedy their fragile nature by offering a lifetime warranty in case of accidental breakage. Some people who work with heavy machinery prefer wearing tungsten rings due to their durable properties.

Tungsten rings cannot be resized

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If you are looking for a re-sizeable modern ring, tungsten rings may not be your ideal choice. These rings are not resizeable. As such, you may have to purchase another tungsten ring if you need a bigger or smaller ring.

Health risks associated with tungsten ringsTungsten rings problems)

Are tungsten rings toxic? (you guys can read the full expert post here) You may ask. Tungsten carbide, also known as cemented carbide, has gained immense popularity in the bridal jewelry industry due to its durability and scratch-resistance. However, there are various reports on the long-term health risks involved with tungsten rings.

Tungsten rings are also popular due to their hypoallergenic nature. It does not react with other substances, including oxygen, acids, or any other elements, preventing your finger from turning green.

However, according to some health reports, long-term exposure to tungsten rings causes breathing problems and changes in behavior. It may also irritate the eyes and skin upon contact, resulting in redness, itching, and scaling of the skin. (Note: It could happen, but the chance is very slim)

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Inhalation of tungsten irritates the mucous membrane and lungs. There are no known chronic effects related to tungsten rings as well as no proof that prolonged exposure to this material worsens medical conditions.

Many health practitioners regard tungsten as a highly toxic compound, which is harmful to both humans and the environment. ( NOTE: tungsten alone might be harmful to human in the long term. But, tungsten carbide rings will not be harmful to human beings)



With numerous wedding rings and bands available in the market, it is vital to choose a ring that caters to your needs without compromising on its elegance and comfort. Tungsten rings combine sophistication, value, and durability for both men and women.

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 When buying tungsten rings, keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of these rings. It is advisable to purchase tungsten rings from jewelers who offer a lifetime warranty or place a guarantee on their products. A jeweler with a return policy is also quite beneficial in the event that the ring does not fit.

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