Trace Chain Vs Curb Chain- Differences, Pros&Cons and More

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Chains are a staple in most people’s jewelry collection, especially for men, seeing as to how limited their choices are. There is, however, an endless choice of designs and styles. Each style plays a crucial role in the overall design and durability of your chain, so you have to give it a lot of thought when picking one out.

The issue is there are so many different shapes, structures, and names you need to understand, to make the right decision. All this information can be confusing.

For a beginner, it is especially difficult to even choose between two choices like the Curb and Trace chain. Don’t worry though, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will take you through what a curb chain and trace chain are. We will also compare their differences, benefits, and shortcomings, so you can easily decide which one fits you best.


What Is A Trace Chain? What Does A Trace Chain Look Like?

Trace Chain Vs Curb Chain

Trace chains are a simpler version of link type of chains. The origin of its name is unknown, although some people speculate that it is based on how each link traces/follows the next in the chain’s sequence.

The problem many people face with the trace chain is that it is usually confused with many other link chains that are below a certain width. That makes it slightly difficult for some people to accurately identify a trace chain and sometimes people refer to them as anchor or cable chains.

The trace chain is, however, a delicate piece, whose design features uniformed oval or round links, joined together to form a continuous chain. Although you can find the chain in various thicknesses, it is rare to find it in a width that is more than 2mm.

They can, however, be made from different metals. For an added sparkle it can come with a diamond finish. The chain is suitable for dainty lightweight charms and pendants, or you can wear it alone for that minimalist look.


Pros And Cons Of Trace Chain

Trace Chain Vs Curb Chain

The following are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of a trace chain:


  • It is delicate and lightweight.
  • It is perfect for fitting through any bail size.
  • It is great for a minimalist look.
  • It is easy to style.
  • It is gender-neutral.


  • It is too delicate for heavy pendants.
  • It does not come in thicker sizes above 2mm.


What Is A Curb Chain? What Does A Trace Chain Look Like?

Trace Chain Vs Curb Chain

The curb chain, also known as gourmette or grumetta, is the most popular of all the chains across the world. Its design is said to be suitable for both adults and children, men and women alike.

The name comes from the fact that the chain was used as the strap under the horse’s jaw. The design of the chain is much like the cable chain, typically uniform oval links, only that they have been flattened and twisted so they lie flush against the skin. Some curb links can at times be round instead of oval.

The chain comes in different thicknesses. The thinner ones are perfect for kids and women, and also pair well with pendants. The thicker ones are mostly worked by men, although some women may wear them to make a bold statement.

The chain also comes in a variety of lengths and finishes. The most common finish is the diamond cut, which enhances the shine and appeal of the chain.


Pros And Cons Of Curb Chain

Trace Chain Vs Curb Chain

The following are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of a curb chain:


  • It is strong and durable.
  • It comes in a variety of thicknesses.
  • It is gender-neutral.
  • It pairs well with pendants.
  • It is easy to style.


  • Costs more than the trace chain.


What Is The Difference Between A Trace Chain And Curb Chain?

Trace Chain Vs Curb Chain

When you compare the two chains, especially of the same thickness, they may seem similar. That is because they are both made up of oval or round links. The difference, however, is that for a curb chain, the links are twisted and flattened. But that is not the only difference.

The trace chain is a delicate and dainty chain when compared to the curb chain. Given the structure of the two chains, the curb chain appears to be more durable.

The trace chai however is lighter and has a more subtle look. What’s more, it can fit through even the tiniest bail. Of courses, you can’t use heavy pendants on the trace chain, but the curb chain would be a perfect option,

Otherwise, both chains are categorized under link chains. They both follow the basic design of the well-known cable chain. They are both visually appealing, especially with a diamond-cut finish. But do not confuse them to be the same chain.


Trace Chain Vs Curb Chain- Which One Should You Buy?

Trace Chain Vs Curb Chain

Now that you are more knowledgeable about the trace and curb chain, let us tackle your biggest concern. Which of the two should you buy?

The truth is, there is no clear-cut answer, it largely depends on what you are looking for. Otherwise, both chains are a great option.

But if you are looking for something classic and thicker, that will stand out more, then the curb chain is a great option. It also works well with heavier pendants, being the sturdier choice.

If you are looking for something more subtle and minimalist, then you should opt for the trace chain. It is also light on the neck and easy to style, making it perfect for an everyday neckpiece.

The curb chain also seems to be more expensive compared to the trace chain, which is something you should also consider while making a decision. If money is no obstacle and you want something durable then go for the curb chain.

Trace Chain Vs Curb Chain

If the budget is limited then the trace chain is not a bad choice. At the end of the day, you just need to ask yourself, which of the two appeals to you the most.



To sum it up, both chains are amazing and worth every penny you pay for them. You just have to decide which one appeals to you more, that you can afford and best suits your needs.

That can be either the need to pair it with a pendant or to wear it as an everyday piece. Also, keep in mind that the metal used matters.

You should opt for good quality materials like gold or sterling silver, that are more durable and unlikely to wear out soon. Remember buying both is also an option if you still cannot decide.

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