Tongue Ring Size When First Pierced(with Tips&advice)

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What is the Tongue Ring Size When First Pierced? If you are new to tongue piercing, you might ask this question. A tongue piercing will put you through a great deal of pain and discomfort before it’s fully healed, but whether it heals properly in the first place or if it’s the root of your worst troubles will, to a great extent, depend on the size of the tongue ring chosen during piercing.

So, which is the right size of the tongue piercing ring that you will wear from the time you get the piercing? Is there a standard size of a tongue piercing ring? And how does the size of the initial tongue ring affect the healing of the piercing and the size of the rings you will use in the future?


Tongue Ring Size When First Pierced

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Typically, the tongue piercing will be done using a 14-gauge/ 14G tongue piercing ring made of high/ medical-grade titanium or even a 14K gold barbell that measures 7/8 of an inch. This is the size recommended for the initial tongue piercing ring, but that changes when the piercing has healed. Generally, the length of the ring/ barbell is shorted once the piercing heals.

Now, if you’ve never had an oral piercing, you might be wondering why the piercing ring has to be of a specific size. Well, the reason for this is that oral piercings come with a high risk to your teeth, as well as your dental work, but choosing the right size of tongue piercing jewelry is crucial in lowering that risk.

So, before you get your piercing, even if you are at a place that comes highly recommended, be a darling and let your inquisitive self out – ask any and all questions that you think are important or pertain to the size, material, and safety of the piercing, and if you have to annoy them, then it’s fine because you are only taking care of yourself.


What size tongue ring do they Pierce With?

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In most cases, tongue piercings are done using the 14G barbell or tongue. A 14G barbell/ ring means that the barbell portion of this jewelry is 1.6mm (diameter).

In other cases, however, piercers opt for the 12G barbell, which is larger than the 14G. They might also stretch the piercing site for it to accommodate larger jewelry later. Note that for you to find a perfect fit for the piercing barbell, you have to know the exact size of the gauge used. Anything too large or too small will make the barbell piercing’s fit uncomfortable and awkward.

The piercing jewelry used it also long because the longer barbells give the pierced site more room for healing and swelling. If the piercing swells and you are wearing a short piercing barbell, the swelling will wrap around the barbell, including the end balls, and this contact would increase the risk of infections. The long barbell encourages healthy healing and also lowers the risk of infection.

Also, you have to keep it on until the piercing is fully healed. Once it’s healed, you can wear shorter barbells, which will also reduce the risk of damage to your dental work and teeth. Once the piercing heals, choose a smaller ball on the underside of the tongue.


How long is a starter tongue ring?

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For the length, most of the piercing rings for the tongue are 16mm or 5/8 of an inch. This represents the length/ distance from the base of one ball to the other end of the ball.

However, to allow for swelling, the piercer will most likely choose the 1” barbell. This size is often uncomfortable for most people, but if it’s the one used for piercing, be ready to be uncomfortable with it for as long as the piercing heals. You can only change the piercing jewelry once the area heals, well, unless you have an allergic reaction to the metal. Once healed, choose a size that would feel more comfortable. Before you rush to an online store, ask your piercer for recommendations of the best tongue piercing barbells.


Tips and advice when you first pierce your tongue

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 Design of the barbell – if you choose a barbell that comes with decorations, along with the two balls, be sure that the material used for decoration or the design of the decoration will not hurt your healing process. To be safe, opt for the simpler barbells for the piercing.

Piercing jewelry material – in addition to the medical-grade titanium and 14K gold, other safe options include PMMA-quality acrylic, surgical steel, or crystal/ glass.

Placement – The size, length, design, and material of the piercing are all essential considerations, but if there is something else that you shouldn’t overlook, it’s got to be the placement of the piercing. By placement, we mean that the piercing must be positioned correctly. Discuss this with the piercer, but make sure that the piercing is on the midline of the tongue, right at the middle, and about ¾ “ back from your tongue’s tip. And the barbell should be pierced in diagonally with its top leaning back ever so slightly –this placement allows for the easy leaning of the top ball away from your teeth. This placement of the piercing is also comfortable because it means that the top part of the piercing will be high off the mouth’s roof, hence more room for the barbell. On the underside of your tongue, the piercing must be positioned right in front of that web-like skin pattern under the tongue/ lingual frenulum.

Care – Follow all the aftercare instructions as given and never skimp on those instructions. But first, make sure your piercer does everything right, from using disposable, sterile instruments, as well as single-use needles and sterile/ high-quality jewelry. Once you get home, maintain the highest standards of oral hygiene, cleanse, and make use of the right cleansers.

  • Don’t share utensils or drinks
  • Always wash your hands before you touch the piercing or any other part of your mouth
  • Avoid putting things in your mouth
  • No oral sexual activities for as long as the piercing heals
  • Invest in a new, high-quality toothbrush and keep it clean at all times.
  • Use ice to prevent swelling
  • Keep your head elevated at night
  • Use OTC anti-inflammatory to minimize swelling and pain
  • Don’t change jewelry before the piercing is fully healed



A lot goes into a tongue piercing that heals well, but you won’t struggle too much if the piercer does a good job and if you follow all the instructions provided.

For more piercing tips, you guys can visit this page for more. and Do not forget to read more tips here. 

Hey! I finally find the Answer!