What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

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You guys are searching for the hidden meaning behind toe ring, right? You are in a right place. Toe rings are trendy, and getting a toe ring might be on top of the list of things to buy for yourself as a Christmas gift.

But as you search for your perfect toe ring, you may want to read about toe rings, what they mean, and the etiquette to observe when wearing the toe ring.

What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

To ensure that you have all the right information in one place, we’ve compiled detailed insights into toe rings and everything you need to know about the toe accessory. So, let’s jump right into it!


Toe Ring Hidden Meaning

If you have been wondering why Indian women wear toe rings and what the rings mean, this section holds all the answers to your questions.

Below are the different reasons why people wear toe rings

What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

1. Cultural belonging

The primary reason why most people wear toe rings is that the toe ring is of great cultural significance. The toe ring is particularly important in the Indian cultures, where married women wore the toe ring to show off their marital status.

 In Hindi, the toe rings are called the “Bichiya,” in Telegu, they are called “Mettelu,” and in Tamil, the toe ring is the “Metti.” Across the Hindu/ Indian cultures, women would wear matching toe rings in pairs on the second toe of each foot. The rings are made of silver (not gold because gold jewelry is supposed to be worn above the waist only according to the Hindu religion).

What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

And though it’s not common or evident today, Hindu men would also wear open hoop toe rings made of silver. These rings are a preserve for the men who believe in Ayurveda and believe that wearing the ring on the third toe would help an unmarried woman have less painful menses. For the Tamil, men wore toe rings on the big toe to symbolize their masculine strength. Celtic women wore toe rings too.

What all these cultural beliefs and habits mean is that the toe rings seen in the western world represent a fairly new addition, and also, the rings are only worn as fashion accessories. That said, it is believed that the toe rings were first introduced in the United in 1973, by States by Marjorie Borell in her Original Toe Ring Boutique in New York.

What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

2. Ayurvedic and Scientific Reasons

While there seems to be a consensus around toe rings worn by Indian women as a symbol of marriage, there also are scientific and Ayurvedic reasons behind wearing toe rings.


3. Health (Reproductive) Enhancement

According to Indian cultures and beliefs, your life force or prana must be in balance for you to be healthy. And with all the paths of your life force/ prana running down to your toes, the idea that the toe ring is a marital symbol and also something that enhances your reproductive health might not be too far from the truth.

What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

By wearing the toe ring in both feet, the Indians believe that the rings help in the regularization of your menstrual cycle. With the even menstrual cycle intervals, married women have good hopes of conceiving.

 The toe ring is also believed to have erotic/ sexual effects, specifically when the ring is worn on the second toe. And according to reflexology texts, massaging the second toe is believed to help in the treatment of gynecological problems.

But that is not all, as certain believes note that wearing toe rings helps press down on specific nerves that affect the reproductive system, keeping it healthy and balanced.

What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

With these beliefs in mind, and also the fact that ancient Ayurvedic medicine has been used for centuries along with acupressure for treatment and enhancement of reproductive health, it’s safe to say that the toe ring could actually be beneficial to your health.

There’s also the belief that because the second toe and the second finger have a specific nerve that connects the uterus, passing through the heart, the toe ring and the constant friction on the toe when walking or doing chores will help to revitalize your reproductive organs.

What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

4.Quells Negative Energies

Toe rings are often made of silver. Silver is used not only because it is a precious metal; but also because silver is a good conductor, and it’s capable of absorbing energies passing from the earth’s polar regions through your body, flushing out the negative energies, leaving your whole body refreshed.


5. Stylish Jewelry

 The cultural roots and beliefs around toe ring aside, the popularity of the toe rings in the Western world/ countries has everything to do with their stylish design, not to mention the fact that the rings’ styles and designs are quite tasteful.

There are adjustable/open and fitted/ closed-toe ring designs, but the rings also come in different sizes, meaning that there is something for everyone.

The stylish toe rings on the market today are made of gold and sterling silver, and they come in classic, modern, and even Celtic designs.

What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

Toe Ring Etiquette

Yes, there is something like toe rings etiquette. Essentially, what this means is that there are simple rules that you may want to abide by when wearing toe rings.

But the most important thing to do is for you to keep up a stylish loo. You could wear the toe rings with your jeans in simmer, but you need to keep the ring on your second finger on the toe, next to the thumb. You could also wear multiple rings if you are into the funky style.


That said, here are some of the Dos and Don’ts that you need to observe around toe rings:

What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

  • Never wear your toe ring or any foot accessories over stockings or socks. This not only looks bad but also makes you look really weird.
  • Avoid the heavily jeweled or beaded toe rings because they make your feet look overcrowded, and that beautiful ring will just look tacky.
  • Check the toe rings’ price points. If the ring is super cheap, it means that it might not be made of the best materials, and if you are unlucky, the ring could harm your feet if you have sensitive skin. So, invest and spend money on quality.
  • Get a pedicure. For that extra elegance you wish for from the toe ring, make sure to set up your pedicure appointment now. You cannot wear a cute toe ring with unkempt feet/ nails/ toes. On top of the pedicure, make sure that your nail color matches the toe ring for a modern, super-chic feel.
  • Don’t gift someone a toe ring. As weird as this sounds, toe rings aren’t supposed to be gifted. So, if you want a toe ring, shop for yourself and look for the ring that has the perfect fit.
  • Always choose comfort over style.


What are Toe Ring Hidden Meaning and its Etiquette

What do guys think of toe rings?

As mentioned above, Hindu/ Indian men have been known to wear toe rings on each of their big toes as a symbol of their masculine strength and power.

Some also wear the rings for medicinal reasons as the rings allow them to tap into the toes’ pressure points for healing purposes.

Therefore, men wearing toe rings is nothing to be frowned upon, and we can expect more men to wear toe rings.

That said, we’ll admit that guys wearing toe rings remain a contentious issue, but most people are in support of guys wearing toe rings.


When to change toe rings?

  • Change the toe rings when/ if it feels too tight.
  • When the ring turns green or is generally discolored
  • When the ring has been on the toe for longer than you can remember


How many toe rings should I wear?

To avoid looking tacky, you should stick to one toe ring for each foot (and only wear it on the second toe next to the big toe).



Toe rings are stylish, trendy, and if you believe in Ayurveda (and science), the toe rings offer a number of health benefits.

If you choose to wear a toe ring, follow the toe ring etiquette above and also ensure the rings fit comfortably. Thanks for reading. Read more fashion topics here and here.

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