Titanium vs. Tungsten Rings Pros and Cons(Read before Buy)  

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If you want the difference between tungsten rings and titanium rings, or the pro and cons of titanium and tungsten rings. This post is for you.

The impressive bit about the jewelry world lies in its variety, as well as the openness of the jewelers and also their willingness to try different things. It is for the love of variety and different things that you will now find more titanium and tungsten jewelry options on the market. If you are looking for new rings, your options now include titanium and tungsten rings.

Titanium and tungsten rings are taking the world by storm, with more men and women buying engagement rings and wedding bands made of titanium today more than ever.

If the tungsten or titanium bug has bitten you too, you might want to read this article too. In it, we are sharing all the basics of titanium and tungsten rings, as well as their pros and cons. Keep in mind that titanium and tungsten look a lot similar than you’d think and you want to make sure that you buy the right thing.


You should know more about titanium and tungsten first


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Titanium is a silver-coated metal and an element of the periodic table. For use in jewelry, titanium is slightly alloyed with metals like aluminum and vanadium. The alloying process creates different grades of titanium, with some of the grades being harder and stronger than the others.

Speaking of hardness, titanium is one of the hardest metals used in jewelry making, and it is ranked at 8 on the MOH scale, which measures the degree of hardness of metals. This scale measures the hardness of the metal in contrast with the others by comparing how well it scratches in comparison to others. Therefore, it’s safe to say that titanium is scratch-free and not just hard.



Also known as tungsten carbide, tungsten is the other jewelry-making metal that is slowly growing in popularity. Tungsten carbide is made of a rare metal, tungsten as well as carbon atoms, in equal numbers. Like titanium, the tungsten used to make jewelry is not in pure form. Pure tungsten is difficult to work with as it is brittle.

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Therefore, it’s mixed with other elements like nickel, carbon, and cobalt. The creation of the tungsten alloy results in a metal that is more durable, versatile, and easy to work with.

Tungsten is also hard, and this might sound like it, but tungsten carbide is actually harder than titanium. It’s ranked higher on the MOH scale. Note that the other jewelry making material that’s harder than tungsten carbide is diamonds.

As a result of its hardness and chemical composition, tungsten is not only scratch-free but also boasts a ‘forever’ polished state. A tungsten ring will never get scuffed or marks after you wear it for some time which is why it’s the ideal fit for anyone leading an active lifestyle.


What’s the Difference between Titanium and Tungsten rings?

  • Hardness

Although titanium and tungsten are some of the hardest metals around, their biggest downside is the fact that the two metals are brittle. Tungsten, is, however, more brittle than titanium and your tungsten ring will break/ shatter if you drop it to the ground.

Note, however, that both titanium and tungsten are harder than platinum and gold.

Titanium rings are not as hard as tungsten, and they will not crack easily under pressure.

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  • Scratch-Resistance

Thanks to the hardness of tungsten, it’s more resistant to scratches than titanium.

But this doesn’t mean that titanium will get scratches seeing as titanium is more resistant to scratching than many other metals used in making jewelry.

On the other hand, no other metal, other than a diamond, can scratch jewelry or materials made of tungsten carbide.

  • Weight

Regarding weight, titanium and tungsten rings weigh almost the same, but titanium is extremely lightweight in comparison to tungsten and many other materials which is why a titanium ring is an ideal fit for you if you don’t want jewelry that weighs you down.

Tungsten is heavier than titanium, and it will feel weightier on your finger.

  • Hypoallergenic Properties

If you are looking for jewelry made of a material that you are 100% certain it will not cause any reaction, go for titanium.

Titanium is regarded as biocompatible metal – it is non-toxic and also non-hypoallergenic.

Plates and braces are made of titanium; meaning that titanium is perfect for rings if you are severely allergic to other metals.

Tungsten, on the other hand, is largely hypoallergenic, but you cannot say that it is biocompatible. One of the components of tungsten is nickel, and even though it has low nickel content, tungsten is not ideal for use by individuals with nickel allergies.

Besides nickel, tungsten also contains cobalt, and some wearers have been known to react to cobalt.

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  • Resistance

Tungsten and titanium are both resistant to tarnishing. They are also corrosion-resistant.

Titanium will not react to salt, chlorine or any other chemicals, including aqua regia which dissolves many metals. Tungsten is also corrosion-resistant.

  • Color

Titanium and tungsten carbide are both available in a darkish-gray color, although you could also find them in black.

Both metals are also versatile. Tungsten can be made into white or black, and you can get one with that white gold or platinum look/. Titanium is also versatile and can find titanium rings in different colors, including black, blue, and purpose.

  • Cost

They are both affordable, but the extraction of titanium is more extensive, which is why titanium rings might cost a little more.


Pros and Cons


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  • Biocompatible and hypoallergenic
  • It’s softer than tungsten, and it can be engraved or resized
  • It’s light on the finger
  • It’s very strong
  • Not brittle
  • It won’t be overheated
  • Resistant to scratching
  • Tarnish-free


  • It cannot be molded into intricate designs


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  • Scratch-resistant
  • It doesn’t tarnish
  • Versatile
  • Different color options
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Beautiful finish that will last forever
  • Easily engraved
  • It’s bright


  • It shatters on impact( tungsten rings made with cobalt)
  • It cannot be resized
  • Not hypoallergenic( tungsten rings made with cobalt)
  • It’s heavy
  • It cannot be removed easily in case of an emergency


Which is better? Titanium or Tungsten?

While both materials make great rings, titanium is better than tungsten as it is hypoallergenic, it’s available in different colors, and it won’t break. So, while both metals are great for jewelry, we’d recommend titanium, especially if you have severe nickel allergies. But if you want your ring last for more than 30 years, I suggest you buy a tungsten ring. Click this link to read about tungsten ring durability.

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At the end of the day, choosing between tungsten and titanium rings is a matter of preference. However, looking at the features of each metal, the benefits of titanium outweigh those of tungsten.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!