Titanium Steel vs. Sterling Silver(the Differences, Pros&Cons)

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Titanium steel and sterling silver are used in making wedding bands for both men and women, and they have been quite popular in the past few years. More people are moving away from the more traditional wedding rings for various reasons.

Some people are keen to move away from the old way of doing things and do what works. Others it is more about the style and what is accessible to them. Still, for the rest, it is about what is affordable, and not all precious metals tend to allow that.

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If you’re reading this, titanium steel and sterling silver has likely caught your eye. If you’re new to them, we are here to tell you about them.

Here are some things to know about both titanium steel and sterling silver to help you make the right choice for you. Some information might come as a surprise to you.

Read on to find out. When you’re done, you should be able to make an educated decision on what to get.


What is titanium Steel?

There is a misconception that titanium steel is the same as titanium. That is, however, not the case. The reality is that titanium steel is a type of stainless steel. Manufacturers and dropshipping companies mostly do the labeling of labeling as stainless steel from China.

For that reason, the naming of the product ‘titanium steel’ is misleading for someone who doesn’t know that titanium is a chemical element and a metal. Steel, however, is an alloy that contains carbon and iron along with other items.

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Therefore, when you combine titanium and steel, then you have a different meaning entirely. There could be various reasons for this kind of labeling, but for the most part, it could be a cultural issue. It’s looking at what is considered fair and what gets considered as misleading.

One way to look at it would be that the manufacturer uses the word titanium before the steel to imply how durable the stainless steel itself is. Other times, such labeling could be indicating that the product contains both titanium and stainless steel. For example, an earring could have a titanium shaft, but the claw holding the gem is made of stainless steel because it’s more malleable.

The other reality of titanium steel is that it is an alloy. It is titanium getting added to steel so that it can increase both the strength and corrosion resistance. The other aspect that adding titanium to an alloy is that it makes the steel lighter. That is something that is welcomed when you are making light-weight jewelry like earrings.


What is Sterling silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy that is made of 92.5 percent silver and the remaining quantity being made up of other metals.

One such common metal that makes up the remaining composition of sterling silver is copper.

With sterling silver, you will see that they are labeled 925; that is a mark for the sterling silver standard. The reason silver gets alloyed is that is 99.9 percent silver is too soft for jewelry making. The copper is meant to increase strength and hardness.

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 You will find that silver also gets alloyed with other metals other than silver, so reduce the tarnishing. Such elements include platinum, silicon, and zinc, among others. Sterling silver primarily exists so that different industries can harness the uses of silver. What gets made will not get damaged under everyday use, or wearing, in the example of earrings.

The other aspect of sterling silver is with regards to tarnishing. It tends to tarnish more than pure silver. As is, silver gets tarnished when exposed to air.

Copper, zinc, or nickel, which tends to be in alloyed silver, also tends to tarnish. That way, sterling silver requires more care for it to remain durable.

Even with that, sterling silver has a lot of benefits. The reality is that it is cheaper in market value as compared to pure silver.

Also, when sterling silver is made into a jeweler or other pieces, it looks just a good and gives you a timeless piece to enjoy.


The differences between titanium steel and sterling silver

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Thus far, we have established what both titanium steel is and sterling silver. The differences are in the composition of each and how they are made. Titanium steel (here is a detailed post, Click the link to read more)is iron, carbon, and titanium for hardness, and sterling silver has silver and either copper, zinc, or iron.

The other difference is with regards to durability when it comes to tarnishing. Titanium steel will give you more extended service because of the iron and the carbon contained within the alloy.

The other aspect is that titanium is denser than stainless steel, and that also affects the price points. Titanium steel will fetch a higher price than stainless steel. When you combine the two for jewelry, then the price will be higher. It will, however, be less than sterling silver because of the cost of silver and the percentage purity.


The pros and cons of titanium steel jewelry

There is useful in titanium steel and some disadvantages to be aware of. Let’s explore


+ It is economical to purchase

+ It is made of stainless steel that is mainly hypoallergenic

+Stainless steel is durable and can last you many years

+ You get to have both titanium and stainless steel on one piece of jeweler were it is important

+ Stainless steel needs minimal care to keep it looking new.

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Titanium steel is not titanium and thus misleading if you don’t know what it is

– Some of the steel may contain allergenic nickel

The pros and cons of Sterling silver jewelry


There is good in sterling silver and some cons to be aware of. Let’s explore


+ It is made of 92.5 percent pure silver, making it a piece of precious jewelry to have

+ It makes for prestigious pieces that you can hand down to your family as an heirloom

+ Sterling silver is valuable when it comes to reselling

+ It can get resized when you need to.

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– It tends to be prone to scratches

It is expensive


Which is better sterling silver or titanium steel?

Looking at the comparison between sterling silver and titanium steel, titanium steel is about three to four times stronger than stainless steel.

For that reason, you’re assured you that your ring will last for generations to come. Where sterling silver tends to fair on better than titanium steel is with regards to being durability.

That is not because of the silver per se but the other metals that alloy the metal. Titanium steel might last longer; you might need it to give it more care when it comes to polishing. If you neglect your ring, it will become dull, and the scratches more prominent.

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If you’re looking to have a silver piece, the sterling silver is the route to take. It is more valuable than titanium steel.

However, with it comes the need to take care of it so that it doesn’t starch and lose its luster. One of the ways to care for it is by taking it off when you’re undertaking any activities with water, no matter the type.

Thus, take it off while in the shower, when it the pool and when you’re enjoying the waves at the ocean. Also, polish it regularly to remove any debris and dirt that might scratch the surface.


Titanium steel vs. sterling silver earrings; which one is better?

Here, there is no clear winner when it comes to earrings. That’s because earrings are delicate pieces. They tend to be light, and there are endless designs that you can wear them in.

Perhaps, the factor to consider is finding out of the titanium steel you’ve bought nickel free. Not all stainless steel pieces are hypoallergenic. Also, there is the reality that some people are indeed allergic to silver.

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Also, because of the other difference, such as pricing and what your budget is, it wouldn’t be entirely possible to state which earrings are better.

Even so, ensure that you look up various vendors that are selling titanium steel before making a purchase.

From that, you can establish an average cost to avoid getting knocked off. Be wary of vendors who promise you that titanium steel and titanium are the same.



There are a lot of metals in the jewelry world that get used to making your favorite pieces. It helps always to have adequate knowledge about each metal and what it means, especially if it is all new to you. You might have questions about if sterling silver is real silver or even what titanium steel means.

The familiar words don’t always capture the essence of what the alloy is. Keep that in mind, when you’re shopping online or otherwise to avoid purchasing pieces that you don’t intend to buy.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!