7 Tips for Wearing Gold Pendant with Silver Chain

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Can you wear a gold pendant with your sterling silver chain? Is it tacky to wear pendant chain necklaces made of different materials?

When it comes to jewelry, most of us play it safe, and we often opt for the same tone/ metals for jewelry because it seems like to be the societal norm – if you are wearing gold jewelry, keep it gold all the way and if you opt for sterling silver, keep it sterling silver.

Today, however, the fashion scene is changing, and it seems okay to wear two-tone jewelry, as long as you wear the jewelry right. While gold pendants are very versatile as they offer a unique look, especially when paired right, there are things you need to be aware of when buying and wearing gold pendants with silver chain necklaces.

Keep reading to learn more about pairing gold and silver.


Is it tacky to wear silver and gold jewelry together?

Well, it depends on your style and who you are trying to impress. Generally, if your intention is to impress and blend in with people in the upper crust, you should stick to a one metal jewelry style.

While the gold and silver rules date back to the Victorian times, a time when the wealthy would set different rules for fashion and etiquette to set apart people in different classes, making it easy for the rich and wealthy to pick out or look down upon persons whose jewelry (and life) wasn’t up to par.

Today, this still applies to some circles, but fashion trends are breaking down some of the barriers put up by societies, and if you balance out your jewelry well, it would seem tacky to wear gold and silver jewelry together.

Just keep in mind that there are cases where it’s tacky to wear gold and silver jewelry together.


Can You Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together?

The biggest fashion myth of all time is to never mix metals, with the old mandates on fashion noting that it was an absolute no-no to wear gold and silver jewelry together.

However, things have changed, and fashion is what you make it. You can mix gold and silver jewelry, and this allows you to easily play around with different jewelry patterns and styles, coming up with a unique look.

Wearing and silver pieces at the same time will add a splash of color and spice up your look.

However, you need to bear in mind that despite the temptation to wear silver and gold as a way to amplify your style, some metal mixes could be overwhelming, which means being extra careful when trying to mix silver and gold jewelry.

So, can you wear a gold pendant with a silver chain?

Yes, you could wear gold and silver jewelry together, but there are rules you need to observe. Sometimes, mixing gold and silver just doesn’t work.


7 Tips for wearing a gold pendant with a silver chain

1.Settle on your clothes first

Often we choose the clothes and jewelry we’ll wear based on how they look together and whether they will match or complement each other.

But instead of wasting time in the morning only to end up looking tacky, how about you settle on the clothes you’d like to wear first, then choose and settle on jewelry afterward?

By choosing your outfits first, you have an easy time complementing different tones in the outfit by mixing different pieces of gold and silver jewelry.

Settling on your outfit first is important because it not only sets the right tone for the jewelry but also makes jewelry selection a breeze.

A high neckline dress or top, for example, won’t work with a  long necklace, while the plunge neck dress would be complemented well with the gold pendant silver chain.

2.Never overlook jewelry categories.

The other important thing to note when mixing silver and gold jewelry is that the metal mixes often help in drawing attention to specific areas of the body, for example, the neck.

For the perfect balance of gold and silver jewelry, you need to pay attention to symmetry. Lack of symmetry where jewelry is concerned is the main reason why mixing gold and silver may create a tacky effect.

In addition to symmetry, you must also focus on a specific theme, size, and design for a more balanced look. The good news is that gold and silver jewelry combinations for neckpieces make it easy for you to customize your look.

Adding a gold pendant to a silver chain, for example, work as a classic embellishment that adds style. Remember that whether you opt for gold and silver necklaces or rings, the key is to create and maintain balance.

The combination you settle on must preserve balance – you don’t want to look like you have added the gold bit because you ran out of options.

Also, focus on that one area of your body that will complement your outfit best, and wear the gold-silver piece there.

So, while some metals complement your skin tone better than others, the key to balancing and pulling off the gold and silver look perfectly is to balance the jewelry pieces.


3.Add a nice twist to the mix.

Like the gold pendant on the sterling silver necklace chain, you could add a nice twist to your gold and silver mix by adding some color to your outfit to compliment the silver and gold shades.

 For example, a rose gold bar chain necklace with bright yellow gold plus silver charms.

Such combinations create a nice, fun look while enhancing your outfit.

4.Buy mixed metal pieces for a nice feel

With more people opting for mixed metal jewelry, jewelers are coming up with mixed metal jewelry styles, and you will find many cool silver pieces mixed with elegant gold pieces for that breathtaking look; if you are not sure about mixing metals, buying pieces of jewelry that come as mixed pieces would be a great place for you to start and get your feet wet.

You can tell whether that look works for you or not by judging the reactions of those around you and how you feel about the mixed metal piece.


5.Always insist on the highest quality pieces of jewelry.

If you are going to wear gold and silver jewelry, the most important thing to do is to make sure that the jewelry you opt for is made of high-quality metals.

 For the gold and silver to complement each other, both metals used must be of the highest quality.

Poor quality silver or gold show, and you can avoid looking cheap/ tacky by settling on the best quality jewelry only.


6.Do not overdo it

You’ll be tempted to throw on more and more pieces, especially when you realize that mixing metals works for you, but you should be careful not to overdo it.

 If you are mixing metals, settle on one area of your body beforehand.

 So, choose to wear bracelets, rings, or necklaces made of different metals, but never have different metals for your neck, arm(s), and fingers.

7.Seek inspiration online

Most people underestimate the importance and value of the internet.

Social media and the web offer great ideas on how to mix jewelry, and you can always seek inspiration online with ease.



Yes, you can mix gold and silver jewelry, and you can wear a sterling silver chain with a gold pendant easily.

 Use the tips above, and make sure to always stick to one type/ style of jewelry for the perfect mixed metal jewelry look.

You should also focus on one area of your body for the best effect.  

Thanks for reading. for more useful tips, please visit this page for more. 

Hey! I finally find the Answer!