Here are 9 Useful Tips for Wearing Apple Watch To Bed

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Your Apple Watch, is without a doubt, your best and most important companion, and you can use it for pretty much everything, from tracking your sleep and workouts to listening to podcasts and music, not to mention take your important health metrics like your heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen level, and you could also use it to protect your hearing and to time your handwashing.

In terms of productivity, nifty functions like the Do Not Disturb Mode will come in handy in keeping you motivated throughout or just making sure that you actually sleep undisturbed. On top of all these, your Apple Watch would also help you call emergency services too. With all these in mind, it makes sense that you would go to bed with your Apple watch.

Tips for Wearing Apple Watch To Bed

How then do you make sure that you are wearing your Apple watch correctly and safely when sleeping?

With the different health risks of EMF radiation associated with electronic devices, you need to make sure that you are not putting your health in jeopardy just because the smartwatch could change your life.

Below are some of the helpful tips to ensure that you wear your Apple Watch safely and comfortably at all times.

Tips for Wearing Apple Watch To Bed

Can you wear the apple watch to bed? Is it bad?

Yes, you could wear your Apple Watch to bed, and it looks like strapping your watch to your arm is a lot like wearing your computer to your arm, meaning that you’d want to keep it on securely.

Even though it emits EMF radiation/ waves, this wearable gadget is sensor-laden, and it’s now said to be designed with elegant EMF blockers that enhance its function while keeping you healthy and safe.

how to sleep with Apple watch

The smartwatch is also safe to wear to bed because it is designed to offer the maximum possible amount of comfort, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about the watch affecting your skin much. That said, you’d want to take it off on occasion, especially if your sweat a lot, to prevent skin irritation and to give your wrist a chance to just breathe.

That said, not everyone is comfortable sleeping with any kind of jewelry on, not even a fitness watch, and if this is the case, you may want to adjust the watch’s settings to make it more comfortable, or you could have it o occasionally. The good news is that the smartwatches come with smooth, curvy edges that will protect your wrist and ensure that you don’t even feel the watch. The first few days, the watch might feel a little off and uncomfortable, and you get used to it rather fast.

Tips for Wearing Apple Watch To Bed

To ensure maximum comfort while sleeping, it would be a good idea to choose the silent alarm option before bed, and you may also want to turn on the Do Not Disturb Mode. As long as the watch causes you no discomfort when sleeping, then you can sleep with the watch on comfortably.

Just make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure on the watch while keeping it on.


Benefits of wearing an apple watch to bed

The benefits of wearing your Apple watch to bed are as follows:

Tips for Wearing Apple Watch To Bed

1. It offers great sleep comfort levels – this comes from the fact that the watch has smooth and curvy edges that make sleeping more comfortable, especially if you compare this watch with the ordinary watches that have sharp, uncomfortable edges, and also a high risk of the dials falling off. You could change the band to something more comfortable, especially if you need a little more comfort.

2. Powerful sleep tracking apps incorporated – your Apple watch comes with a wide array of apps for tracking your sleep, including the auto-sleep tracking app that allows you to track not just the quality of your sleep but also sleep problems like sleep apnea. The best part is that sleep is auto-detected by the app.

3. The vibration alarm works great – and this might be a great feature if you have trouble waking up in the morning.


9 Tips for wearing an Apple Watch to bed

For the best level of comfort when sleeping with your Apple Watch, keep these tips in mind:

1. Make the best out of the sleep-tracking app.

how to sleep with Apple watch

If you are using an Apple Watch with the WatchOS 7, you will be happy to know and that the tracking app comes with a number of features and applications that ensure easier tracking.

This application’s version is rather easy to use, and it allows for easy tracking of your wake-up and bedtime, meaning you finally get to track your sleep patterns.

If you are worried about your sleep hygiene, then the watch would be an excellent investment to not just help you go to sleep faster but also to keep the distractions away.

Some of the features of the sleep tracking app include the Do Not Disturb, the Wind Down mode, and you’d also have the option to change the screen lock to an interface that is less distracting.

Tips for Wearing Apple Watch To Bed

2. Protect the battery

The biggest challenge around Apple watches and other smartwatches are that the battery can be a little problematic, and you need to make sure that you charge the battery daily.

Unfortunately, this would mean that you don’t have any time to charge it.

So, you’d want to set aside some time during the day to charge the watch.

Tips for Wearing Apple Watch To Bed

3. Get more sleep-tracking apps.

In addition to the apps by Apple, you could also download third-party apps for sleep tracking.

This is important because you don’t need to stick to the apps offered under IOS.

Most of these apps allow for easier and more accurate tracking options for your heart rate, and you can also monitor your sleep movements with ease.


4. Invest in an EMF Blocker strap

how to sleep with Apple watch

The biggest challenge with smartwatches is that the watches, just like smartphones, emit radiation, which is essentially why many people are against wearing smartwatches to bed.

But you could counter this problem by investing in an EMF blocker. Generally, the blocker will absorb the extra radiation, and you can still get a good night’s sleep.

That said, smartwatches emit very low levels of SAR, and the levels are not harmful to humans. Still, don’t underestimate the power of the low level of emissions and incorporate a blocker.

The EMF blocker is in the form of a strap, and it will block the emitted radiation from your body, making sure that you don’t suffer the long-term effects of radiation.

Tips for Wearing Apple Watch To Bed

5. Always find a comfortable strap for the watch.

Opt for rubber or nylon smartwatch straps and not silicone because these materials are more comfortable, and you wouldn’t have to worry about sweating or scratches on the wrist.

Silicone is not breathable and doesn’t offer as much cushioning as rubber or nylon straps.


6. Ensure that the watch fits comfortably and snugly but not too tightly

how to sleep with Apple watch

For accurate sleep and fitness tracking, especially of sleep, your blood oxygen levels, or ECG, ensure that the watch strap fits snugly but not too tightly that it feels uncomfortable.

The best watches will have firm fasteners that still fit comfortably.


7. Sleep on your back

You need to sleep on your back to keep your wrist free and to make sure that the readings on the watch are accurate.

Sleeping on your side, for example, will put too much weight on your arms, so sleeping on your back would be much more ideal.

Tips for Wearing Apple Watch To Bed

8. Change the home screen for sleeping comfort.

For maximum comfort while sleep and with no sleep disturbances, you might want to enable the modular face for the watch.

The modular face means that the watch will not light up too brightly while you sleep. Choose the darkest shade color to reduce your exposure to blue light when sleeping.


9. Enable the Theatre mode

Since the bright blue light from smart devices has the potential to reduce the production of melatonin, disturbing your sleep, you should enable the theatre mode to prevent the screen’s activation while you sleep or as you move around while sleeping.

You could also turn on the Do Not Disturb mode for comfortable sleeping.



If you must wear your smartwatch to bed, you should consider the tips shared above for maximum comfort and for your safety.

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