4 Quick Tips For Sleeping With Clear Quartz Under Pillow

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Clear quartz is known for its restorative energy. It is the top crystal stone recommended for people struggling to sleep. It is also used in feng shui to encourage peace and to ensure a balanced state.

But there is a lot more that you may not know about clear quartz, a transparent and colorless mineral made of silicon and oxygen combinations.

Tips For Sleeping With Clear Quartz Under Pillow

In feng shui, therefore, this crystal is recommended for strengthening all the effects of other crystals that you may be used to enhance your well-being. Clear quartz is known for its ability to purify your energy levels. It’s also a powerful manifestation crystal.

But how do you ensure you enjoy this crystal’s full benefits? Besides wearing jewelry made with clear quartz, you could also keep clear quartz crystals under your pillow.


Can you sleep with clear quartz under the pillow?

Tips For Sleeping With Clear Quartz Under Pillow

Yes. As one of the crystals recommended for sleep, you should consider putting a clear quartz crystal under your pillow when sleeping.

Clear quartz and many other crystals have been used for thousands of years because of their cleansing, healing, and effectiveness in enhancing meditation.

It’s also known for its ability to enhance sleep because despite the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night, many people struggle with sleep, and thanks to these crystals, you will be able to sleep better at night.

Over the years, more and more people have been putting crystals under the pillow, and now, a good number of crystals are incorporated into pillows as biocrystals.

Tips For Sleeping With Clear Quartz Under Pillow

These offer significant benefits to the wearer. Crystals under your pillow will enhance sleep by providing the positive vibrations that cells need to calm you. The vibrations from the crystals will also boost your overall cellular energy levels.

Some benefits of sleeping with clear quartz crystals under the pillow include lowered heart rate, muscle relaxation, reduced muscle tension, slower rate of breathing, and increased blood oxygen levels.

Together, all these effects on the body result in stress reduction and improved sleep quality and life.


Benefits of sleeping with clear quartz

Tips For Sleeping With Clear Quartz Under Pillow

1. Clear quartz not only improves your sleep, and it will also improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

2. This crystal will also improve meditation by calming your mind and stopping the racing thoughts, making it easy for you to visualize your energy and feel calmer. With a calm mind, you will quickly fall asleep and have a full night of completely uninterrupted sleep.

3. Clear quartz is also recommended for sleeping because it creates a sense of serenity and peace. Essentially, clear quartz enhances mental clarity thanks to the fact that it is transparent, so sleeping with the crystal under your bed will calm your mind before bed and when you’re sleeping. If you have been struggling with sleep because you feel overwhelmed, stressed, spaced out, and because you are feeling negative, then this crystal would be the ideal fit for you.

Tips For Sleeping With Clear Quartz Under Pillow

4. In addition to allowing, you to enjoy a good night’s sleep, clear quartz will also help you to sleep well through the night if you struggle with chronic pain or if you’re unwell and struggle with the kind of pain that may be keeping you up all night long. This comes from the fact that clear quartz crystals aid in alleviating pain from physical pain and illness. Its sedative effects will also ease muscle pain, meaning that if you have pain in your shoulders, back, and neck, clear quartz crystals under your pillow will do the trick. The sedative effects of clear quartz crystals are why this crystal is referred to as the master healer.

5. It also treats migraines. This is the case because the clear crystal is a powerful healer that increases energy flow in the body, drawing away the pain from your body. And if you have been struggling with migraines, this crystal under your pillow would be perfect.

6. It boosts your energy levels. Besides pain relief, clear quartz will also boost your energy levels because it is an energizing crystal.


4 tips for sleeping with clear quartz under the pillow

Tips For Sleeping With Clear Quartz Under Pillow

1. First, you shouldn’t have too many crystals in your bedroom. You should have a few pieces of clear quartz crystals under your pillow, but we recommend keeping just one piece under your pillow. Keep in mind that different crystals carry different energies, and they are at different vibrational energies, which means that when you combine different crystals with different vibrational energies, the crystals may be more disruptive than calming.

2. If you are uncomfortable putting clear quartz under the pillow, keep the clear quartz crystal on your bedside table.

3. Using clear quartz crystal alongside other sleeping aids like lavender essential oils and a good pillow will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits of the crystals and for a good night’s sleep. The best about these crystals is that they may help you have more pleasant dreams and a full night of good-quality sleep.

4. If you are a light sleeper, you shouldn’t keep the clear quartz under your pillow because its energizing effects may keep you up.



Clear quartz under your pillow might be the ideal solution if you have been struggling to sleep or need extra help sleeping well through the night.

It will calm your mind, alleviate pain and stress, and your quality of life will improve over time.

We also recommend wearing a clear quartz crystal bracelet during the day to experience the beautiful effects from this powerful healing crystal.

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