6 Quick Tips For Sleeping With Black Onyx Jewelry

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Black onyx is one of the crystals that’s grown quite popular among crystal lovers over time, and you may be considering getting yourself a black onyx bracelet.

For most people, the black onyx is not just one of the most stunning solid color crystals but also the most beneficial/ helpful, thanks to its numerous healing effects on the person wearing it.

The black onyx crystals have been shown to create and bring a more positive impact in the lives of the persons wearing them because the black onyx is associated with and signifies calmness, willpower, and protection. It also boasts several healing effects, hence used for many centuries.

One of the biggest benefits of the black onyx, however, seems to be its beneficial effects on sleep, and this is one of the biggest and the main reasons for the popularity of this stone.

While symbolizing energy purification and willpower, the Black onyx also protects the wearer from difficult situations and evil spirits. It is also a symbol of good fortune and creates a great sense of self-confidence.

The black color also creates a sense of calmness and coolness. It also enhances your sleep. So, how should you sleep with the black onyx bracelet?


Brief introduction of black onyx

Tips For Sleeping With Black Onyx

The black onyx is a crystal that is known and used for protection, self-control, grounding, and it’s also used as an effective shield against negative energies.

This crystal is a chalcedony that is made of multiple fine growths of silica minerals. The black onyx belongs to the silicon dioxide family of crystals like agates and quartz.

It is easily identified by the presence of white parallel bands that form in the black material, hence variable colors for the black onyx.

It is often translucent to opaque, and it is available in different colors, including yellow, red, green, white, brown, and even black. The black onyx has also been shown to heal grief.


How does black onyx help with sleep?

Tips For Sleeping With Black Onyx

The black onyx is considered one of the most protective stones that protect you from evil while also calming the ardors of love.

It is also grounding and protective, and if you struggle with sleep or have insomnia because of anxiety or endless intrusive thoughts, then the black onyx might be the ideal crystal for you to wear and keep around.


Can you sleep with black onyx? Is it safe?

As a healing stone, the black onyx can help you sleep by helping you physically and mentally.

That said, the black onyx has been shown to have some positive effects on sleep to some users who opt to place it under the pillow or near the bed.

To these individuals, the black onyx encourages good sleep, helps get rid of bad sleep, and makes for a more restful and calm sleep.


What happens when you sleep with black onyx?

Tips For Sleeping With Black Onyx

When you sleep with black onyx, the stone has been shown to help you have a good and calm sleep. Not just because it calms the mind and eases your anxiety, but also because of its healing effects on your physical being in that it heals diseases that relate to the kidney and the liver.

And with an overall sense and feel of good health, you are certain that you will enjoy better sleep. So, if you sleep with the black onyx, you will be able to sleep better over time.

That said, the black onyx is not the ideal birthstone for sleep where most people are concerned. And though it has some healing effects and would even help you confront the old hurts and help you move past them, the stone would still bring back the old hurt and the experiences that would make your sleep worse.

So, in some cases, sleeping with the black onyx may actually make you experience more bad dreams, including traumatic dreams, especially if you are dealing with some ongoing emotional trauma.

If your overall intention is to sleep better, then sleeping with the black onyx might not be ideal for you. In such cases, the black onyx may make you feel weary, tired, low-energy, or depressed when you wake up. You may even find yourself breaking down with no concrete warning or reason.

Tips For Sleeping With Black Onyx

In other words, if you have experienced some trauma in the past and want to think about or consider using the black onyx because of the other benefits of the stone, you should avoid wearing the black onyx often. If you must, you should ease into it very slowly.

Also, you shouldn’t have the stone in your bedroom at night if you have past emotional trauma to deal with.


Is Black Onyx good for Sleep?

Sleeping with the black onyx stone is not an ideal thing for everyone. Some people sleep better with the black onyx; others don’t.


6 Tips for sleeping with black onyx

Tips For Sleeping With Black Onyx

Not everyone can sleep with the black onyx stone – Who shouldn’t go to sleep with the black onyx?

  1. If you have suffered emotional or physical trauma in the past, you should go to sleep with the black onyx. Although it helps people confront their past hurts and allows them to move past, it may bring up the past hurt, making it harder for you to fall asleep
  2. Persons struggling with depression and loneliness should also avoid the stone. While it helps some people to feel grounded and to overcome negativity, and even enhance confidence, it forces persons struggling with depression/loneliness to alienate themselves even further.
  3. Be intentional about the stone and how you introduce it in your life.
  4. Keep an open mind – the stones don’t have standard effects on everyone who chooses to wear or keep them around.
  5. If you don’t feel great after one night with the black onyx stone, then it might not be the best option for you, and you should consider finding other options.
  6. Find alternatives to the black onyx like amethyst, rose quartz, howlite, fluorite, or moonstone if you struggle with depression or past emotional trauma.



Although the black onyx is a powerful calming, grounding, and healing stone, it is not the ideal option for everyone because it brings up stuff from the past and may make one feel the need to alienate themselves.

But it works well for some people and helps with insomnia and other sleep problems. The catch is that you wouldn’t automatically know what effect the stone will have on you until you try it.

But you could introduce it to your life slowly by leaving it in the bedroom occasionally and being aware of how its presence makes you feel.

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