7 Tips for Finding Lost Diamond In The Grass Or In Your Yard

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Have you lost a diamond in your yard or in the grass? If yes, you are probably in panic mode and feeling desperate. The thought of replacing it can leave you more heartbroken due to the high cost. This is a situation that many diamond owners have found themselves in.

Many people in this situation are curious to find effective ways of recovering a lost diamond in a yard. That is where we come in.

This post shares tips to help you find your lost diamond without struggling. Read on!


How to find a lost diamond in the yard or in the grass

The grass is among the worst places you could lose a diamond since finding small pieces of such jewelry can seem like an impossible task. You should, however, not lose hope without trying to recover it. Try the following.

1. Use a strong flashlight

how to find lost diamond in yard

If you are not in any rush, you can wait for the dark, then use a strong flashlight to find the lost diamond.

A flashlight that can pinpoint light to a particular area in your yard or one with low light intensity can help you recover a lost diamond.

Since diamonds sparkle, you can use this to your advantage when you lose the piece.

The flashlight should have a small cast radius of about 6 inches to help you find the lost diamond. Its ray can make this piece of jewelry sparkle so that you can easily find it on the grass.

You can use the flashlight at a slight angle as you walk in your yard. You have to concentrate on avoiding missing the sparkle.

If the diamond you are trying to find is colored, you can increase your chances of getting it by using a black light.

This is because most real-colored diamonds tend to light up under this kind of light. You can easily find the diamond by gradually sweeping the blacklight back and forth.


2. Use your hands

how to find lost diamond in yard

Is the process of finding the diamond taking longer than expected? You can lie on a plastic tarp to avoid getting tired. Use your eyes and hands to try and find the diamond in the grass.

When you use the sense of touch on the grass, you can easily find the piece of jewelry since it is a hard stone with a different texture from other elements on the grass.


3. Borrow a friend’s diamond

how to find lost diamond in yard

If you have just bought a new diamond and lost it in your yard, you may not know what you are looking for.

Find out if a friend or neighbor has a similar piece of jewelry and use it to find the lost diamond.

Be careful as you use the friend’s diamond to avoid losing it as you try to find your own.


4. Retrace your steps

Rather than panicking when you lose the diamond, you should try to retrace your steps. Using reverse search has helped many people find such jewelry.

how to find lost diamond in yard

Try to remember the specific area where you walked in your yard when you realized that the diamond was missing. This is the first place in the grass that you should look at.

If you cannot find it around that spot, you should focus on the nearby areas since diamonds can roll around. Most diamonds with unusual shapes tend to hide in areas where you least expect them.

Instead of wandering in your yard aimlessly, you should try searching for the diamond in the yard a square meter at a time.

Use wood stakes and a string to mark the meter squares in the grass to avoid repeating the same spot you search for the diamond ring.

Doing this increases your chances of finding it. Have you spent an entire day looking for the diamond in the grass with no success? If yes, consider the possibility of having lost it somewhere else and check around the house or in your car.


5. Avoid watering or mowing the yard

how to find lost diamond in yard

You should not mow or water the yard if you lose the diamond in the grass and cannot find it immediately.

Give yourself time as you continue looking for it before you start mowing the yard.

If you lost the diamond when someone was mowing the yard, you should look for it among the grass clippings.


6. Try using a metal detector

how to find lost diamond in yard

A metal detector can also help you find a lost diamond in your yard. Since buying one is expensive, you can consider borrowing this device from a friend or renting one. This is effective since it can detect such metal objects in the grass.

Alternatively, you can also try covering the yard with plastic and then look for the diamond using a magnifying glass.

Using dark plastic to cover the yard is crucial since it can prevent birds from taking off with a shiny diamond. A magnifying glass makes it easy to find a small piece of diamond in a large yard.


7. Get help

how to find lost diamond in yard

If you have tried all the tips and are still unable to find the lost diamond in the grass, you should consider hiring a professional. Certain professionals specialize in recovering lost jewelry in such areas.

Though you have to pay for their services, they can save your time and help you recover your precious diamond. Alternatively, you can also get assistance from your friends searching for the lost diamond. This is cheaper than hiring professionals.

When you have a couple of friends assisting you in looking for the lost diamond in the yard, you have a better chance of finding it than working alone.

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Finding a lost diamond in your yard can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially if you have a large compound. However, this should not discourage you since it is possible to recover it.

Since many people have been in a similar situation, they came up with practical steps to recover a lost diamond in the grass. Try the above tips to find it.

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