11 Tips for Choosing a Cartier Love Bracelet for My Girlfriend

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There is no doubt that buying your girlfriend a Cartier love bracelet will score you major boyfriend points to last you the rest of the year or longer. It is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, and you cannot go wrong with this kind of purchase.

And knowing just how much young people love the bracelet and the fact that it is one of the most expensive accessories would mean that you must take time to examine your options.

You need to choose carefully and correctly, and this guide is precisely what you need to make the right choice.

So, if you need some help choosing the perfect Cartier love bracelet for your girl, here it is!


How do I choose a Cartier Love Bracelet for my Girlfriend

1. Lifestyle

Before buying your girlfriend a love bracelet, think about her style preference and lifestyle.

choosing a Cartier Love Bracelet for my Girlfriend

If her work or career doesn’t allow her to have jewelry while working, the love bracelet might not be ideal because it is impractical to remove the bracelet and put it back on a number of times in a day.

You need to remember that the screw locking mechanism can be an inconvenience, so you need to think about this.

However, if you are confident that the love bracelet would still make an excellent gift for her, even if she wears it a few times a year, you should still get it for her.


2. Getting the correct bracelet size

This is very important because you don’t want to get the size of such an expensive piece of jewelry wrong. And though she might not be too hurt if you get the size wrong – you can replace it at the store; after all, as long as it is not engraved, it goes a long way to get a bracelet that fits.

To get the correct bracelet size, either determine the bracelet size from the bracelets she already owns or ask her. Even if she doesn’t know, you could learn what her size is when you take her shopping or window shopping. You need to be keen.

choosing a Cartier Love Bracelet for my Girlfriend

She could also be a great sport, and if she doesn’t know, may ask you to help her figure out her wrist size using a tape measure or thread, for example. So, be smart about it! You can still pull off the surprise easily if you are careful.

But that is not all. After you’ve determined her wrist size, you’d want to add 1cm or 1.5cm to the wrist size for a good bracelet fit. And if she’s mentioned that she prefers loose-fitting bracelets, add 2cm to the wrist size for an excellent fit.

Cartier’s love bracelets come in different sizes, ranging from 15cm to 21cm – so, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, and 21cm. If you need a bracelet for someone with a small wrist size, say less than 15cm, you will have to contact Cartier and make a custom order and purchase. This applies to bigger bracelets above 21cm.  


3. Right bracelet and wrist measurement

To ensure that the bracelet offers the perfect fit when measuring her wrist size, you shouldn’t fit the tape measure or the sizer too tightly. It should be just tight enough. And most importantly, you need to measure the wrist bone, which is also the highest point of the wrist.


4. Style and fitting preference

choosing a Cartier Love Bracelet for my Girlfriend

Does she have a small frame and prefer the daintiest jewelry options, or is she one to wear all the statement jewelry options she can find? Does she prefer white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold? Is she a diamonds girl?

These are important questions that will guide your purchase decision, especially because you’ll need to choose between the Small and regular-sized bracelets. Wondering what the difference between these two is?


5. Small vs. Regular-Sized Love Bracelet

The small love bracelets are thin, elegantly designed love bracelets that are 3.6mm in width, though they have the same diameter or wrist size as the regular-sized bracelets. The small love bracelet is also uniquely designed.

It takes on a more modern design/ style, being a modernized version of the classic love bracelet, and meant to be an improved version of the classic love bracelet, but thinner.

In addition to being thin, the other thing that stands out from this bracelet is that its two ends are joined by a hinge on one end, which makes it very easy to wear, and the screw locking mechanism on the other end.

And with this kind of setup, this love bracelet is much easier to wear and take off. The screws don’t come off, and after the open ends click into space, you only need to tighten the screw – when closed or tightened, the line for the screw should be in line with the rest of the screw impressions on the bracelet.

choosing a Cartier Love Bracelet for my Girlfriend

The Regular sized love bracelet, on the other hand, is thicker than the small one, and it looks beefier and much more robust. It is the same size seen in the classic love bracelets, and it offers more of that statement jewelry look.

It is 6.1mm thick (in width) against the 3.6mm small bracelet. And like the other classic love bracelets, it is made of two oval shapes that lock in place with the help of non-removable screws.

Unfortunately, this setup makes it much more complex to wear and take it off – it is not ideal when you need to wear and take off the bracelet frequently.

So, if your girlfriend is more into the dainty jewelry styles, opt for the Small-Sized Love bracelet rather than the Regular love bracelet.


6. Metal color

In terms of style, you also need to choose the love bracelet that will suit her skin color or one that matches her style, personality, and preference.

Some ladies just prefer yellow gold, and others like white gold or rose gold. Look through her jewelry box or the jewelry varieties she often wears to determine her preferred metal type. Getting the metal that doesn’t match her skin tone might not be the best.

choosing a Cartier Love Bracelet for my Girlfriend

7. Diamonds

If you want to buy a love bracelet made of diamonds in the highest possible carat weight, the Regular bracelet might be ideal because it holds only 4 but bigger diamonds.

But if she prefers jewelry with many diamonds, the total carat weight notwithstanding, the small bracelet would be ideal – the small model accommodates up to 10 small diamonds. But you can also choose to customize it and settle for the bracelet with fewer or even just one diamond incorporated.


8. Loose, regular, or tight fit

Along the same lines of getting the right bracelet size, you need to consider getting the bracelet whose fit will be the most comfortable one, based on her preferences.

The tight fit means that the bracelet will not move much on the wrist; it’s the wrist size plus 1cm, the regular fit offers an exact fit and is more comfortable (+1.5cm), and then you have the loose-fitting bracelet that has 2cm more on your wrist size. You could use Cartier’s love bracelet sizing chart for more on this.

choosing a Cartier Love Bracelet for my Girlfriend

9. Comfort

This is the key consideration that you must consider when buying her the love bracelet. This is because comfort is the most important factor for you to keep in mind regardless of the jewelry type.

So, the bracelet must fit right, and it shouldn’t cause any discomfort. When too tight, the bracelet’s screw motifs will feel uncomfortable as they may bite into your skin.


10. Price

Which of Cartier’s love bracelets can you afford comfortably? The prices range from $4000 to more than $40,000 or $50,000, and so, you need to consider this when buying the bracelet to see that you can afford the bracelet you have in mind.


11. Pre-Owned or New

choosing a Cartier Love Bracelet for my Girlfriend

While the pre-owned love bracelets are also expensive, the prices starting from $3000 for the classic pieces might save you some bucks compared to buying the new ones that would cost at least $2,000 more.

If you have come across a great deal online and the condition of the bracelet is perfect, it might be a smart move to buy the pre-owned piece.

The good news is that even the pre-owned bracelets are valuable because they are made of high-quality materials. Just make sure that it is sold by a reputable site that is BBB accredited and A+ rated.

But if you’d love to get her a new bracelet because you don’t mind splurging on your girl, then you should buy the new love bracelet by Cartier.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a new or a pre-owned Cartier love bracelet lies on you. And your girlfriend will be happy with your purchase, either way.



If you are looking for a love bracelet for your girlfriend, consider the factors above.

The bracelet is valuable and will be her best accessory, but you need to make sure she loves it because it matches her style and tells her how well you know her.

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